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In the computer lab, students drew a monster in KidPix, then wrote a descriptive paragraph. Their paragraph was then given to students in another class. They were to try and duplicate their monster by just reading their descriptive paragraph to draw the monster. Fun activity.

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  1. 1. <ul><li>Dottie </li></ul><ul><li>My monsters name is Dottie and it has a round green head. It also has black eyes that are ovals. It has a red round nose. It has no legs. Its like a fist with yellow in the inside pink dots and green on the outside. It has no arms. It has a normal mouth that is gray. It has ten squiggle hairs that are blue and on the top there are blue dots. </li></ul>
  2. 2. Baju My monsters name is Baju. Its head is a big red circle .. It has a oval eye laying down with a blue green eyeball. It has no nose. It has 9 legs the color of its legs are in pattern, they are baby blue then dark blue until; you get 9. The body is a triangle with a yellow outline and filled in with pink. On its cheeks it has little pink dots. It has 9 black shoes on each leg. The mouth is a purple capital Wit has 4 arms 2 on each side the top ones are longer than the bottom ones, the top ones have 5 bumps and the bottom have 3 because the arms are bumps. The hair is orange and they are all lines it only has 7 hairs, they are also in pattern, it starts with one big one first then a little one and then it goes on until you get 7 hairs in all. And that is my monster.
  3. 3. Selene My monsters name is Selene. My monster is a girl. She has two yellow out lined eyes with blue in side of the out line. She has no nose. She has no legs. She has one blue squared body, no arms. She has no mouth. She has yellow squared hair. She has blue out lined with orange pinkish colored side.
  4. 4. Imaginary Friend My monster’s name is Imaginary Friend. He has a maroon head and it’s in the shape of a circle. He has an afro with BOO! carved in it. He has three white squared eyes with black pupils. His mouth is a horizontal oval with white teeth. His body a baby blue long sleeve with I got U! in it in green. His arms are rectangle with maroon circles on the end. His legs are blue rectangles for ht outline and a maroon filling. Last but not least he has purple wings with an outline of black.
  5. 5. Polka Dotted Monster My monster’s name is the Polka Dotted Monster. She has a head that is a yellow circle. The eyes are blue circles, the body is a blue oval, and has purple polka dots. It has pink and has purple mouth. The arms are purple ovals. Its hair is blue ovals.
  6. 6. Yellow Hair My monsters name is Yellow Hair. I named it Yellow Hair because my monster has two short hairs in the middle of its head. In between the two yellow hairs is pink hair that sticks right up. With a green circle on top. There are also three hairs on each side of the head. The green hair on the side of the head has pink dots on the top of them. The mouth is a straight blue line. The mouth is placed right below the eye. The eye is a black medium circle. In the middle of the black circle is a blue circle. The one eye is placed in the middle of the head. The head is a thick blue circle. The monsters head is a white fill. The arms are two short ones and two long ones. The arms are placed right by each other. They stick out. The two long black arms have three fingers on them. The fingers are thin as paper. My monster is wearing a pink triangle dress. In the middle of the pink dress is a mini yellow triangle. It is placed smack dab in the middle. My body shape is a wide triangle. She has four legs. The legs are a thick black line. The feet are circles.
  7. 7. Mystery X My monster’s name is Mystery X. He has three black eyes with red pupils and his eyes are round. His face looks like water. His head is a horizontal rectangle with a black outline. His body has an x on it. His body is a vertical rectangle and is black. He has three arms on the left side and three on the right they are all candy cane shaped and each has blue circle hands. He has three legs one in the middle and one on each side and the ones on each side are slanted. His feet are square shaped and are black.
  8. 8. Pink Rainbow My monsters name is Pink Rainbow . She has a rectangle head and rectangle eyes .The outside of her eyes are orange the , inside is black and the eye ball is white. Her nose is a circle framed with blue , the inside is black . Her mouth is yellow and squiggly. The outside of her head is a dark purple , filled in with rainbow . Her arms are outlined in black filled with rainbow and rectangle . Her stomach is out lined with red . and pink and white swirls fill the inside in the middle of the pink and white swirls is a black box filled in with rainbow plus black circles only on the pink and white . Her legs are out lined with black and a rainbow filling. That is all you need.
  9. 9. Omg My monster’s name is Omg. She has a square head, but no hair. Her face is like yellow water. She has 3 pink eyes with blue circle and small yellow pupil’s, and it also has a pink mouth with a blue tongue. She has 6 arms with pink dots at the ands with blue and yellow illusion handprints. It has a lightning shape body. She also has an illusion shirt that has 7 white squares with its’ name on it.
  10. 10. Z-Bot My monsters name is Z-Bot. Her head is a green rectangle. Her eyes are wide and black. Z-Bot has no nose but has a straight mouth going left and right. His neck is a purple square and his body is a violet rectangle. His arms are purple and his legs are green. Z-Bot has no hair.
  11. 12. The Death Monster My monsters name is The Death Monster. The Death Monster’s Head is red head. The eyes are blue. He has no nose. His mouth is horizontal lines and vertical lines. He has a black rectangle outline on its body. It has blue legs that are big. The arms are black lines.
  12. 13. Purple Bat My monsters name is the Purple Bat. The Purple Bats head is outlined with a creamy blue. The inside of the monsters head is violet circles. Next, the Purple Bats eyes are yellow squares with a red pupil. My monsters legs are black and the toes are painted pink. Then, the Purple Bats body outline is pink and blue in the middle. In the blue there are yellow circles. Then, the Purple Bats arms are green. He has only three green fingers on his green creamy hands. That’s the Purple Bat!
  13. 14. Baby Monster My monsters name is Baby Monster. He has a vertical outlined black rectangle. He has red horns on top of his head. His eyes are a red outlined vertical oval. The second is a blue vertical oval in the eye and the third is a green vertical oval. The nose is a straight red line. Its mouth is a straight black line under the eyes and under the line and in the middle are two triangles that are black. On the bottom there is another two triangles and they are black. The fill in the head is fire. His arms are stretched out with two horizontal triangles and have two arms. His shirt is striped with blue and white. He has a red belt separating the shirt and pants. His feet are three triangles and have two feet. His pants red and blue striped.
  14. 15. Girly Girl My head shape is a square .The out line is blue. The design is pink basket stitch. The eyes are black vertical ovals. I do not have an nose. My mouth is red laying down oval . My hair is two navy blue antennas . My body is a vertical oval .The out line is light blue. The design is Blue basket stitch. My arms are light blue stick arms. My hands are dark blue bow hands. My legs are light blue stick legs.
  15. 16. Squarenormica My creatures name is Squarenormica. He is bald. My creature has a blue outlined square head with gradient purple filled inside. He has five eyes formed like on a dice. Four of them are black and one of them are just outlined black and filled in with lime green. He has no mouth only two upside down triangle teeth. They are outlined in pink and filled in with black. He breathes through the four black eyes. His arms are two upright rectangles outlined in black with three pink lines and three black lines. The body is rectangle and it goes from light blue to dark blue to lime green. Finally we are at his legs they are outlined in black with pink and black circles inside.
  16. 17. Checkers My monster’s name is Checkers. She has a pink circle shaped head. Her face is a pink and white checkerboard pattern. She has two blue circle eyes. Checkers has a yellow obtuse shaped mouth. For her body it is a green fat horizontal oval. Her arms are light blue upside down V’s. Her legs are purple upside down T’s. She has two green horns on the top of her head. She also shoots out water in a V shape form.
  17. 18. Spikey My robots name is Spikey ! His head is shaped as a diamond, and his face has a design of ether tiger/bee. His hair on the left is grey it has 5 grey hair and 5 brown hair, and on the right side his hair is brown, and it has sparkles of stars on it, it has. His mouth is a red design that looks like a w then a j by the side .His arms or a zig-zag with a fluffy ring on his hand. His body is felled with grass with fire in it. And his legs are really skinny with fuzzy balls for the knees. And finally his eyes look all bolded out of his head.
  18. 19. Space flower dude My monsters name is space flower dude. He has a circle shaped head with hot pink fill and the outline of the head is green. He has purple circles with black eye brows. He also has blue jagged hair and his mouth is a squiggle line that’s yellow with black dimples. He has no nose. His arms are straight medium purple at his chest. His legs are medium purple and curved down too. His body form is a straight light purple.
  19. 20. Rainbow Monster Baby My baby monster is so…cute, its body is a round big circle with the colors of the rainbow inside of it. Her arms are skinny sticks like a snowmen, the legs are a squarish shape that has her favorite color inside which is a hot pink with a pattern. My baby monster’s head is the shape of a medium circle. In the inside of its head is a rich light yellow tan for its feline, for her smile it’s a banana shape with only one tooth in the middle. Her eyeballs are a small medium size but not bigger then her face anyways in the inside of her eyes is a black small pupil. It doesn’t have a lot of hair but in than very top of her hair is only one curly hair. The nose is the shape of a clowns circle but you don’t color the inside you leave it white the out line color is black then you fill it in with the colors I have given you. Good Luck!
  20. 21. Blue Mouth My monster’s name is Blue Mouth. His head is a upside down triangle. The triangle is blue and red. He has two blue dots for eyes. He dose not have any hair. He dose not have a nose. His mouth is a blue line. He dose not have any arms. His body is a right side up triangle. The triangle is red, blue, and green. He dose not have legs.