Monday Forum: Sportfishing's Economic Impact on Southcentral Alaska

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Anchorage Chamber's Monday Forum: Sportfishing's Economic Impact on Southcentral Alaska, presented by Ricky Gease.

Anchorage Chamber's Monday Forum: Sportfishing's Economic Impact on Southcentral Alaska, presented by Ricky Gease.

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  • 1.  
  • 2. Kenai River Sportfishing Association Mission
  • 3. Today’s Talk – What We Do
    • Education
    • Research
    • Fisheries Management
    • Habitat
  • 4. Education
  • 5. Our Education Programs
    • Hooked on Fishing
    • Release a Hog – Take Home a Trophy
    • Senator Ted Stevens Scholarship Program
    • Kenai River Classic
    • Kenai River Jr. Classic
    • Kenai River Women’s Classic
    • On the River
    • Eagle Award – Habitat Recognition Program
  • 6. Education
  • 7. Community Education Partnerships
    • Caring for the Kenai
    • Adopt a Stream
    • SAFE Kids
    • Stream Watch
    • Fish On! Theatre
    • Take a Kid / Vet Fishing & Wounded Warrior
    • Kenai River Guide Academy
    • Soldotna Fish Walk – On the Kenai River
  • 8. Wounded Warrior Fishing
  • 9. Research
  • 10. Our Research Programs
    • Habitat Conservation – Riparian zone, Water Quality Monitoring, River Connectivity / Fish Passage
    • Fisheries Conservation – Salmon research including stock monitoring & genetics
    • Economic Information – Economic Values of Sport, Personal Use and Commercial Salmon Fishing in Upper Cook Inlet
  • 11. Pacific Coastal Salmon Recovery Fund
    • $4.5 million funding for salmon research and habitat projects on Kenai and Russian Rivers
    • KRSA management oversight – no administrative costs charged
    • Provided strategic plan through analytical hierarchy process with broad professional inputs
    • Model for state management of PCSRF
  • 12.
    • Habitat Projects
      • Soldotna Classic Fishwalk and Handicap Access
      • Russian River Bank Restoration
      • Russian River Ferry Crossing Restoration
      • Kenai River Cost Share Program
      • Slikok Creek Restoration
      • Kenai Peninsula College Restoration
      • Dave’s Creek Fish Habitat Restoration
    Pacific Coastal Salmon Recovery Fund
  • 13.
    • Habitat Research
      • Inventory of Kenai Habitat Restoration Projects
      • Evaluation of Kenai River Stream Bank Restorations
      • Kenai River Watershed Assessment
      • Evaluation of Culvert Influence on Fish Passage
      • Instream Flow Protection for the Middle Kenai
      • Flow Monitoring of Kenai River Tributaries
      • Temperature Monitoring of Kenai River Tributaries
      • Additions to Anadromous Stream Catalog
    Pacific Coastal Salmon Recovery Fund
  • 14.
    • Fisheries Research
      • Run Reconstruction of Upper Russian River Sockeye
      • Kenai River Sockeye Salmon Inriver Abundance
      • Kenai River Sockeye Smolt Abundance
      • Kenai River Chinook Baseline Genetics
      • Kenai River Chinook Salmon Genetic Stock ID
      • Didson Sonar Research for Kenai Chinook
      • Analysis of Size Selectivity in Early Run Kings
      • Kenai River Salmon Stock Delineation using Otoliths
    Pacific Coastal Salmon Recovery Fund
  • 15. Report on Salmon Values
    • Upper Cook Inlet is unique in Alaska’s fisheries
    • Supports Alaska’s largest and most economically valuable recreational and personal use fisheries
    • Looks at participation, economic significance, net economic values, allocation and future trends
  • 16. Economic Importance
    • World Class Fishing
    • Quality of Life for Alaskans
    • Important For Tourism
    • Economic Engine
  • 17. Economic Significance: Sport and Personal Use
    • UCI Sport and Personal Use Salmon fishing:
      • Generates annual sales of some $316 million (2006 dollars)
      • Supports 3,400 average annual jobs
      • Produces $104 million in income in the region
  • 18. Annual Sport Fishing Days
  • 19. Where Alaskans Fish
  • 20. Where’s The Money?
    • Recreational salmon fishing in UCI generates seven (680%) to twelve (1236%) times as many average annual jobs and 6 to 10 times as much average annual income as commercial salmon fishing.
  • 21. Average Annual Jobs and Income Generated by Salmon Fishing in UCI by Harvest Type
  • 22. Fisheries Management Protecting Your Right to Fish
  • 23. Fisheries Management
    • Alaska Board of Fisheries
    • North Pacific Fisheries Management Council
    • Federal Subsistence Board
  • 24. Board of Fisheries
    • Provide for commercial harvest of fish above escapement goals
    • Allow the public meaningful and predictable opportunity to catch fish
    • UCI – unique in relative proportions of Sport and Commercial Values
  • 25. UCI Sport Fishing Priority?
    • UCI recreational salmon values significantly surpass commercial salmon values by every available measure
    • Salmon is a public resource in Alaska
    • 97% of all salmon in Alaska is used for commercial purposes
  • 26. Future Trends – Recreational
    • Demand for recreational fishing will increase – growth of 2.3% per year
    • With one out of every three Alaskans active in sport fishing, Alaskans have the highest rates of participation in the country
  • 27. Alaskans Love to Fish We’re Protecting Your Right to Fish
  • 28. North Pacific Fisheries Management Council
    • Current debate over Halibut allocation between recreational and commercial sectors
    • Will the traditional two fish bag limit remain?
    • Will the allocation decision take economics into account?
  • 29. Federal Subsistence Board
    • Rural Alaskans have Subsistence Priority on Federal Lands – ANILCA
    • Subsistence Fisheries on the Kenai Peninsula
      • Cooper Landing, Hope and Ninilchik communities
    • Debate continues on how to define “Rural”
    • Different interpretations of “Customary and Traditional” Use Determinations
  • 30. Habitat
  • 31. Protection & Partnership
    • National Fish Habitat Action Plan
    • Kenai Peninsula Fish Habitat Partnership
    • Protect riparian habitat, water quality, water quantity, river connectivity / fish passage
    • Gray and Green – where roads and rivers cross
  • 32. Infrastructure & Investment
    • Provide responsible public access and infrastructure to aquatic & fishery resources
    • Comprehensive plan for infrastructure on Kenai and Kasilof Rivers – restroom facilities, fish cleaning and carcass management stations, public boat launches, bank fishing platforms
  • 33. KRSA – Leading the Way
    • Education
    • Research
    • Fisheries Management
    • Habitat
  • 34.
    • Learn What Is At Stake
    • Get Involved
    • Join & Support KRSA
    • Take Someone Fishing and Have Fun
    What Can You Do?
  • 35. Questions & Answers
  • 36. Ricky Gease Kenai River Sportfishing Association (907) 262-8588 [email_address]