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Talkoot - All Teams

Talkoot - All Teams



Initial idea descriptions for Aaltoes Talkoot

Initial idea descriptions for Aaltoes Talkoot



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    Talkoot - All Teams Talkoot - All Teams Presentation Transcript

    • ”Optimization problem”
      ”Problem solving”
      ”Rules engine”
      Tool to save time/money
    • Obstacles
    • Bounce ideas
      Use cases
      Team +1
    • Team Hanken
      Olli Gunst & Rudi Skogman / 13.3. / AaltoesTalkoot
    • So what’s the deal?
      What is your concrete idea?
      To create a communication platform for companies internal use. Combining social networks and the “workhorses”
      What makes it special?
      The ability to import data from other systems (Microsoft Exchange, Accounting, Sales, GPS) into a stream of activity that can be monitored summarized and discussed.
      How does it serve your customers?
      Gives both employees and managers an overview and ability to comment on the activity inside the company.
    • Visuals
    • The BUTs
      What are the current problems/obstacles to be tackled in moving further with your idea?
      Lacking good developers
      Lacking serious money
      Lacking somebody who can create a great intuitive user interface
    • Why we’re here?
      What do you want to achieve during the weekend?
      Develop the idea and find out if it makes sense
      Find great people and talent:
      “Developers, developers, developers”
    • OCR Dictionary for Handheld Devices
      有理安 フロレア
      11 March 2009
    • Problem
      You go to China or Japan
      You want to look up a word in a dictionary
      How? Don’t know the alphabet.
      Signs, menus
    • Solution
      探険= Exploration
      OCR System for Camera or Mobile Phone
      Dictionary is freeware
      探険= Exploration
    • We have
      Working prototype
    • Weekend objectives
      Coding help
      Marketing help
      Idea Validation
    • Rele
      A life management service that saves time and money by combining telecommunication services, mobile internet and social media
      Aaltoes Talkoot 11.3.2010
      Santeri Everi & Olli-Kristian Tukonen
    • Rele
      Manage communities and activities via smartphone
      Engage in ad-hoc activities and pinpoint your communications
      Change the playing field of communication
    • Rele @ Talkoot
      Ideas on usability & reasons to use
      Funding & sources of income
      International launch & marketing
      -What is your concrete idea, what makes it special, and how does it serve your customers?
      Statuscan is a service, where anyone can rate his employer, search for a dream job and compare companies from customer´s or investor´s point of a view.
      Company´s rated profile is public, so if it´s poor, employers really have to increase work welfare if they don´t want lose their image. If it´s great, all the best employees want to work for you. Investors and customers want to support those firms who treat their employees well and because companies are nothing but its people it´s the greatest investment for the future to listen your people and make them feel well!
      Statuscan offers a tool for comparing companies and finding your dream workplace using your personal preferences. And what´s the best: it´s totally free, works in real-time and finally the company ratings are reliable. Money can´t buy you satisfaction.
      -What are the current problems/obstacles to be tackled in moving further with your idea?
      How to get globally lot of users and companies use our service. Beta-version is already in Facebook: http://apps.facebook.com/statuscan/?l=l
      -What do you want to achieve during the weekend?
      Get excellent ideas for marketing and developing the service. Listen people how they feel about our concept.
    • Team Kalle Salmi
    • Underwater freefall
    • The idea
      • A centrifugal pump is used to create an upward flow into a restricted section of a swimming pool.
      • The weights worn by the ”swimmer” and the flow of the water is used to create a freefall experience.
      • A safer and cheaper ”Windtunnel”
      • Inspiring new water sport
    • Clients
      • Skydivers who want cheap B-class ”windtunnel” time near their home.
      • Regular users of swimming halls who want to experience something new.
      • A stability rehearsal method for athletes.
      • A therapy product for disabled people.
    • Concept
      • The product is sold to:
      • Toivo Sukari
      • Spas, swimming halls
      • Skydiving clubs
      • Sellable equipment -plug and play:
      • Weight vests – R&D + maintenance
      • Pressured air bottles for longer experience