2011 Vault Office Romance Survey Results
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2011 Vault Office Romance Survey Results

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2011 Vault Office Romance Survey Results are in!

2011 Vault Office Romance Survey Results are in!

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  • 1. www.vault.com
    Vault Office Romance Survey
  • 2. (Almost) Everyone is Doing It.
    Battle of the Sexes?
    • More men (23.3%) than women (15.4%) reported having short-term flings with co-workers.
    • 3. But women (22.2%) are more likely than men (14.7%) to have had a long-term, serious relationship with an office mate.
    Vault Office Romance Survey 2011
  • 4. Live (and Love) for Today
    Willingness to take romantic risks decreases with age:
    • 11.54% of 18-21 year olds said the economy made them more willing to take romantic risks
    • 5. 4.74% 35 to 39 olds were similarly willing
    • 6. Just 1.56% of over 50’s said the economy had increased their willingness to take risks
    Vault Office Romance Survey 2011
  • 7. Some Relationships Are More Acceptable than Others
    *Respondents could pick more than one answer to this question.
    Vault Office Romance Survey 2011
  • 8. Some People Know When to Put Career First
    "I learned my lesson the first time I dated a co-worker in a part-time college job; it's a quick way to tarnish your reputation.“
    "We work so much. if I were single, why would I pass up an opportunity to date someone cool just because I work with her? It's all about maintaining a separation between work and romance."
    Vault Office Romance Survey 2011
  • 9. It Isn’t Always About Sex (No, Really!)
    "My wife even calls her (my coworker) my second wife. I talk to my coworker more during the day than I do my wife in the evening... I even caught myself saying "Love you" to her ending a call... a couple times... once in front of my wife, but thank god we all found it funny. “
    Vault Office Romance Survey 2011
  • 10. Managerial Perks?
    Vault Office Romance Survey 2011
  • 11. Knock Before Entering
    • One-third of those who have had office romances have engaged in workplace trysts
    • 12. Men (38%) are more likely to have had romantic “encounters” at the office than women (26%)
    Vault Office Romance Survey 2011
  • 13. “They Either Didn’t Realize or Didn’t Care”
    "It is very difficult to keep yourself out of the gossip pool once rumors begin to spread.”
    "People's gossip took a toll on my managerial capacity. My subordinates were not as respectful as they were once they found out.“
    Vault Office Romance Survey 2011
  • 14. www.vault.com
    Get a Room!
    "Some people don't know how to handle a relationship at work, so they act like they are home together. It's a bit off-putting.“
    "You do what you have to do to move up the ranks.”
    "A coworker had a relationship that ended in a break up […] she wanted people to take sides and the whole thing was horribly uncomfortable for ages.”
    Vault Office Romance Survey 2011
  • 15. “Forbidden is Fun”
    "For sure. I spend so much time at work that it's hard to meet people outside of work.“
    "No. There is simply too much at risk on both a professional and private basis. The risks far outweighs the rewards.”
    Vault Office Romance Survey 2011