Culinary expertise:Shawns Personal Chef


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Culinary expertise:Shawns Personal Chef

  1. 1. Personal ChefTHE REASON FOR CULINARY
  2. 2. Personal Chef: Thorough Description of the job They are becoming more and more popular especially in the Americas like in los Angeles and new York where they serve a single client or multiple clients and caters where they serve the dietary needs and preferences of the client. They prepare food that can be frozen and recooked by their clients. Many Culinary students find being a Personal Chef one of the most successful and fulfilling jobs with a high pay. Many Personal chefs work for themselves.
  3. 3. Complete lists of Job titles That the job maybe known as There are many kinds of Chef as discussed earlier here are some examples Executive Chef Sous Chef Pastry Chef Chef De Partie And other kinds of Job that is waiting in line for a fresh culinary graduate
  4. 4. Requirements and Key Skills needed Organizational skills-being a Chef means planning an entire menu for a family. Intrapersonal skills- being a chef one must know the needs and requirements of each client. Versatility-A life of a Private Chef is very Hectic and full of schedules and one must be versatile enough to handle stress and last minute deadlines. Smart and creative imagination- needed to perform daily task with a smile and to arrange amazing plating.
  5. 5. Education and Training Culinary training-one must be a graduate of Culinary arts. Certifications-when you graduate in culinary you will have one of this to certify that you have accomplished more than 66 lessons of the class.
  6. 6. Estimated national Salary Note that all of these positions came about through an agency. The average hourly rate is 1,460 pesos plus benefits (1-2 weeks vacation, health insurance and others). Yearly salary rates for full-time work (45-50 hours/week) that’s 2 days nonstop working from cooking, cleaning and other stuffs. The Yearly rate ranges from 2,432,000 million-4,135,250 million pesos per year. Day rates usually run 4,865 pesos-9,730 pesos a day.
  7. 7. Demands of Personal Chefs in other countries Many Chefs wants to cook in the kitchen of the president or a famous person also they like being a cook to may people to support a stable financial life. Nowadays people rely to Personal Chefs because of food and nutrition that they need in each day they wake up, because of this people especially in Rich Countries like America, China, and Korea Personal Chefs are in demand for their culinary expertise and rising personality and favor among highly respected people.
  8. 8. Example of Private Chefs and what They cook
  9. 9. Index private-chef.html 306/articleid/636/default.aspx personal-chef-business.html 26746