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Jennyx duarte - How to use Basecamp

Jennyx duarte - How to use Basecamp



Basecamp is a simple yet effective project management web-based application. check full discussion at http://yourvirtualthinker.wordpress.com/2012/11/22/managing-projects-with-basecamp/

Basecamp is a simple yet effective project management web-based application. check full discussion at http://yourvirtualthinker.wordpress.com/2012/11/22/managing-projects-with-basecamp/



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    Jennyx duarte - How to use Basecamp Jennyx duarte - How to use Basecamp Presentation Transcript

    • ase amp cA Project Management Tool
    • OpenBrowser
    • Insert cursor here
    • Typebasecamp.com
    • The Basecamp site!
    • Let’s Sign upnow like her!
    • Type full name here
    • Type companyor organization
    • Type email
    • Type password
    • Click Startyour free trial
    • The welcome page
    • Click this button
    • Your Basecamp account!
    • Let’s start creating a project
    • Click New Project
    • The new project page appears
    • Enter your project name here
    • Enter projectdescription here
    • Enter emails of your team
    • Additional field willautomatically appear
    • Click this buttonbelow the emails
    • We’ll decide who can create projects
    • This form will show up
    • Click the box todesignate a team mate
    • If you made one anAdmin, you just gaveher/him super powers
    • Click here to finish designation
    • Click Start the project
    • Wait for the project page to load
    • The project page
    • We’re going to addsome things first
    • Let’s add our firstdiscussion, click Discussion
    • The Discussion page
    • Enter Subject of the discussion
    • Click the Body
    • Text tools appears
    • Start typing body content
    • You’re done with thesubject and the body!
    • But wait! Let’s try attaching a file
    • Click this link
    • File browser appears
    • Click tiny arrow to locate file
    • Select a file
    • Click Open
    • Wait for the file to load
    • Click label here
    • Enter label for this image
    • You can use labels when searching for files
    • Click this to addmore label or…
    • Click I’m done toexit label editor
    • Let’s move to the bottom part
    • Select people youwish to notify this project
    • Then click this button
    • Wait..page issending emails
    • The discussion will now show on the project page
    • And your attached file can be downloaded
    • And notice also that this part updates
    • Let’s add a To-do list
    • Click To-do list
    • This part appears justbelow the discussion
    • Click this button
    • Click on this part
    • And type a to-do item
    • Then move to that way
    • What’s this button?
    • We’ll assign a due date for our to-do item
    • Now click it
    • Oh, a cute calendar!
    • Click a date
    • There’s your due date!
    • Now let’s assign a person, click it again
    • Click tiny arrow to assign aperson for this
    • Select ateam mate
    • Assigned date and person done!
    • Click Add more or click I’m done…
    • To edit an item,hover over the checkbox
    • Then click Edit and retype
    • To tag a to-do list as completed, click the box
    • The item will gray outand info also appears
    • Your To-do list is updated here
    • Let’s add a text document!
    • Click Text document!
    • The Textdocument page
    • Click here
    • Type a Title
    • Select Bullets
    • And type below
    • Click on the VA Project title
    • We’re back on the project page
    • Project pageupdates again!
    • Notice these changes as you work?
    • You cannot add from here anymore so…
    • Use buttons beside each feature
    • Let’s navigate main menus!
    • Click Calendar Menu
    • The Calendar page
    • All our to-do’s are syncwith the calendar page
    • Add an event? Click a box
    • The New Event pop up
    • Click here
    • Enter Title of event
    • Click here to set time
    • Add extra notes here
    • Click tiny arrow
    • Select which project the event is for
    • Click this to change to one day event
    • Already one day event!
    • Click the box to emailother people involve
    • And select from the options
    • Click Add this event
    • New event added, nice!
    • Add future events inthe coming months? Click next button
    • Click on the day and add event on that month
    • Let’s share thiscalendar, go here
    • Click Settings
    • The Settings pop up
    • Click here
    • Then click theauto fill feature
    • Click Save changes
    • You can shareother project’s calendar too!
    • Click Everything Menu
    • The Everything Page
    • Click the button youwant to see all items
    • And the to-do items will be shown
    • Let’s see what’s in the Progress
    • Click Progress
    • The Progress Page
    • Progress page lists all work done on that day
    • Now click Everyone Menu
    • In Everyone Page, everyone involve are shown
    • Up here are the people in the projects
    • Down here, companies ororganizations connected to the projects
    • You can add aperson or createa company from here
    • And edit or grantsuper powers to a person
    • Click Me Menu
    • The Me Page shows everyactivity you’ve done
    • Now let’s try the Search box
    • Go up here
    • Click on thesearch box
    • Type what to search
    • Click the pop up box
    • All objectscontaining the word “NewProject” shows
    • Select an item and you’ll bedirected to that page
    • That’s about thebasics of Basecamp!
    • Let’s go back to theprojects page, click Projects
    • Projects Page!
    • Wait, one last feature you need to know!
    • The Templates!
    • Click Templates
    • The Template willserve as your master layout
    • To avoid repeatingadding same items to a similar project
    • Let’s have a look, click this button
    • The Template Page!
    • Add items using these similar features
    • Also in the template’s editor, you have gridlines
    • To differentiate the project from the template editor
    • Here in Basecamp everything isautomatically saved
    • So when you’re done just browse to the other sections
    • Basecamp has also easy to browse sections or pages
    • When you click anitem like this one…
    • 1 2 3 3 pages are opened
    • Then just click thepage you wish to go!
    • Hey, you’re done with the basics now!
    • So this ends ourCamping on the Base!