Keyword Research Word Camp 2014 - updated


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Keyword Research Word Camp 2014 - updated

  1. 1. Keyword Clinic– How to get your WordPress website foundon Google Jenny Munn SEO Consultant & Trainer for In-House Marketers & Small Business Owners Twitter @JennyMunn #WCATL @jennymunn
  2. 2. Who Am I?
  3. 3. Who Am I?
  4. 4. What We’ll Cover Brief Overview of SEO 4 Phases of Keyword Research: • Phase 1: Brainstorm Keyword Possibilities • Phase 2: Verify Keyword Data & Add Words Google Tells Us People Use • Phase 3: Keyword Prioritization and Selection • Phase 4: Assign Keywords to Content Using Keywords in Content What Else matters to SEO
  5. 5. Why This Matters • Keyword Research is the foundation of a successful SEO strategy • Keywords = the language of your customers • The goal: more traffic, leads, and sales for your business by using the same language and getting in their head
  6. 6. SEOOverview Important Basics About SEO • Marketing 101 = Using the language of your customers • Google ranks webPAGES…not a webSITE • Keywords are the absolute foundation of SEO • SEO does NOT happen on accident • The real goal of SEO: not just rankings, but traffic and conversions SEO = Improving the Discovery of CONTENT
  7. 7. DIY SEO + WordPress = LOVE • Levels the SEO playing field • Empowers us as business owners • Plugins, Plugins, Plugins
  8. 8. Phase 1: Brainstorm Keyword Possibilities
  9. 9. Phase 1:Brainstorm Keyword Possibilities 1. SEO Home base: Open up Excel 2. Brain Dump: Take 5-10 minutes and brainstorm ALL the words you think you should rank 3. Add to that list: • Google Autosuggest • Poll a partner • Poll your customers • “Spy” on competitors with Spyfu • Look in your analytics 4. Get a good solid list – and let’s VERIFY these words
  10. 10. KeywordResearchTips Group Like Words Together … Put In As Many As You Can Think Of park city utah fly fishing park city fly fishing park city utah trout fishing park city trout fishing service, guide, excursion, activity, etc. Tips: *don’t forget plurals *don’t forget synonyms *person, product or service? Horsinality: Disconnect: “horse training” vs “natural horsemanship” Love coach Dating coach Matchmaker Matchmaking professional Dating coaches Matchmaking for men Meeting planner Conference organizer Independent meeting planner Freelance meeting planner Event coordinator
  11. 11. Take 1 Minute… …and BRAINDUMP (paper or Excel)
  12. 12. KeepAdding Words:GoogleAutosuggest
  13. 13. Keep Adding Words: Look in your analytics
  14. 14. Keep Adding Words:“Spy” on competitor Free but limited
  15. 15. Phase 2: Verify the Data – Using Google’s Free Keyword Planner
  16. 16. Google Keyword Planner
  17. 17. Keyword ResearchTips 1. Put in lots of combinations of words into your research tool 2. Look through every option: Pay attention to hidden gems: (LOW Competition, HIGH Search Count) 3. Add all the reasonable keyword choices -> export to Excel
  18. 18. “How to Find Keywords” Free Report Jenny Munn  • “Where do I LOOK for keywords?” • “How do I know that I am using the RIGHT keywords?” • “Why am I not RANKING for my keywords?”
  19. 19. Phase 3: Keyword Prioritization and Selection
  20. 20. Phase 3: Keyword Prioritization and Selection Dive in to the Excel Data • Sort the keywords from high monthly search count to low • Look through words one by one • Goal: shorten this list • Eliminate • Bold • Highlight • Understand the competition you’re up against
  21. 21. -Large companies have the benefitof an SEO team Why Competitive Research Matters
  22. 22. Danger -Important Tip The most important thing is to get started. A half decent keyword is better than NO keyword
  23. 23. Phase4: Assign Keywords to Content
  24. 24. Phase 4: Assign Keywords to Content 1. Set aside words for: • Site pages • Blog posts • Videos • Other content Tweet this: #WCATL peeps: Want to diagnose your web content marketing efforts? Join @jennymunn at 2pm today in the Pope room
  25. 25. Using Keywords in Content
  26. 26. On-Page Optimization Photo courtesy of Moz Google: The Perfectly Optimized Page
  27. 27. What Else Matters in SEO
  28. 28. What Else IsThereto ThisSEO Thing? Other SEO elements: technical, off-page, links, social signals, rich snippets/structured markup, a great web architecture, page speed, etc, etc, etc., unique content
  29. 29. Questions? Stayin Touch! Jenny Munn  2pm TODAY: Content Marketing Workshop: How to Plan, Optimize, and Analyze Your Efforts Jenny Munn SEO Consultant & Trainer for In-House Marketers & Small Business Managers Twitter @JennyMunn Twitter: #WCATL @jennymunn Upcoming Keyword Research Workshop: 3-25-14 | Roam Dunwoody | 9:30- 11:30am
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