Question 1: In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and
conventions of real media ...
The music video ’Alone Together’ by Fallout Boy consisted of a dark narrative connecting evil
and religion with the rock g...
Based on analysing the lyrics to the song I chose as a group decision the obvious narrative idea to the song
was chosen. T...
Magazine Advertisement.
The Magazine advertisement was influenced by the street style of Arctic Monkeys. The
background ch...
My digi-pak was influenced again by the street style of the Arctic Monkeys. After location scouting, finding stre...
How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?
My main product/ (music video) contains robots ...
The colours of the overall promotional package mainly black and white with natural shots of buildings and locations
What have you learned from your audience feedback?

You carried out audience research at the start of the project, should
How did you use media technologies in the construction and research,
planning and evaluation stages?

Think about all the ...
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Evaluation media2 not finished

  1. 1. Evaluation Question 1: In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? My media product develops and challenges forms and conventions of real media products. My music video contains elements of the rock genre that I researched in pre-production. For example my music video song that I chose, is from a rock/ indie street band Arctic Monkeys. The song I chose called ‘I bet you look good on the dance floor’ is a well known rock song released by Arctic Monkeys in October 2005. The video is a live performance through out which has influenced the live performance aspects of my music video. The original video for this song made me think about what kind of lighting I may want to use in the live performance sections of my video. Because the stage lighting used is made to look unnatural and disco like I decided to incorporate disco lights into the sections. Therefore the live performance looks more like a live disco scene rather than just a Robot playing a guitar. The lights also allowed the narrative sections and the live performance sections to link together as the narrative plot is of two robots falling in love at a disco where the disco lights are used. To enhance this effect I turned off the room lights to make the disco lights more obvious and used a lamp as a spot light onto the robots to make sure they’re seen properly. This helped as the disco lights are noticeable and so are the robots creating more of a night disco feel to match the narrative. Other rock genre music videos that have influenced my video are: ‘R U Mine’ and ‘Do I Wanna Know’ – both by Arctic Monkeys. ‘Rock N Roll’- by Avril Lavigne and ‘Alone Together’- By Fallout Boy. The Rock N Roll video by Avril Lavign made me think about how a video can be emphasised with the use of animation. Her style matching the rock and roll genre also matches a skater style which attracts a younger youth audience. The animation used is more of a cartoon style to match her target audience’s age range. Mixing the animation with real film such as when words in the song arise it emphasises the film making the shot more interesting. This influenced the animation used in my music video such as: The fire behind the robots, wording and black tints to hide background light. This worked well and made my video more interesting to watch. Relating back to Andrew Goodwin's theory of the music matching the visuals this is used in the fire animated section as the lyrics say ’you’re an explosion’ as the fire explodes behind the robot.
  2. 2. The music video ’Alone Together’ by Fallout Boy consisted of a dark narrative connecting evil and religion with the rock genre as well as linking in sexual references. This links to Andrew Goodwin's Theory: ‘There is frequently reference to notion of looking and particularly voyeuristic treatment of the female body.’ However I did not think this kind of style was needed within my music video and concentrated on other aspects like the use of lighting and what type of video I may want to do such as maybe a narrative. The lighting consists of mainly dark rooms with certain colours to emphasise and inflict emotion onto the audience. Such as red for anger and danger. This also influenced the disco lights used in my video. The location used such as a church made me also pay attention to the locations I may need to get my idea across such as he dance floor location used. The camera work in this video sometimes is in a canted style and also the shots progress in time with the music. This made me consider what kind of camera angles and positions maybe used for my video and how I may want my video to flow once edited. This influenced he cutting rate in my music video. As the shots are in time with the music/ lyrics. ‘Do I Wanna know’ By Arctic Monkeys was a full animate video from beginning to end this added a great flow and made the diversity and unexpected imagery more exciting. The video matches Steve Neale’s Theory: ‘Genres are instances of repetition and difference’ Genre texts obviously share similarities, but there must also be progression and difference, or the audience would get bored. With the use of animation and unexpected imagery the video stays exciting. My music video flows between the narrative structure and live performance the links between them is the disco lighting, costumes and the relationship between the song and the visuals. As the instrumental part of the song is heard, the live performance with the robot playing the guitar is seen. The ‘R U Mine’ video by Arctic Monkeys is one long continuous shot through out, excluding the radio station shots at the beginning and end. The video also has a live performance at the end and a plot throughout which is he journey to the studio. This live performance embedded into the video made me think that my music video could be similar as I could be both narrative with elements of live performance. Therefore after analysing the song and making a narrative based from the lyrics… The plot and structure of my music video was made. The unexpected events happening in the video also made me consider what should happen in my music video that will make it more exciting. This idea then added to the idea of having an animated explosion in my video and a structure that keeps moving between narrative and liv performance.
  3. 3. Based on analysing the lyrics to the song I chose as a group decision the obvious narrative idea to the song was chosen. The lyrics ‘I bet you look good on the dance floor dancing to electro pop like a robot from 1984’ were a major influence on the narrative and location scouting. Going with the obvious idea of male and female robots dancing on a dance floor was great a we could then think about costume ideas. The idea of robot costumes challenges the forms and conventions of the rock genre as the rock genre consists of mainly casual t-shirts, jeans, black colours. The robot outfits do no fit in with the genre’s dress code therefore it challenges the conventions, however, I felt the robot costumes were a good idea as it matched the lyrics of the song and it was something new to see. As the video also was to have embedded live performance shots I therefore felt the mixture would of the two types of shots will then link the video more into the rock genre. To link the live performance and narrative together use of disco lighting and the same male robot costume are used. This also shows that the guitarist and male robot are the same robots. The plot of the music video was decided based on the audience analysis. In my Vox pop interviews and in voice recorded interviews along with an online survey my results on what my target audience preferred for an up beat son was a fast cutting rate and either a narrative or live performance video. Therefore after a group discussion the discussion to challenge the norm of just having style we decided to embed live performance shots in-between the narrative. Other videos such as the ‘R U Mine’ video also have both however it goes from narrative and ends as a live performance. The Structure that was chosen as a group challenges this. Other reasons for having a boy and girl robot in the video is as the lyrics are a male singing about a female. ‘ I wish you’d stop ignoring me, because you’re sending me to despair, Without a sound yeh your calling me, and I don’t think it’s very fair’ - the lyrics show the male singing to the female and developing some sort of connection or relationship. This encouraged the developing of a relationship between the two robots in my video. This relationship between the two robots can be used to connect to the audience. Denis Mc Quail (1987) Gives common reasons for media use, a few reasons link to this. For entertainment value: ‘escaping, or being derived from problems’ and Integration and social Interaction : ‘gaining insight into certain circumstances of others; social empathy’ / ‘Identifying with others and gaining a sense of belonging’. All these theories link with my video as the audience should be able to identify the relationship between the robots and connect with it. Camera shots used in my music video are similar to that of steady level shots in videos like ‘Rock N Roll’ By Avril Lavigne. It contains a range of different shots such as establishing shots, two shots, medium close ups, close ups and extreme close ups with a few variety of angles on live performance shots as well as other camera work such as tracking. My shots are not the same as the canted shots in the Fall-out boy video as I felt they didn’t need to be and they were used in that video to make the audience more unsettled to emphasise the plot. Therefor I felt the shots used in my video don’t need to be like this .
  4. 4. Magazine Advertisement. The Magazine advertisement was influenced by the street style of Arctic Monkeys. The background chosen is influenced by the Ads and poster images of Arctic Monkeys in street areas. The main influence was the image of Arctic Monkeys and a street corner building. This corner building I thought was a great example of street style therefore a similar image was chosen for our Magazine Ad. The original draft image of the magazine Ad was in colour however I thought the image looked better in black and white as it added more character but also made the robots we added in look ore three dimensional and significant. Also he black and white image ands consistency to the overall text of the project as it links to the outer colour scheme used on the digi-pak. Robots were used to create synergy between the digi-pak, poster and video. They were also used as it was influenced by having the band members in the influencing image. This meant the audience found it easier to identify the band members when the see the image. The use of robots will be identified by the audience and create a link to the music video. This style challenges the style of majority of Rock posters and magazine ads as they are either a cartoon/ drawing, made using photo shop or just an edited photograph shot. My magazine Ad consists of both Therefore it challenges the conventions of other rock magazine and poster ads. Two great examples are the 2009 Ohio Ad and the Monkey’s Poster of them in a boat. Another reason to having this style Ad is the feed back from my audience analysis. I asked them what kind of Album cover style they prefer and base on the results, the poster was made to have the same theme and consistent style. Other elements of the magazine Ad such as the text was kept to a fairly simple style as we wanted the main attention to be the robots and the background image. This challenges the other styles of my researched posters and ads as they all have a consistent funky theme. However as my Ad is different containing an animated image on top of a photo, this meant that the different style was again to capture the audiences attention and draw them in rather than the use of text.
  5. 5. Digi-pak My digi-pak was influenced again by the street style of the Arctic Monkeys. After location scouting, finding street style locations the images were edited and used along with two C.G.I. images (one created for the front cover.) Responding to our feedback as a group we could chose between the cover being: • Simple landscape or location with no band members present. • An image with the band that relates to music video or album • Artist/band photographed specifically for the cover. After a group discussion we felt that the image for the magazine Ad would be great as the cover. However as the digi-pak was in developing stages I thought it was better to use one of the C.G.I. image as the front cover as it has a little text relating to the song but also a basic image of a robot head. The image also contains the Zigzagged lines that have become well known for Arctic Monkey’s A.M. album. Therefore with this synergy using a signature symbol, and references to the song as well as robots I felt this would make the best front cover for the target Audience. As I edited and made the final digi-pak on Photoshop I thought about where the images would look best when they are printed out. As two of the images where of a black and white theme I decided to place them on the front and back cover to give the digi-pak a consistent outer colour scheme. This worked well as due to my audience analysis they expected a consistency in the theme. To tie with this the C.G.I. robots used are in all the images except for the front cover. Therefore creating a consistent theme of robots throughout. To add more synergy to the digi-pak I decided to add the zigzagged lines into the spines. This then added more consistency with the style/ theme making the piece come together. I have focused on consistency as not only from my audience analysis they prefer it but from my research on poster/website themes I have found it helps identify the: genre, Band and become more familiar with it. I find it is also a professional quality to an element to make the rest of other linked text all connect. For example the Arctic Monkey’s Website themes match with the related merchandise, album and posters. To add even more consistency with the digi-pak I added the branding logo onto the front, back, and the two inside discs. Also having thought about copy rights and labelling from my research on the Arctic Monkey’s Recording company I added the Domino’s recording label, a bar code and copy right text and symbol as this is what you would expect to see on a professional published digi-pak. To make sure the images and style stayed consistent I made the discs match the images beneath them. And kept the same font through out except for the font on the front cover as I felt the title looked better in a different font.
  6. 6. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts? My main product/ (music video) contains robots that are influenced by the song’s lyrics. ‘Dance like a robot from 1984’, ‘your shoulders are frozen.’ These lyrics link to the style of a robot and also to the youth teenage culture the target audience relate to. This is as robots are ridged and stiff like how we see an awkward teenager in a disco for example. This awkward style seen in youths is usually seen as they may be shy. The robots are also used in the digi-pak and in the ancillary texts to give the overall promotional package the synergy it needs for my target audience to continuously be influenced in different ways. The robot costumes in the video are not natural and don’t look like real robots. This links to the animation of Arctic Monkeys as they are unrealistic and have a playful youth style which links to the street style. For example, the ‘Do I Wanna Know’ Arctic Monkeys video contains unrealistic images such as a woman shooting out a chimney. The robots made of cardboard look like made up costume robots which relate to the casual/ playful style of the youth culture that the target audience can relate to. This is as the robots are made of cardboard rather then trying to be made to look real which is how we would expect the target audience to make them. The unrealistic robots used in the rest of the promotional packaging are all exactly the same to encourage the consistency of the robot theme in the overall package. This then is seen by my target audience and makes them realise that the robots on the digi-pak and ancillary text all connect to the robots on the music video. The main product (music video) contains a lot of darkness within the backgrounds of the robots, having noticed this I have embedded the black and white colour scheme onto the dig-pak. This then links the to the dark backgrounds and shadows found on the music video. The black and white outer colours on the digi-pak and magazine ad also relate to the black and white coloured album cover of the original ‘AM’ album by Arctic Monkeys. This colour scheme used by the Arctic Monkeys themselves shows that its simple style relates to their target audience, therefore the album cover created in my digi-pak was of a similar style. The CD and DVD of the digi-pak contain the same images as the background of the digi-pak as I felt keeping the consistency in the design led to a better focus on the digi-pak images rather than the CD or DVD itself. I felt this was a good idea as the colour scheme of black and white juxtaposes the designs of the photo images with robots on. Therefore if I was to create a different disc design the images would clash instead of just juxtaposing each other to communicate the overall idea of the main product. The image used on the ancillary text (magazine advertisement) relates to the digi-pak as the same image is also used on the inside. The image is the same but slightly different as the image black and white on the magazine ad and normal on the digi-pak. This creates a link to the digi-pak and poster but with a slight variation to also show the black and white colour scheme on the magazine ad. This image also connects the CD to the digi-pak as the image is also designed for the disc on top.
  7. 7. The colours of the overall promotional package mainly black and white with natural shots of buildings and locations attract to my target audience of 16-25 year olds as they contain the overall street style and basic colours that attracts the audience of Arctic Monkeys ; a good example of this is their latest album ‘AM’’ with the black and white . The black and white colour scheme is a basic sophisticated style which doesn’t connect too much to a male or female gender but has its own style which allows both males and females to like it. It also will stand out against other coloured albums in a shop shelf which catches the audiences attention bringing them in. The use of similar symbols and CGI on the Magazine Ad gives the audience a feeling of being familiar with the overall idea as they are also seen in the digi-pak. The audience will be able to see the magazine ad then be familiar with what the digi-pak is in a shop. This will create interest to my audience and attract them to take in the information from the digi-pak which hopefully will make them desire to watch the video and listen to the music from my digi-pak. The magazine ad that helps to sell the digi-pak I think works well to sell the album as the image is the main attraction. The computer generated robots create a different style to the normal styled background creating an eye catching element to the Ad. The spine of Digi-pak with also help to attract the target audience . This is because if my digi-pak was to be placed on a CD rack or a shelf sideways like a book, the black and white simple strong/ bold contrasting with the zigzagged symbol will again catch someone’s eye and immediately the audience will know what the CD is even without any text present. This is as the symbol creates synergy between the texts and creates an identity for the band’s image giving them their own symbol of recognition. To improve the magazine Ad I would make the text more appealing and bold so it catches more attention and also add the Arctic Monkey’s Logo and zigzagged symbol as this would create more synergy between the texts. This would reinforce the band’s image. To help the effectiveness and combination of my promotional package I would take this further and think of different possible ways and platforms to reach my target audience so they can become more familiar with the new overall idea. For example to improve the overall package I would also update the Arctic Monkey’s website, Merchandise and Blog section (to get the audience’s views which would make the audience get involved making them feel like they are more important to the Promotion), Television Ads, Mobile Aps (to link with the new technology used with my target audience e.g. Smart Phones) , Social networking like pages and topics (E.g. Face book/ Twitter), freebies/ bribes in magazines and also competitions for example: free tickets. These all would make my target audience more familiar with the overall promotion and idea so they would want to talk about it to other people and spread the word creating more of my target audience to try , listen and eventually want to buy the album.
  8. 8. What have you learned from your audience feedback? You carried out audience research at the start of the project, should have got feedback throughout the production process and be getting feedback on the completed work through social networking sites. How did that feedback help you make your three artefacts better? How useful was the feedback in general (methods, comments, how you used it)?
  9. 9. How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages? Think about all the media technologies you have used in your project since September: Blogging sites Social networking sites Production software Hardware What did you use them for, but more importantly, how did you use them effectively?