Integrating SCRUM with classical Project Management


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SCRUM and PRINCE2 integrated, is a powerfull solution to scale the agile method for large projects. The conventional and mature project management approaches like PRINCE2 or PMI PMBOK are gaining more resillience from this as the become more flexible and adabtible to changing demands and needs.

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Integrating SCRUM with classical Project Management

  2. PRINCE2 + SCRUM Why bother?
  3. Micro-Level agility & control: SCRUM
  4. Size matters!
  5. Macro-Level control & stability: PRINCE2
  6. Integration in a unifying structure is key Documentation Development Rollout Operations Different suppliers Business Processes
  7. Diverse work practices & management standards are reality
  9. The Benefits of PRINCE2 skip
  10. Business Case Driven
  11. Project Board: Stakeholder Integration Shared Responsibility
  12. Management by exception
  13. Distinguishes Activities: Project Start
  14. Distinguishes Activities: During the Project
  15. Distinguishes Activities: Project End
  16. Management Stages
  17. Product-based Planning
  18. Work Packages
  19. Tolerances
  20. Structured Documentation: The Project Initiation Document
  21. Quality Path
  22. Project Assurance
  23. A global de-facto Standard
  24. Process Models
  25. SCRUM Process Daily Scrum Sprint Sprint Sprint Sprint Product Vision Planning Backlog Review Backlog Meeting Meeting
  26. PRINCE2 Processes & Components © Crown Copyright 2005. All rights reserved
  27. Getting it together
  28. Some assembly required Photo by
  29. Approach 1: Loosely coupled
  30. PRINCE2 Domain DP1 DP2 DP3 DP3 DP5 CS CS CS SB SB CP IP (SB) SU Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 MP MP MP Initiation Stage Inkrement A Inkrement B Feasability Foundation Sprint Sprint Sprint Deployment Deployment 1 2 3 Work Package Work Package Work Package Agile Delivery
  31. Change of PRINCE2 Mindset required
  32. We have different mindsets Hello, Hello, I‘m PRINCE2 I‘m AGILE
  33. We have different mindsets My focus is My focus is transactional collaborative
  34. Different Mindsets we can we work with predict mostly the business to accurate capture as much what we need and value as possible in a what will given time & happen budget
  35. Different Mindsets: Scope Time, Scope, Budget, Budget, Quality: Time: fixed fixed Quality? Ummh... Scope: evaluate, prioritise & decide before every
  36. Different Mindset: Change shouldn‘t be the rule: happens always: must be we deal with it, tightly controlled anyway
  37. Approach 2: Integrated Solution
  38. Rethink! Co-Creation vs. Transaction
  39. Use stages to focus on Rethink! Planning shippable & usable products Plan Products in different levels of detail: Project, Stage, Work Package Planning Unit: 1 Work Package = 1 Epic or 1 Work Package = 1 Sprint The specialist team plans the Work Package
  40. Themes (Project) Epics (Stages) User Stories (Work Packages)
  41. PRINCE2 Prozess „Planen (PL)“ Planning PL (Planen) SU 6 Initiierungs- phase planen PL3 PL2 Aktivitäten und PL1 Produkt definieren Abhängigkeiten Plan entwerfen und analysieren identifizieren PL4 IP2 Projekt planen Aufwand schätzen PL 7 PL 5 PL 6 Plan vervollständigen Zeitplan erstellen Risiken analysieren MP1 Arbeitspakete annehmen SB2 SB6 SB1 Projektplan Ausnahmeplan Phase planen aktualisieren erstellen
  42. Rethink! Management by exception Focus Tolerances on Scope (Burndown) not on time and budget
  43. PRINCE2 Prozess „Controlling a Stage (CS)“ CP MP Abschließen eines DP Managen der Projekts Lenken eines Projekts Produktlieferung Controlling a Stage (Steuern einer Phase) CS7 Korrekturmaß- CS1 CS2 nahmen einleiten CS9 Arbeitspaket Fortschritt Abgeschlossenes freigeben überwachen Arbeitspaket entgegennehmen CS8 CS5 CS4 CS3 CS6 Offene Punkte Phasenstatus Offenen Punkte Offene Punkte Über Projektstatus eskalieren prüfen prüfen aufnehmen berichten SB DP Managen der Lenken eines Projekts Phasenübergänge
  44. PRINCE2 Prozess „Managing Product Delivery (MP)“ Managing Product Delivery (Managen der Produktlieferung) MP1 MP2 MP3 Arbeitspaket Arbeitspaket Arbeitspaket annehmen ausführen abliefern CS9 CS1 CS2 Abgeschlossenes Arbeitspaket Fortschritt Arbeitspaket freigeben überwachen entgegennehmen
  45. Rethink! Lessons learned Lessons learned, in every CS9 (Recieving completed Work Package)
  46. Rethink! Risk Management Focus on „values lost“ (Agile) instead on „cost of containment“ (PRINCE2)
  47. Integrating agile practice with traditional project management is the next step of evolution toward a resillient organisation
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