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BA Strategy

BA Strategy






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    BA Strategy BA Strategy Presentation Transcript

    • © 2012 Social House, Inc.
    • NEW VISION.LEVERAGING “SUPER” AND SUPERDRINK BODYARMOR // SOCIAL MEDIA 2.0 WHY US CLEARLY COMMUNICATING OUR FUNCTION OVERVIEW •  It’s&ownable&& –  We&are&crea0ng&a&new& Nutrition, Hydration and Taste. BODYARMOR SuperDrink BODYARMOR SuperDrink™ is formulated to provide Superior REVISED VISION Has real nutritional benefits… category& –  We&have&it&TM’ed& BodyArmor is an innovative SuperDrink for on-the-go and health conscious teens and •  &It&draw&consumers&in&and& adds&texture&to&the&brand/ adults. brand&name& >> In order to achieve our vision, we have a –  “What&is&a&SuperDrink?”& simple mission statement: •  It&is&locked&up&with&BodyArmor& anywhere&and&everywhere& WHERE WE WERE… From…& Social Media will be the vehicle to drive –  Gives&us&the&opportunity&to& BodyArmor’s positive brand image and hammer&it&home& raise brand awareness and ultimately drive traffic to purchase. >> We need to adopt a core philosophy for Social Media: © 2012 Social House, Inc. Be innovative to stand out in an increasingly competitive space and create brand equity (to both the community and the brand).
    • NEW VALUES. WHO IS THE BODYARMOR USER? BODYARMOR: SUPERDRINK NEW TAGLINE >> DRINK SUPER USER ENCAPSULATES: USER IS FOCUSED: MAIN DEMOGRAPHIC: •  Active •  Primarily focused on Generation Y // ALIGN SUPERIOR •  Confident males, but never Millennials •  Team Player alienates females NUTRITION, •  Aspirational •  Leader •  15-24 year old “active With 1.8 billion social media accounts around SUPERIOR •  Weekend Warrior •  Casual teens and young adults” the world, the Gen Y HYDRATION, AND market is worth $360B •  Health Conscious •  Loves Music •  24-30 year old annually SUPERIOR TASTE •  Participates in Fitness •  Follows Core Sports “weekend warriors” *Taken from mobile Youth report RESULTING IN 2011 •  Always on the go DRINK SUPER© 2012 Social House, Inc. •  Connected to digital world NEW APPROACH >> BodyArmor wants to be the brand of choice for active and on-the-go users who pursue the "Sport of Life."
    • BACKGROUND. SOCIAL MEDIA // WHERE WE STARTED FACEBOOK 141 fans (Sept. 2011) OUTLETSUMMARY •  Live only on 1 Social Media Outlet TWITTER •  Facebook was sporadically updated 0 followers (Oct. 2011) with random photos from events and links YOUTUBE •  Albums needed to be deleted due to 0 videos, 0 views (Sept. 2011) non-brand related content postings •  Significant clean up and voice© 2012 Social House, Inc. development took place on Facebook Fan Page
    • CURRENT STATE. SOCIAL MEDIA // OUTLETS* FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM 26,706 fans 98 followers OUTLETSUMMARY TWITTER •  Active on 4 Social Media Outlets YOUTUBE 512 followers 10 videos; 3,856 video views •  Content is updated daily on all outlets with fresh information •  New tabs for campaigns implemented •  Brand strategy and voice had been developed to enhance user© 2012 Social House, Inc. experience * As of 6/26/12
    • CURRENT STATE. SOCIAL MEDIA // FACEBOOK TABS TAB SUMMARY >> SoCal Fitness Sweeps Tab >> Get a Free Tee Tab >> Swag Giveaway Tab >> Store Locater Tab >> BodyArmor 360 Tab© 2012 Social House, Inc.
    • STRATEGY 2.0. BODYARMOR // PHASE 1 PHASE 1: INTEGRATE RELAUNCH >> Redefine and establish brand voice as the beverage authority >> Acquaint users with “SuperDrink” tagline >> Target posts to 15-24 and 24-30 year old demo •  Supplemental training for FMMs on new Social Media Guidelines >> Create brand and content consistency >> Provide best practices on posting/tweeting CAMPAIGN TACTICS •  Reinforce authenticity •  Daily social content to be and credibility with posted with renewed focus BodyArmor Facts on new brand direction >> Quick 100-character •  Integrate more lifestyle© 2012 Social House, Inc. blurbs on the benefits of posts to evoke cultural BodyArmor as a relevance amongst new SuperDrink demographic >> Keep benefits of SuperDrink top of mind
    • STRATEGY 2.0. BODYARMOR // PHASE 2 FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM >> Create compelling user >> Instragram will become generated contests on pictorial vehicle for Facebook (i.e. BodyArmor #DrinkSuper hashtag and PHASE 2: EVOLVE CHANNELS Music Series, Armor Up, Cap event coverage; to be used •  In addition to events, we want to evolve content to incorporate: Spin) actively by FMMs moving forward >> Pro-athlete and Amateur Sponsorships >> Timeline can include milestones portraying the >> More PR editorial placements to support brand awareness personality behind >> Initiate new FMM strategy to better expose event initiatives BodyArmor (i.e. pro-athletes, YOUTUBE brand ambassadors, etc.) •  Twitter Brand Page >> YouTube will continue to be the driving channel behind video exposure for the brand >> Header Image: 835x90 banner featuring tagline or new campaign >> Exclusive Content to promote tweets on brand page with TWITTER PINTEREST new product launches, engaging promotions, or campaigns/ >> Create Twitter brand page to contests >> Run contest concurrently on better promote following Pinterest, Facebook, and© 2012 Social House, Inc. •  Tap into supplementary social media platforms to support Twitter  participants create >> #DrinkSuper to be the main a #DrinkSuper pinboard and initiatives on Twitter & Facebook hashtag for Twitter contests share it on social networks for visual impact >> Create a contest pinboard curating submissions to support other channels
    • STRATEGY 2.0. BODYARMOR // PHASE 3 PHASE 3: NEW RESOLUTIONS •  Continue Phase 2 strategy to evolve channels •  Kick off 2013 with content focused on helping fans “reach their goals” (New Year’s Resolutions) TACTICS >> Start off new year with resolution to pursue the “Sport of Life”: Campaign #1: What’s your resolution? - Concept -- User contest campaign to be developed that will encourage people to share their new year’s resolutions - Users will be rewarded for their viral activity online and BodyArmor will help reward 10 grand prize winners who have the most unique resolution Campaign #2: Get MADE into a SUPERior you. - Concept -- With the start of the new year Get MADE into© 2012 Social House, Inc. the super athlete you’ve always wanted to be - BodyArmor will document the transformation process of one lucky winner and will be rolled out socially for continued engagement; create a personal “sport of life journey”
    • STRATEGY 2.0. BODYARMOR // PHASE 4 PHASE 4: BRAND ALIGNMENT •  Major events such as music festivals and Xtreme sports events launch Spring/Summer nationwide •  This is BodyArmor’s time to hit the event scene with a bang and target the masses •  Social will be the factor in getting the word out to the public well beyond the events we sponsor •  Events provide relevant content to social media outlets and is an opportunity to add “human element” >> Coverage of events give fans chance to tag themselves in TACTICS photo albums, provide user generated content, and amplify BodyArmor as brand ambassadors •  Continue to leverage event sponsor social teams for cross- promotional purposes •  Potentially target conventions (i.e. San Diego Comic Con, •  Use event space to draw in traffic to primary and secondary Penny Arcade Expo, etc.) social outlets on-site© 2012 Social House, Inc. >> 15-30 year old demo •  Live tweeting from major events and hash-tagging to bring >> FMMs and brand ambassadors be on site to provide positive affiliation between the brand and lifestyle focused BodyArmor to attendees events
    • ADDITIONAL TACTICS . SUPPLEMENTARY CAMPAIGNS VIDEO FACE-OFF OBJECTIVES •  Create a platform for new and engaged users to upload how they “Drink Super” •  Uploaded videos are then randomly pitted against each other in a face-off •  Interactive element: audience gets to vote for best video that fulfills mission statement •  Appeal to Gen Y with creative call to action and engaging challenge CONCEPT Develop an exciting Facebook campaign to creatively drive fan engagement while VS simultaneously challenging fans in a video face-off. These challengers will upload a video no longer than 30 seconds to show how they “Drink Super” on a Facebook tab. The mission is to show how BodyArmor helps them accomplish amazing feats. Video can be a clip of them pulling off tricks, mountain climbing, etc. Face-offs© 2012 Social House, Inc. will be generated randomly with fans picking preference. The BodyArmor Video Face-Off will be an online environment for users to interact with the brand in a way that showcases friendly competition amongst participants, encouraging other fans to pick a winner.
    • ADDITIONAL TACTICS . SUPPLEMENTARY CAMPAIGNS FIND YOUR SUPERDRINK OBJECTIVES •  Create a campaign combining offline and online activities •  Engage fans to be proactive and essentially become brand ambassadors •  Increase brand awareness by having fans share content (amplification effect) •  Appeal to Gen Y with creative call to action and engaging challenge CONCEPT Develop a cross-platform campaign (can be on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram) utilizing an Easter egg hunt where specially marked BodyArmor bottles (or other swag) are hidden around various landmarks to drive fan engagements and challenge fans. Have these “Easter eggs” pinned on a custom Google map to provide point of reference for fans. When fans find one, they should take a photo (via Instagram) and share it with© 2012 Social House, Inc. #DrinkSuper hashtag (on Twitter and Facebook) The BodyArmor Find Your SuperDrink will be an online/offline campaign to encourage fans to share content and engage with the brand in a creative way.
    • ADDITIONAL TACTICS . SUPPLEMENTARY CAMPAIGNS DRINK SUPER WITH YOUR FRIENDS OBJECTIVES •  Grow brand awareness in ALL territories across the US •  Increase brand adoption in ALL markets across the US, not just East & West coasts •  Engage fans to be proactive and essentially become brand ambassadors •  Appeal to Gen Y with creative call to action and build positive brand sentiment CONCEPT Develop a cross-platform campaign that combines online and offline activities while simultaneously reaching out to a new audience. Essentially fans can get BodyArmor for themselves and gift another to a friend. Campaign will live on Facebook Tab. Fan will fill out a form to get a promotion code to get© 2012 Social House, Inc. one drink for him/herself and another for his/her friend at any store where BodyArmor is sold. The BodyArmor Drink Super With Your Friends will encourage fans to share the product and engage with the brand in a creative way.
    • NEXT STEPS. MOVING FORWARD INITIATE PROTOCOL +   •  Update upcoming and social posts across all platforms to reflect new brand message •  Incorporate agreed upon tactical campaigns according to established timeline •  Create revised Social Media Guideline for FMMs USER ENGAGEMENT +   •  Touch base with FMMs, PR team (?), and brand ambassadors on posting with new direction/voice •  Refocus primary and secondary social media channels •  Roll out campaigns to engage and re-engage users ANALYZE & REVISE +   What’s working? •  Determine what is working and what is not working •  Analyze campaign data and revise according to findings© 2012 Social House, Inc.
    • THANKYOU. LET’S SOCIALIZE.© 2012 Social House, Inc.