SQL Server and Azure Mobile Business Intelligence


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  • Mobile Business Intelligence and the chocolate cake problem.
  • Question to the Audience: why not just show tables?Property Value Mean of x in each case 9 (exact) Variance of x in each case 11 (exact) Mean of y in each case 7.50 (to 2 decimal places) Variance of y in each case 4.122 or 4.127 (to 3 decimal places) Correlation between x and y in each case 0.816 (to 3 decimal places) Linear regression line in each case (to 2 and 3 decimal places, respectively)TL – normal distributionTR – not distributed normally, not linearBL – linear, outlier exerts an influenceBR – non linear, outlier is enough to produce a high correlation coefficient
  • Automatically and simultaneously for the whole entire visual field of view."Who would believe that so small a space could contain the images of all the universe? O mighty process!" - Leonardo Da VinciPre-Attentive attributes of visual perception are pre-conscious (Colin Ware)Make use of the pre-attentive attributes of visual perception to make reports clearer; take advantage of these pre-conscious attributes so that users do not have to work so hard to understand the reportIn 2D position, we assume that higher is greater.
  • In 2D position, we assume that higher is greater.
  • Question to the audience: Do you agree with this?Howard Dresner Study: 2012How can we make our Business Intelligence efforts a success?Work harder… or work smarter?Source: The 3rd Annual Wisdom of Crowds Business Intelligence Market Study ®Howard Dresner, http://howarddresner.com/
  • Question to the audience: Do you agree with this?Howard Dresner Study: 2012How can we make our Business Intelligence efforts a success?Work harder… or work smarter?Source: The 3rd Annual Wisdom of Crowds Business Intelligence Market Study ®Howard Dresner, http://howarddresner.com/
  • Small businesses are using mobile as an opportunity to make use of efficiency gains and productivity.Apple claims that 92% of the Fortune 5000 companies will be testing or deploying iPads in 2012.Mobile BI going mainstream.
  • External factors driving Mobile BI adoption: Consumerization of IT, device maturity, user expectations and constant connectivityInternal drivers: Increasing productivity, improving data delivery and real-time reporting and analytics
  • Self-service business intelligence has some barriers to adoption, and these will also impact mobile business intelligence too.SQL Server 2012 can help enable your business: further, forward, faster. Business Puzzles versus Business Mysteries.Database Trends and Applications, only about 15% of users get their reports within a day of the initial request.Most left waiting three days.
  • Access external sources and integrate those sources regardless of their origin or format – this would allow us to integrate historical data with data that comes in on a day-today basis• Move easily from summarized views to more detailed views• Change summarizations on the fly• Work with large volumes of data, allow users to share this information and support individual users’ personalization of DataAllow IT to manage data in a way that guards against unlimited user access but does not impede the flow of data inward – this would ensure the implementation and maintenance of repeatable processes• Update, secure and store data while ensuring it remains readily accessible• Provide solutions that not only can be used by business users, but are also demanded by business users• Remove the dependence on spreadsheets and provide a modern approach to data access and summarization• Create repeatable, accurate processes that result in time savings and operational efficiencies while delivering actionable insights
  • Significant milestone December 2011 CU “feature pack” for mobile BI http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hh697482.aspx
  • Databases: Relational or multidimensional Microsoft SQL ServerMicrosoft AccessMicrosoft Analysis Services Cubes Reports: Reporting Services data feedsData Feeds:  Cloud, web service or other internet data source feedsText: Get data from raw delimited text filesOther Data Sources:   Microsoft SQL AzureMicrosoft SQL Server Parallel Data WarehouseOracleTeradataSybaseInformixIBM DB2Others (OLE DB/ODBC)Excel FilesSAP or SAP BW
  • Empowers business users to create, interactive self-service data mash ups from a variety of data sources.PowerPivot can handle tens of millionsof rows with world-class data compression technology
  • Next version is much improved for BI use casesHierarchies / Parent Child dimensionsMultiple table relationshipsRole playing dimensionsDate type table and better Time IntelligenceKPIsDAX server queries and language improvementsRank, Top N, Switch and moreMany to many optimizations via DAXUsability EnhancementsMuch needed relationship diagrams designerDevelopment life-cycle graduation featuresAnalyst > Power User > BI DeveloperRestore Excel PowerPivot to BISM Server ModelPerspectives. With the Advanced Mode’s Perspectives feature, you can add, edit, delete, copy, and view perspectives. Perspectives are metadata layers that track different slices or sets of data. Perspectives are typically defined for a particular user group or business scenario and make it easier to navigate large data sets.Show DetailsDiagram View
  • Many of us have been working with software for years, and some of us even decades. As such, we have an implicit understanding of our environment… we know what kind of architectural patterns to apply and what kind of code to write for our environments that will work. We are delighted that we don’t have to involve ourselves in the nitty-gritty details of how a network load balancer is configured or what kind of firewall is required. We are happy that there are other non-application developers taking care of these details for us so that we can focus on the architectural design of our software and writing code to implement those designs.All this having been said… we certainly would all agree that our software environment has an influence on the style of code that we write… without understanding our environment (at least at the macroscopic level)… we would likely make many missteps in the design and coding of our software. It is for this reason that I am spending a brief amount of time telling you a little more about your environment… to help us design and write applications better for the cloud.Microsoft Data Centers are a big part of the Azure story. Microsoft is building large, sophisticated cloud data centers around the world to complement its existing data centers. Two cloud data centers are in operation in the U.S. in Chicago and San Antonio. In 2010 we’ll see European data centers in Dublin and Amsterdam and Asian data centers in Hong Kong and Singapore.
  • A SQL Azure server is a logical group of databases and acts as a central administrative point for multiple databases. Each SQL Azure server includes logins similar to those in instances of SQL Server on your premises. Each SQL Azure server has a fully qualified unique domain name, which is produced during the SQL Azure server provisioning process. In the following example, servername refers to the name of the SQL Azure server:servername.database.windows.net Each SQL Azure server can contain multiple databases. In order to create a new database, you can either use: - the Management portal or - the CREATE DATABASE (SQL Azure Database) statement.In each database, you can create tables, views, indices, stored procedures, etc.The provisioning process creates a read-only master database automatically. The master database: - keeps track of which logins have permission to create databases or other logins. (You must be connected to the master database whenever you CREATE, ALTER, or DROP logins or databases.) - The master database also provides SQL Azure usage metrics that you can view.
  • This image is included in case I don’t have Internet access, and therefore cannot access Azure.
  • This image is included in case I don’t have Internet access, and therefore cannot access Azure.
  • This image is included in case I don’t have Internet access, and therefore cannot access Azure.Live demos, eh?
  • This image is included in case I don’t have Internet access, and therefore cannot access Azure.
  • This image is included in case I don’t have Internet access, and therefore cannot access Azure.
  • - Windows Authentication will not work. You will need to use SQL Authentication, along with your user name and password. - It isn’t possible to connect via SSMS via the normal initial ‘Database Connection’ window. Instead, you need to ‘cancel’ out of that window and click on ‘New Query’, which brings up a ‘Connect to Server’ window. Creating a table in your Azure database is very similar to creating a table in an on-premise SQL Server. However, there is one main difference; the Azure table must have a clustered index on the table because of the replication technology.The Azure data is written to one primary and two secondary replicas, and the data is the same across all three replicas. A table which doesn’t have a clustered index is basically a heap, which means that the data rows and pages aren’t ordered. The replication technology requires that the data pages and rows are ordered so that it is faster and easier to assess if the data has been written across all three replicas: it is this point at which the data is considered to be committed.
  • The connection to SQL needs to be ‘.Net Providers\\SqlClient Data Provider’.Use SQL Server Authentication in order to gain access to the SQL Azure database.
  • It is possible to use SQL Azure as a source for the Reporting Services. There are two main differences:The data source should be explicitly specified as ‘Microsoft SQL Azure’.For security, it is not possible to use Windows Authentication; SQL Authentication must be used
  • https://AzureReportServer.reporting.windows.net/reportserver
  • Summary of what we learned:Highlight and filter dataSort dataBased on Dimensions and MeasuresAutomatically synchronises axisEfficiency - Power View does not get all of the information in one goIf the underlying data isn’t joined together, then the ‘missing’ tables are greyed out.Web client based on a tabular model in SharePoint Server 2010PowerPivot workbook SSAS Tabular modelMotion ChartsThis makes even more of the limited spaceWe can pack more information inData / Ink RatioMotion is a pre-attentive attributeDependent on other items e.g. chartjunk
  • Moire illusion(yes, tables are a type of visualization).
  • Moire illusion(yes, tables are a type of visualization).
  • SQL Server and Azure Mobile Business Intelligence

    1. 1. Mobile Business Intelligence for Everyone – NOW! Jen Stirrup MVP Director, Copper Blue Consulting Level: Intermediate
    2. 2. AgendaMobile Business Intelligence – ContextHow can we mobilise Business Intelligence now?Data Visualisation Tips for mobilising BusinessIntelligence
    3. 3. Mobile Business IntelligenceData. Your Way. How You Like it.Wherever you are. [Session Code]
    4. 4. Why Visualise?
    5. 5. Pre-attentive AttributesAttribute Example AssumptionSpatial 2D Grouping Sloping to the right =Position 2D Position GreaterForm Length Longer = Greater Width Higher = Greater Orientation SizeColour Hue Brighter = Greater Intensity Darker = Greater
    6. 6. Pre-attentive AttributesAttribute Example Graph TypeSpatial 2D Grouping Line GraphPosition 2D PositionForm Length Bar Chart Width Orientation SizeColour Hue Scatter Chart Intensity
    7. 7. 25% of their user base to use BIexclusively via mobile devices, within2 years? A) 70% B) 50% C) 25% D) 15%
    8. 8. 25% of their user base to use BIexclusively via mobile devices, within2 years? a) 70% B) 50% C) 25% D) 15% • Source: H Dresner, Updated Mobile BI Market Study, 2011 • www.howarddresner.com
    9. 9. Why Care now?• Smartphones have opened up business avenues – E.g. SIRI• Small Businesses…. – 34% of Small Business users have iPads… 4 times more than last year – use mobile technology to run their business…. On average, 21 times a day – Mobile Apps for Business save 5.6 hours per week, or $275 per week… $14K per year
    10. 10. Mobile Business Intelligence• Dominant mobile users – Executives – Sales people – Field service personnel• External factors driving Mobile BI adoption• Internal drivers
    11. 11. ‘Traditional’ BI Issues Tools are hard to use!Data is out of date! Data is too structured and inflexible!
    12. 12. The BI promise is compromise [Session Code]
    13. 13. How can we have mobileBusiness Intelligence, now?SharePoint EnterpriseWindows Azure for SQL ServerThird Party Tools [Session Code]
    14. 14. SharePoint BI December 2011 CU for iPad/iPhone Mobile BIBI ItemsBusiness Intelligence Center sitesDashboards that contain filters and linked itemsExcel Services Reports (include PivotChart, PivotTable reports, named items, and workbooks displayed in PerformancePointWeb Parts or in Excel Web Access Web Parts)PerformancePoint ScorecardsPerformancePoint KPI Details ReportsPerformancePoint Analytic Charts and GridsWeb Page Reports
    15. 15. Excel and Excel Services- Access via SharePoint Server- Try SharePoint Online- Try SkyDrive!
    16. 16. PowerPivot Versions
    17. 17. PowerPivot- Access via SharePoint Server- Try SharePoint Online- Third Party tools - PivotStream
    18. 18. Why PowerPivot?• Mashups• Far better than VLOOKUP• High Performance• Sophisticated Time Intelligence
    19. 19. PerformancePoint• KPIS and ‘Executive’ Information – at a glance• Norton and Kaplan ‘Balanced Scorecard’ methodology• This is only accessible via SharePoint
    20. 20. PowerPivot andMeasuringPerformance • Measuring Business Performance November 6-9, Seattle, WA
    21. 21. What did we learn from the demo?
    22. 22. Native, Integrated or Azure SSRS on Surface/iPad• Test for yourself?• What is Azure? SSRS Native Mode
    23. 23. It’s an Operating System In the Cloud.
    24. 24. The Microsoft Cloud Application Services Software Services Platform Services Infrastructure Services Track # – 2 Session # 4
    25. 25. MicrosoftGo Inside CentersVision Data Containers Energy EfficientNorth American Data Centers European Data Centers Asian Data Centers Dublin Chicago Amsterdam San Antonio Hong Kong Singapore
    26. 26. SQL Azure is… Simple storage and hosted RDBMS SQLDay 2012
    27. 27. SQL Azure Reporting Preview
    28. 28. Completed SQL Azure Report
    29. 29. SQL Azure andMeasuringPerformance • Measuring Business Performance November 6-9, Seattle, WA
    30. 30. What did we learn from the demo?
    31. 31. Tips for Mobile BI Visualisation• Set User Expectations• Balance in combining graphs• Filters• Drill downs• Tooltips
    32. 32. Tips for Mobile BI Visualisation• Maps can take time to load• Zooming can be problematic e.g. Blackberry Bold• Moire Illusion
    33. 33. Illusory Effects
    34. 34. Illusory Effects
    35. 35. Summary• You can mobilise BI inside and out of SharePoint• Plan your reports for mobile and on- premise computers• Be careful how you visualise!