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Business case presentation

  1. 1.  eBay is anonlinewebsite forshopping andauctioningfounded byPierreOmidyar
  2. 2.  It is one of the largest e-commercecompanies With more than 200 million users, eBay isa consumer-to-consumer marketplace It allows people and businesses to buyand sell goods and services, globally
  3. 3.  eBay utilizes a decentralized structure inwhich it uses a highly interconnectednetwork that allows users to auctionitems directly to each other It allows users to sell and buy goods andservices directly It allows buyers and sellers to rate eachother
  4. 4.  eBay is a self-governing, self-organizing, complexorganization Blends order and chaos by utilizing both centralizedand decentralized structures It provides order by making users log in and requiringidentification Doesn’t offer some type of assurance against fraud It has the buy now option (fixed price) which is aunique benefit to the consumers It also provides mobile payment and continues toinnovate This allows eBay to remain stable and remain as oneof the largest marketplaces
  5. 5.  Key competitors:- Amazon started off as a bookstore andnow expanded to which almost any itemsearched can be purchased; thoughAmazon is a key competitor, Amazonsometimes works together with eBay- Craigslist is a classified advertisingwebsite for housing, jobs, and otherpersonal sales
  6. 6.  PayPal is a payment service that storescredit card information so the user cancheck out with ease Services for gifts and tools Stuff by eBay is an easy way to organizepurchases by centralizing online receipts Cell phone center provides services tousers such as looking for a new phone ata great price
  7. 7.  eBay has customers all over the world User base of over 200 million eBay Inc. is an important associated groupwithin eBay that enables commerce andinvestor relations Merchants worldwide Business owners and startup businesses whorely on eBay to sell their goods and services Investors who have purchased stock
  8. 8.  Collaborative, coordinative, andcompetitive in that the decentralizedstructure allows people to cometogether to buy and sell products andgoods worldwide• facilitates convenient and fastcustomer service• purchased PayPal to offer a safe andeasy way to complete transactions
  9. 9. • Recognizes threat and competitionand strives to provide valuable servicethrough the use of complementaryservices (Stuff by eBay)• Convenient payment methods(PayPal) to overcome competition• Provides rewards (earning 2% of theirmoney back) through eBay bucks• improvements and developments areconstantly made by the eBay team
  10. 10.  eBay provides numerous commercefeatures• PayPal – faster, safer way to pay• GSI Commerce – leading provider of e-commerce and interactive marketingservices• X.Commerce – open commerce platform forall merchants
  11. 11.  First funding from Bench Mark Capital in theamount of $6,700,000 Soon after, went public and started sellingshares on the NYSE Relies on crowd funding Relies on peer production (crowd wisdom);draw on own local knowledge (buyers andsellers) to facilitate a growing marketplace Ability to aggregate
  12. 12.  Relies on crowd sourcing – eBay is acollaborative environment in which it providesa platform for users to buy and sell to otherusers directly User-to-User distribution – no inventory Personalizes and customizes for productsearches Provides filters for products and services such asprice, location, and top-rated sellers
  13. 13.  Utilizes the transaction model –traditional model Profit sharing and incentives - eBay usesbroker fees – take percentage ofwhatever the action is – as sellers getmost of the money, eBay gets a portionof it because they provide the platformfor which the users can sell
  14. 14.  The eBay name and logo are registeredtrademarks in the U.S. as well asinternationally The use of the name and logo are onlypermitted if the specific individual ororganization has a written licenseagreement
  15. 15. The End.
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