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Intro to Library

  1. 1. HML INTRODUCTION TO THE HETERICK MEMORIAL LIBRARY A tour of the building and the resources therein Jenny Donley Cataloging and Serials Librarian/Assistant Professor
  3. 3. THE BUILDING  Taggart Law Library Heterick Memorial Library HML
  4. 4. ELEMENTS OF THE LIBRARYBuildingResources (print or online)ServicesStaffPATRONS HML
  5. 5. FIRST FLOOR The library is divided into three areas. First floor – public services, circulation/ reference desks, reference collection, computer labs, current periodicals, microforms, newspapers & new books room. In general, this is a high-traffic area and not conducive to concentrated study. http
  6. 6. WELCOME TO THE LIBRARYFirst place to go for help •Materials check out and returns •Course Reserves •OhioLINK • Interlibrary loans •Audiovisual materials Your ONU ID is your library card!
  8. 8. The library is completely wireless
  9. 9. EQUIPMENT Scanner -- First floor attached to public terminals Computers -- Network computers requiring Luminis password in Large lab (102A) and Small lab (102B) and four in front of the Reference desk. Public terminals to use exclusively with library resources are available on all 3 floors. Copiers -- one on each of the three floors. Copies are 10 cents per page Microforms/Copier Room  Stapler (electronic model)  Hole punch HML  Paper cutter
  10. 10. FIRST FLOORTwo computer labs. The large lab has 24computers, a multi-media projector, and twob&w printers.
  11. 11. FIRST FLOORSmall Lab: 8 computers, a color printer and a b&w printer
  12. 12. MY LIBRARY ACCOUNTAllows you to see what you have checked outand requested. Allows you to renew online (ifpossible). Allows you to see charges on your HMLaccount.
  13. 13. MY LIBRARY ACCOUNT Enter first and last name and all 11 digits on university ID
  14. 14. MY LIBRARY ACCOUNT For more information visit the Library Information page HML
  15. 15. LIBRARY APP HML
  16. 16. SECOND FLOOR Second floor – Classrooms, Communication Skills Center, older periodicals, open study tables, group study carrels, 1-2 person study carrels. The second floor is meant for studying and periodicals use.
  17. 17. SECOND FLOOR Communications Skills Center is a separate department housed in the library. The staffprovide assistance with compositions and presentations. Appointments are required.
  18. 18. SECOND FLOORClassrooms and seminar roomsmust be reserved online Four 4-6 person study carrels, first come, first served
  19. 19. SECOND FLOOR/THIRD FLOOR 1-2 person study carrels against east and west walls, first come, first served
  20. 20. THIRD FLOOR Third floor – Book collection, 1-2 person study carrels, seating in book stacks, lounge areas. This is probably the quietest part of the library.
  21. 21. Red Phone available on second and third floor for immediate help! There are two public terminals on each the second and third floors.All of the books are shelved on this floor except for the the juvenile, young adult, and graphic novel collections.
  22. 22. RESOURCESCatalog(POLAR) Shows holdings for HML and TaggertResearch Databases General as well as discipline specific HML
  23. 23. RESEARCHTwo basic type of tools to begin research1. Catalog for background books, etc.2. Database searches on specific topics. HML
  24. 24. CATALOG -- POLAR POLAR -- This is the best place to start. HML
  25. 25. CATALOG -- POLAR Books are arranged by the Dewey Decimal classification system. Think of the number as the address of the book on the shelf.
  26. 26. CATALOG -- POLARMost of the books are housed on the third floor. Make sureit says it is available. HML
  27. 27. CATALOG -- POLARPopular and New books are found onthe first floor. Make sure it says“available”. If there is a date listed, ifmeans the item is checked out. You will HMLneed to place a request.
  28. 28. CATALOG -- POLAR Some books are only available electronically as e-books. Click on link to access book. HML
  29. 29. CATALOG -- OHIOLINK “Request” means to go to another catalog and place a “hold” on the same title, but a different library’s copy. Most of the university and college libraries in Ohio share their materials through a consortium catalog called OhioLINK. 1. Click on the OhioLINK icon to access the consortium catalog. DUE 12-07-12 HML
  30. 30. CATALOG -- OHIOLINK 2. Click on the request HML icon
  31. 31. CATALOG -- OHIOLINK 3. Select Ohio Northern U 4. Enter your first and last name and all 11 digits exactly as they appear on your ID 5. Be sure to select Heterick as your pick up location and then click submit. 6. An email will be sent HML when the item is ready for pickup
  32. 32. CATALOG -- SEARCHOHIO Access to several Ohio public libraries Access via OhioLINK An option when the item you want is not available at ONU or through OhioLINK
  33. 33. COURSE RESERVES Occasionally professors place items on reserve for students in a particular class to access. Usually electronic access, but some books, textbooks and dvds in the physical collection are occassionaly placed on reserve. Electronic reserves sometimes requires log-in which would be the student’s first and last name, and all 11 digits of the university ID. Print reserves would require students visiting the library with the option of making copies or scanning the information provided. HML
  35. 35. DATABASES• Often tools for locating journal and newspaper articles• Most are subject-specific, some multi- disciplinary• Many give access to full text of articles• Heterick has 200+ databases• Available from the Heterick home page HML
  36. 36. DATABASES -- FIND AN ARTICLE Periodical means the same as magazine or journal. However…•Magazines are usually more “popular”periodicals•Journals are scholarly and professional peerreviewed periodicals
  37. 37. GENERAL REFERENCE DATABASESFour Databases to remember: • Academic Search Complete • Business Source Complete • MEDLINE with Full Text • Opposing Viewpoints HML
  38. 38. DATABASES Access by clicking on Database link on front page of library. Arranged by discipline and alphabetically to search by title HML
  39. 39. ALWAYS REMEMBER: When available, DO select this box: Some databases won’t have this box (MEDLINE) because all of their articles are Peer Reviewed. But DON’T select this box:
  42. 42. HELP HML
  43. 43. HML