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Jamba Juice Facebook Analysis

  1. 1. Social Media Analysis Soo Bin Jenny Park 1213650
  2. 2. jamba juice Table of Contents  Introducing Jamba Juice  Jamba Facebook Page  Competitors Pages  SWOT & Insights  Recommendations
  3. 3. jamba juice “Live Fruitfully”  Jamba Juice Company is a restaurant retailer headquartered in Emeryville, California.  Founded by Kirk Perron, an avid cyclist and healthy lifestyle advocate who opened his first store in San Luis Obispo.  It has over 800 locations in 26 states, the Bahamas, Canada, Philippines, and South Korea.  There are about 336 company-owned locations and 473 franchise-operated stores, also 35 international locations.
  4. 4. jamba juice “Live Fruitfully”  Smoothies, smoothies and more smoothies!  Fresh-squeezed juices, yogurt and fruit blends, wheat grass shots, slow-cooked, steel-cut oatmeal made with 100% organic oats, healthy baked goods, and many more  Inspiring and Simplifying Healthy Living for more than 20 years!
  5. 5. jamba juice Facebook Page  Jamba Juice has its own Facebook page to communicate     and advertise their company to people in the social media world. There are many pages for each location but an overall page for the main posts about Jamba Juice. Jamba Juice has 1,690,528 likes and 19,157 people talking about it On the Facebook page they make posts every 2-3 days They consist mostly of photos and texts, videos, catchy phrases within the statuses, promotions, etc. The promotions are formal but the statuses and posts are more informal to give a friendlier approach. Personal- Posts, daily life photos, sharing Informative- Ingredients/recipes, videos Interactive- New menus/flavors, feedback, questions Promotional- Discounts, events/contests, special days, donations
  6. 6. jamba juice Most/Least Likes <- Most-12,589 likes This post got the most likes because it was a new flavor used with unique ingredients, featured only for a couple days at the price of $2! Many people were asking what stores held this and their reviews on how it was. Least- 66 likes -> This post got the least likes because it wasn’t really about the beverage but Jamba Juice was a sponsor, promoting for this upcoming movie. It did draw a of peoples attend, yet because there any show of the beverages people didn’t watch it as much.
  7. 7. jamba juice Facebook Page Personal(Good) Good-Daily Life photos They show the beverages with a daily life background as if we were actually in the photo taking it. This gives a more friendlier approach that the people can easily buy it anytime, anywhere.
  8. 8. jamba juice Facebook Page Information(Good) Good- adding links to the photos or statues which leads to Jamba Juice’s official website where there is more information on what kind of beverage it is with what ingredients and nutrition is in it. For example this one shows how it can be a healthy selection for you and your kids.
  9. 9. jamba juice Facebook Page Information(Good) Good- The videos give a more fun way to see the beverage in action. In this video it shows the variety of people with different backgrounds can all enjoy the beverage and how it can be a good on-the-go.
  10. 10. jamba juice Facebook Page Information(Bad) Bad- In some of the photos, there aren’t exact information on what kind of beverage is shown in the photo which makes the people not sure of what is it, if they wanted to drink it.
  11. 11. jamba juice Facebook Page Interaction(Good) Good- New menus/seasonal beverages draw the peoples attention making them curious of the new taste. It makes them come to try the new beverages and they leave comments of their thoughts of it and if they recommend it or not. This helps Jamba Juice to see if they should continue or keep that beverage on their list and what parts they need to improve on to match up the peoples’ taste buds.
  12. 12. jamba juice Facebook Page Interaction(Good) Good- People ask questions if they can continue a certain flavor and Jamba Juice interacts with that person if it is possible or when they will be having that flavor out again. Also figuring out questions/quizzes like this puzzle makes it fun to interact with the people. Also have people post videos on Instagram and have the best chosen updated on the page.
  13. 13. jamba juice Facebook Page Promotional(Good) Good- Events and contests like this selfie photo entry, gets the people to actually buy the drink, post the photo on Facebook, and enter the contest. Buying the drink helps the store, posting the photo helps promote Jamba Juice and entering the contest gets people to interact with Jamba Juice. More examples are $2, free boost day, kid’s day, etc.
  14. 14. jamba juice Facebook Page Competitors  Smoothie King is a smoothie food retailer that has blended fruit-based drinks. First opening in 1973 as a stand-alone vitamin shop in Kenner, Louisiana and now is at over 600 locations. 451,871 likes; 859 talking about it.  Robeks is a smoothie franchise chain in Los Angeles, California, USA. Founded by David Robertson, and is at 118 franchise locations. 71,732 likes; 1,320 talking about it.
  15. 15. Smoothie King Facebook Page Personal(Good) Good- The photos not only tell the healthy part but show a healthy body to represent the results from drinking while doing certain exercising/sports.
  16. 16. Smoothie King Facebook Page Personal(Bad) Bad- There were some photos/statues that didn’t relate to the company or any beverages but just personal likes additionally added to the page.
  17. 17. Smoothie King Facebook Page Interaction(Good) Good- Small events getting the people to join the e-club and get a free smoothie. This is promotional and interactive because its getting the people to interactively join the club and the people of that club are promoting more of Smoothie King.
  18. 18. Robeks Facebook Page Interaction(Good) Good- People participating to the new menus and having them try it and put up their thoughts and reviews on the beverage.
  19. 19. Robeks Facebook Page Promotional(Bad) Bad- The page don’t really consist of any promotions. It fairly empty with small contents and barely any imagery. The promotions are either with short description or just all wording, which doesn’t catch the eye. This will lessen the attraction of the people and lesser promotion will lessen the amount of participation and interaction within the page.
  20. 20. jamba juice Insights  Similarities -They all have are smoothie companies so there main goals/concepts are similar with the healthy ingredients, protein, nutrient, vitamins, etc. -Promotions were similar with free beverages and interaction were alike with getting the people to review their beverages.  Differences -Jamba Juice had more frequent updates and photos showing their continuous activity on Facebook. -They continually added new flavors to grab people’s interests and different from others Jamba Juice has their own secret menu that isn’t revealed to all people.
  21. 21. jamba juice SWOT  Strengths -Internationally spreads -Have a healthy meal, not only beverages but snacks or meals proteins in them. -Kids menu, separate beverages good for your children them the nutrition they need all in one beverage. -Healthy on-the-go (canned beverages) -Secret menu  Weaknesses -Not many crave or look for smoothies (coffee is a real competitor) -Doesn’t have big uniqueness compared to the competitors  Opportunities -Looking forward to more stores internationally  Threats -Competitors can easily get a chance to overtake -It can easily be faded if there is no uniqueness
  22. 22. jamba juice Recommendation  Personal -All of the statuses and photos should relate somehow with Jamba Juice  Informative -It should be informed on what kind of drink is shown I in the photo so for those who are curious of what it is. -Should make a easy way for them to know what ingredients go in each drink so those who may want to make it they can know the recipe.  Interaction -In some personal photos, the background should be tagged on where the location is, for those who are around that area they will know that there’s a store near by.  Promotional -Should have exact information on what stores are having that certain promotion.
  23. 23. END