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Polar Express wish pk1

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Response to reading. Second Graders in Mrs. Zyla's class wrote their Christmas wish.

Response to reading. Second Graders in Mrs. Zyla's class wrote their Christmas wish.

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  • 1. The Polar Express
    Written by: Chris van Allsburg
    Story responses written by: Mrs. Zyla’s Second Grade Class
  • 2. Polar Express is a story about the magic of Christmas and how wishes do come true. Here is what we wish for this Christmas…
  • 3. Mrs. Zyla
  • 4. I would wish ….for a nice Christmas for me and my family. Amaya
  • 5. I would wish….that my mom will be better. Allan
  • 6. I wish ….I wish that my family can be nice. Jacob
  • 7. I would wish ….for my family to be happy every day and at Christmas. Magdalena
  • 8. I would wish….that my family will come all in one piece so we can have a Merry Christmas. Kylee
  • 9. I would wish …I could make a piece of a cake. Floyd
  • 10. I wish ….I could see my brother Josh at the hospital everyday. Caylee
  • 11. I wish…all my friends have a good Christmas and my family is together. Vanessa
  • 12. I would wish ….for a good family to get together for Christmas. Kasandra
  • 13. I would wish ….that me and my family had a great Christmas time. Jose
  • 14. I wish…..I saw Santa reindeers and sleigh and could ride in Santa’s sleigh. Cameron
  • 15. I wish ….that my little brother gets every thing he wants. Damian
  • 16. I would wish ….my family can feel good and be together as a family every year on Christmas. Azucena
  • 17. I would wish ….that my family had a fun Christmas. Luis
  • 18. I wish …that my whole family would be together. Yajaira
  • 19. Happy Holidays!
    May you hear the bell ring!