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Parent night 2011 2012
Parent night 2011 2012
Parent night 2011 2012
Parent night 2011 2012
Parent night 2011 2012
Parent night 2011 2012
Parent night 2011 2012
Parent night 2011 2012
Parent night 2011 2012
Parent night 2011 2012
Parent night 2011 2012
Parent night 2011 2012
Parent night 2011 2012
Parent night 2011 2012
Parent night 2011 2012
Parent night 2011 2012
Parent night 2011 2012
Parent night 2011 2012
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Parent night 2011 2012


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Published in: Education, Technology
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  • 1. Welcome to Parent Night 2011! Mrs. Edwards Mrs. Stuckey
  • 2. Morning Procedures:
    • Go to breakfast.
    • Unpack your book bag.
    • Do your morning work.
    • Go to the restroom.
    • Write your homework down in your agenda.
    • Read a book.
  • 3. Attendance:
    • Regular school attendance is critical in the learning process! 25 absences can result in your child being held back in in 4 th grade.
    • Please send a doctor’s excuse or written note whenever your child is absent. We must have written documentation of excused absences.
  • 4. School Policies…
    • 3 unexcused=phone call from teacher
    • 4 unexcused=letter from school
    • 5 or more unexcused=
    • referred to DFACS
  • 5. Dress to Impress…
    • Shirts must be tucked in.
  • 6. Yum…Yum…
    • Breakfast closes at 8:05 a.m.
    • Lunch time—EAT then talk!
  • 7. Our Team ROCKS!! Our 4th grade teachers work in teams.
    • Language Arts Teacher- Mrs. Stuckey
    • Language Arts is taught using the Reading and Writing Workshop Models.
    • Including whole-group, small group, and independent reading time
    • There isn’t a weekly spelling list but students are expected to read for 20 minutes every night.
    • Math, Social Studies, and Science Teacher- Mrs. Edwards
    • Science/Social Studies will be taught every four weeks.
    • Your child will have a weekly math worksheet Monday-Thursday and an occasional worksheet that reinforces the concepts taught that day. .
  • 8. Agendas:
    • Homework assignments are always posted in the same spot in the classroom every day.
    • Each student is responsible for copying down the homework assignments into their agendas. We check agendas each day.
    • Please read and sign your child’s agenda every night.
    • When a student fails to get the agenda signed, 3 points will be deducted from his/her behavior grade for the week.
  • 9. Homework! Yuck!
    • We try to limit it!
    • Occasionally, a homework assignment will count for a grade. It will be noted on the board that the assignment will be for a grade. If one of these assignments is not completed or not turned in, it counts as a zero in the gradebook.
    • Please remind your child that studying for tests is also homework.
  • 10. Rotation
    • P.E. every other day
      • Must wear sneakers to participate!
    • Computer
    • Media Center
    • Music
  • 11. BEE-havior:
    • 4 th grade uses a point system. Each student begins each week with 100 points.
    • Points are deducted for failure to follow the school or classroom rules.
    • After 4 detentions, the student will be written up and sent to the office.
    • Only those with a 95 average or better will be considered for Principal’s Award and Fun Day at the end of each 9 weeks.
  • 12. Detention:
    • Students will attend detention sessions (held during recess) based on the following brackets:
    • 89 or below = 1 st detention visit
    • 79 or below = 2 nd detention visit
    • 74 or below = 3 rd detention visit
    • 69 or below = 4 th detention visit and/or office referral
    • Students are given a writing assignment as part of their detention punishment.
    • Please note that there are some behaviors that will result in an automatic write up and office visit, regardless of what the conduct grade is at the time.
  • 13. School Supplies
    • Please make certain that your child has loose leaf notebook paper and a wooden #2 pencil every day.
    • Please make sure your child has his/her supplies that may be needed at any given time.
    • Also, make sure that your child does not bring toys or trading cards to school, as this tends to cause many problems. If a child brings such items to school continually the items will be taken up from the child and the parent will have to come pick them up.
  • 14. Signed Papers (Revised)
    • Signed Papers will go home every other Wednesday. Please go over them with your child, sign them, and send all papers back to school.
    • I-Parent will be available on our School Website for you to check your child’s grades on a regular basis.
    • If you ever have any questions about his/her grades, contact us.
  • 15. Our Information:
    • Mrs. Edwards
      • Room B4
      • Phone Number (478)783-7354
    • Mrs. Stuckey
      • Room B6
      • Phone Number (478)783-7356
      • Email:
  • 16. Thank you so much for coming! Have a great night!