Northwest Native Americans


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Northwest Native Americans

  1. 1. The Northwest Native Americans Created by: Ava, Evan, Hannah, Olivia, and Sam
  2. 2. Food In the Northwest some foods are salmon, halibut, herring, cod, crabs, oysters, clams, mussels, seaweed, and fish eggs. Some berries that they ate were cranberries, huckleberries, and salalberries. They used roots, whale, seals, sea lion, ducks, deer, dog fish, and wild plants. The way they got oil was by hunting whale, sharks, and seal. How they got their food is by hunting, gathering, fishing, and by growing crops.
  3. 3. Clothing Some clothing they wore were otter capes, cedar bark capes, rain proof hats made out of spruce root, and cedar bark shoes. Some other materials used were goat fur, mountain goat fur, sea otter skin, sea lion whiskers, and the fur of a white wooly dog. Only the chiefs Wore chilkat blankets which were hard to make and took many days.
  4. 4. Homes The northwest coast Native Americans made wood houses with forty to sixty people in each. Each family had its own living quarters. The corners were made of tree trunks. The walls were made of cedar planks. The roof was held with rocks and there were no windows.
  5. 5. Family Life Men usually wore no clothing. They hunted whales, seals, sea lions, ducks, deer, elk, and fish. Haida women wore cedar bark skirts. Women cooked, cleaned, and made clothes.
  6. 6. Tools The Northwest Indians had many tools such as the d-aze, elbow- adze, wedge, stone hammer, drill, chisel, Haida stone maul, seal harpoon head, Hingit salmon hook, Hailibut hook, Black cod hook, Tlingit hailibut hook, and the Haida harpoon.
  7. 7. Transportation The only transportation used by the Nootka and Haida were dug-out canoes. They could be up to 50 feet long! They were used for hunting whales, seals, and sea lions as well as fish. They were made from entire cedar trees. Once hollowed out, they could be sailed in. Sometimes they were decorated with the family crest, symbol, or animal.
  8. 8. Beliefs The Northwest Native Americans believed that after you die, your soul becomes a ghost so if you lost your soul, it had to be caught. They also believed that there was a sky god and spirits in the sky. Some tribes believed in super natural ocean beings. Some tribes also believed in the Serpent, god of wealth and god of the under world.
  9. 9. Language The Northwestern Native Americans were the only tribes that made totem poles. A famous story told by a totem pole was about how an orca stole a Haida man’s wife. Totem poles told many other stories. The Nootka and Haida spoke different languages. The Nootka spoke Wakashan. The Haida spoke Athapaskan. Shame poles were put up to embarrass those who didn’t pay debts to the tribe.
  10. 10. Ceremonies A potlatch is when they announce a new chief, a marriage of a person in a high rank, to celebrate that a new house was made, or a raising of a totem pole. The people spent many days preparing food and polishing their masks for the event.
  11. 11. Music and Art In Northwestern art, there are many uand and ovid forms in carvings. Many things were carved and painted to look like a bird or animal. Instruments that Northwest tribes used were whistles, drums, tamborines, and flutes.