Disk Jockey Resume Cover Letter


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Disk jockey resume cover letter examples will help job seeker in this profession regarding cover letter writing. Since cover letter is complementary part of the resume, job seeker must practice sending and writing cover letters.

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Disk Jockey Resume Cover Letter

  1. 1. Disk Jockey Resume Cover LetterDisc Jockey, also known as DJ, plays music to provide enjoyment for the audience.However, the profile Disk Jockey immediately reminds us of Radio Jockeys whom wehear through FM, AM and internet Radio station, there are Club DJs who play music inpubs, nightclubs, and bars, Mobile DJs that play-recorded music at various events withthe help of their portable sound systems. Still as a career option, Radio DJ gets themaximum preference.Disk Jockey plays music according to the requirement of the target audience, whetherit is a birthday celebration, marriage ceremony, award function, or other social get-togethers. He plays all kinds of music including country, folk, rock, hip-hop, and others.Therefore, if you are willing to pursue this career option, be sure to have a mastery overall music genres and their origins respectively. Also you should gain the capacity to mixand match different genres of music, and thereby to swoon the audience with yourmelody. Being a DJ, you have to host a cultural event. For this, you should havesufficient knowledge on general topic like sports, news, weather, current events todeliver enticing dialogues.Disk Jockey works within a small room called, as “station” that are soundproof and air-conditioned. The Radio Disc Jockey manages radio shows by keeping a track on themusic, talk, and commercial breaks. He/she should be able to perform both the roles,that of a player and a host.Sample Resume Cover letter for Disk Jockey must include all your positive traits like yourpassion for music, mastery over various music genre’s, immediate grasping quality,ability to work in a team, strong vocabulary to host any program, provide service as percustomer requirement, immense communication power, and a good voice etc.After getting a glimpse of the job responsibility, it is fair to have certain idea of writing acover letter, how to project it in the right way, to impress your employer, and impels himto go through your resume. This job application letter can enlighten your capacities,talents, positive traits in possible precise way that appeals the reader to call you for animmediate meeting.An example on Disk Jockey Resume Cover Letters can answer all your queries very well.Sample Disk Jockey Resume Cover Letter Angelo Arnold 67 Green Wood New Jersey
  2. 2. Contact No.:5643-6789-1098 E Mail Id: agad@hmail.comTo,Harry LawrenceCEO, 78.1 Radio Station12 OaklandNew JerseyUnited StatesContact: 5643-2765-9087E mail: hrl@hmail.comSubject: Job application for the post of Radio Disk jockeyDear Mr. Lawrence,I am writing this application to apply for the position of Radio Disk jockey in response tothe advertisement posted on the website “Job.Com” yesterday, i.e. 1 November 2011.My voice and eloquence is enough to make me shine in this career opportunity.I have done my Masters’ Degree in Broadcast Journalism, and have undergone a one-year diploma course in Drama and Public speaking. My first class result in BroadcastJournalism and mastery over English has helped me gain confidence to deliver qualityservice according to the requests of diverse individual.Regarding my work experiences, I worked into “Creative Radio Station” for about twoand a half years. During that tenure, I had to host diverse radio shows to please mylisteners. There I played varied genres according to the listener’s requests, coordinatedprograms, announced them, took interviews of respected celebrities, entertained mylisteners by cracking jokes and other.Thus, I gather immense confidence to entertain the target clients by making themspellbound with my dialogues, melody, humor, and general knowledge.I have given my curriculum vitae herewith the application. Hope you will go through tonotice on all academic and work related credentials.To wind up, I request you to think over my eligibility criteria, and will expect a call fromyou soon. I have given my full contact information for your convenience.Sincerely,Angelo ArnoldEnclosure: DJ Resume Example
  3. 3. The job of a Disk Jockey is fun and entertaining. Here you have the opportunity to flauntyour love for music, converse with different callers as you get frequent requests fromyour listeners, and more importantly will get to mingle with reputed celebrities that bringyou centre stage. Therefore, be serious while writing your cover letter as the jobapplication can help you effectively to get a call for an interview from your futurerecruiter. Make the cover letter subject specific; include all your plus points relevant tothe position that can guide you in job pursuit. Collect some information about thebroadcasting organization, and needed traits for the designation. Avoid making yourletter too long to read, and check for appropriateness and error free text.