Organized crime


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Organized crime

  1. 1. Organized Crime<br />“We’re bigger than US Steel.” -Meyer Lansky<br />
  2. 2. I. History of the Mafia (Mob, Cosa Nostra)<br />A. Roots in Sicily<br /> 1. Italian immigration to NYC, early 1900s. <br /> 2. Some brought mafia ties, victimized other Italians.<br />B. Prohibition, 1920’s<br /> 1. The mob made millions on bootlegging, gained strength<br /> 2. Violence between mob families attracted police attention<br />C. The Commission (founded in 1931)<br /> 1. Created by Lucky Luciano<br /> 2. Beginning of the Five Families <br /> (Profaci, Bonanno, Luciano, Lucchese, Gambino)<br /> 3. Like a board of directors for the mob<br /> a. Highly organized<br /> b. Enormous influence<br /> c. Smooth leadership transitions <br />
  3. 3. II. Structure of the Mafia Family (Borgata)<br /> A. Boss (Godfather)<br /> B. Underboss<br /> C. Consigliere(Counselor)<br /> D. Capos (Captains)<br /> E. Soldiers (Made Men, Decini, Men of <br /> Honor)<br /> F. Associates/Wannabes<br />
  4. 4.
  5. 5. III. Rules<br />A. Omerta: Absolute loyalty to family, never rat.<br />B. Parentage wholly from Southern Italy or Sicily<br />C. Cannot add membership--only replace those who die. <br />D. Mafia is a lifetime obligation.<br />E. The family comes before your own family.<br />F. Do not fool with the wives or girlfriends of made men. <br />G. Maintain yourself with respect at all times.<br />H. Do not deal in narcotics, etc. (Frequently broken, and it’s often the weak link)<br />I. A made man can only be killed on the orders of his boss or if he breaks a mafia rule. <br />J. Police and other law agents can not be “whacked”, unless they are dirty. <br />
  6. 6. IV. Mafia Business<br />A. Extortion (protection money)<br />B. Illegal gambling and bookmaking<br />C. Loan Sharking <br />D. Union racketeering <br />E. Prostitution<br />F. No bid contracts<br />G. Political machines<br />H. Front businesses to appear legit and <br /> launder illegal money<br /> 1. Restaurants, garmentfactories, construction companies, etc. <br />
  7. 7. V. Law Enforcement Response<br />A. 1930’s-Thomas Dewey, DA in NYC. Put Lucianobehind bars.<br />B. FBI--mostly ignored the mob up until the 1970s. <br />C. Robert F. Kennedy went after the mafia as<br /> attorney general in the early 1960’s. <br />1. Did his work play a role in his brother JFK’s death?<br />D. RICO Act, 1970 (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations)<br /> 1. Must prove a pattern of racketeering activity<br /> 2. Has been used successfully to prosecute and <br /> weaken mafia families.<br /> a. Donnie Brasco<br />
  8. 8. VI. Donnie Brasco<br />Bonanno Crime Family:<br /> Philip Rastelli (Boss)<br /> Sonny “Red” Indelicato (Caporegime)<br /> Sonny “Black” Napolitano (Capo)<br /> Ben Ruggiero (Soldier, made man) Donnie Brasco (Associate, <br /> Undercover FBI agent) <br />Joe Pistone aka Donnie Brasco, <br />FBI undercover assignment 1976-1981<br />