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  1. 1. ABB India introduction -Power and Productivity fora Better WorldABB ( is a leader in power and automation technologies that enable utility and industrycustomers to improve performance while lowering environmental impact. The ABB Group ofcompanies operates in around 100 countries and employs about 130,000 people.ABB operations in India include 12 manufacturing facilities with over 10,355 employees. Customersare served through an extensive countrywide presence with more than 23 marketing offices, 8 servicecenters, 3 logistics warehouses, 2 Power & Automation Engineering Centers and a network of over550 channel partners. The ABB Group is increasingly leveraging the Indian operations for projects,products, services, engineering and R&D.HistoryGeneral: The Company was incorporated on 24.12.1949 as The Hindustan Electric Company Limited. On 24.09.1965, the Company’s name was changed to Hindustan Brown Boveri Limited (HBB). Pursuant to the Scheme of Amalgamation of Asea Limited with HBB with effect from 1st January 1989, the name was further changed to Asea Brown Boveri Limited, with effect from 13.10.1989. Effective 16.04.2003, the name was further changed to ABB Limited.Flakt India Limited was amalgamated with ABB with effect from 5th October 1995.During 1994-95, a joint venture Company - ‘ABB Daimler-Benz Transportation AG’ (Adtranz) wasestablished by ABB Zurich and Daimler-Benz AG, Germany, in Germany. A subsidiary of Adtranz wasincorporated in India viz. ’ABB Daimler-Benz Transportation Limited which took over theTransportation Business of the Company effective 1st January 1996.ABB’s power generation business was globally transferred into the new 50-50 JV with Alstom in 1999.In India the power generation business has been demerged and transferred to ABB Alstom PowerIndia Ltd. with effect from 1st April 1999. In consideration of the transfer of the power business, eachshareholder of ABB has been allotted one share in ABB Alstom Power India Ltd. for every share heldin the company.Capital:The Authorised Share Capital of the Company is Rs.500,000,000 divided into 212,500,000 EquityShares of Rs.2/- each and 750,000 – 11% Redeemable 10 years, Cumulative Preference Shares ofRs.100/- each.Effective July 2007, the Issued, Subscribed and Paid-up share capital of the Company, isRs.423,816,750/-, consisting of 211,908,375 Equity Shares of the face value of Rs.2/- each.
  2. 2. Where to find usABB works with its customers in these countries to engineer and install facilities and plants thatenhance efficiency and productivity, and to provide them with comprehensive market and productsupport services as well as creative financing and risk management.Click on the relevant region/country to find a list of ABB offices in the respective countries.Please note that this section is mainly for visitors to our sites. For sales, service and emergencies,please look for the relevant product, solution, system or service in theProducts & services section.There you can find the specific contact for your country.RegionsAmericasEuropeMiddle East and AfricaAsia and OceaniaABBs presence in IndiaThis section gives an overview of ABBs presence in India
  3. 3. ABB India Contact centerCall: (Toll free number) 1800 420 0707E-mail us: Contact center establishes a coordinated capability for handling enquiries from customers,business partners, as well as ABB internally. We can be reached through the toll free number or emailif you have product or service related inquiries. With a unified image and integrated communicationchannel, we hope to provide you with convenient and more efficient services. The Contact center isbased at and operated from ABB Global Industries and Services Ltd. office at Bhoruka Tech Park,Whitefield, Bangalore.Corporate management teamManaging Director Bazmi R. HusainChief financial officer Amlan Datta MajumdarLegal and compliance Stefan BackstromHuman resources Raja RadhakrishnanCommunication and investor relations Vikram V KanthCompany secretary B GururajPower systems N VenuPower products Pitamber ShivnaniDiscrete automation and motion R NarayananProcess automation Priteesh MahajanLow voltage products Tommy AndreassonCountry service manager & Global engineering and Madhav Vemuriservices
  4. 4. Country operations manager Tajinder VohraChief technology officer TBAStrategyABB is a global leader in power and automation technologies that enable utility and industrycustomers to improve performance while lowering environmental impact. With about 145,000employees we are close to customers in around 100 countries.With our technology leadership, global presence, application knowledge and local expertise,we offer products, systems, solutions and services that allow our customers to improve theiroperations – whether they need to increase the reliability of a power grid or raise productivityin a factory.Focusing on our core strengths in power and automation technologies, we strive for organicprofitable growth. Our global manufacturing base ensures consistent top-quality products andsystems – made in ABB – for customers around the world. Our customers have broad andeasy access to ABB’s offerings - whether they buy from us directly or through distributors,wholesalers, system integrators or other partners.Our people work together seamlessly to deliver benefits for our customers. Our way of doingbusiness i Mission and visionABBs mission Improve performance: ABB helps customers improve their operating performance, grid reliability and productivity whilst saving energy and lowering environmental impact. Drive innovation: Innovation and quality are key characteristics of our product, systems and service offering. Attract talent: ABB is committed to attracting and retaining dedicated and skilled people and offering employees an attractive, global work environment. Act responsibly: Sustainability, lowering environmental impact and business ethics are at the core of our market offering and our own operations.ABBs visionAs one of the world’s leading engineering companies, we help our customers to use electrical powerefficiently, to increase industrial productivity and to lower environmental impact in a sustainableway. Power and productivity for a better worlds values-based, leadership-driven and performance-oriented.Group structure
  5. 5. Group structure, management, functionsBoard of directorsExecutive committeeGroup functionsDivision managersRegion managersGroup reportsThe ABB Group annual report consists of one volume containing the corporate governance report,remuneration report and financial review.You can download PDF versions of these documents by clicking on the links in the table below.Click on the following link to order a printed copy of the annual report. Reports PDF available in: Interactive version:Annual report 2011 English version openSummary report in German (pdf, 2.9 German version not availableMB)Summary report in Swedish (pdf, Swedish version not available3.3 MB) Sustainability 2011 PDF available in: Interactive version:ABB Group Sustainability English version openPerformance 2011Welcome to the ABB events pageEach year, ABB hosts and/or participates in a broad number of events.These typically include user group meetings, trade fairs, media events, and investor relations events.These activities highlight ABBs business, our products, systems and services, and projects we areinvolved in around the world.Customer eventsTrade exhibitions, user group meetings, product launchesInvestor eventsInvestor relations activities, briefings for financial analysts and investors about business results andkey issuesMedia eventsMedia tours, press conferences
  6. 6. Our businessesABB ( is a leader in power and automation technologies that enable utility and industrycustomers to improve performance while lowering environmental impact. The ABB Group ofcompanies operates in around 100 countries and employs about 145,000 people.Power ProductsThe division primarily serves electric utilities, as well as gas and water utilities and industrial andcommercial customers, with a wide range of products and services to facilitate power generation,transmission and distribution. Key technologies include high- and medium-voltage switchgear, circuitbreakers for a range of current ratings and voltage levels, power, distribution, traction and otherspecial transformers, as well as products to help transmit and distribute electricity efficiently andreliably, maintain power quality as well as control and manage electrical networks.Power SystemsThe division delivers solutions across the power value chain. This includes system solutions for powergeneration, transmission technologies like HVDC and FACTS, substations and distributiontechnologies for network management. The scope of a typical turnkey project includes design, systemengineering, supply, installation, commissioning and testing. We integrate products from our ownPower Products division and external suppliers, adding value through domain expertise, engineering,project management and life cycle support services.Discrete Automation and MotionThis division provides products, solutions and related services that increase industrial productivity andenergy efficiency. Its motors, generators, drives, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), powerelectronics and robotics provide power, motion and control for a wide range of automationapplications.The leading position in wind generators and a growing offering in solar complement theindustrial focus, leveraging joint technology, channels and operations platforms.
  7. 7. Low Voltage ProductsThe Low Voltage Products division manufactures low-voltage circuit breakers, switches, controlproducts, wiring accessories, enclosures and cable systems to protect people, installations andelectronic equipment from electrical overload. The division further makes KNX systems that integrateand automate a buildings electrical installations, ventilation systems, and security and datacommunication networks.Process AutomationThe main focus of this ABB business is to provide customers with products and solutions forinstrumentation, automation and optimization of industrial processes. The industries served include oiland gas, power, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, pulp and paper, metals and minerals, marine andturbocharging. Key customer benefits include improved asset productivity and energy savings.Our cultureGood leaders are characterized by competence, ambition and integrityAll three ensure that we create value by fulfilling our commitments to our customers, our employeesand the communities and societies in which we operate, acting in accordance with sound corporatevalues.Our philosophyBusiness principlesCorporate governanceIntegritySustainabilityBusiness principlesTo build value, performance and leadership into ABB, responsibility, respect and determination arekeyAssuming responsibility, and acting with respect and determination makes it possible to nurture ABB’straditional strengths – our technology leadership, our pioneering spirit and our ability to be at homeeverywhere. That is our legacy, and our future.The key to success lies in how well all of us understand and apply the business principles –demonstrating personal, professional and corporate responsibility, showing respect for the views andneeds of others and applying our shared determination to win.CommitmentCorporate governance
  8. 8. ABBs corporate governance is described in full in the corporate governance section of the ABBGroup annual report 2011.The information in the report describes ABB at December 31, 2011, except as otherwise stated. Aprinted copy of the annual report can be ordered by filling in and submitting the order form availableon the Order ABB Group reports page.The list below contains links to additional information concerning the corporate governance of ABB. PDF (File Links to documents: Size):Articles of Incorporation (English, German, Swedish, French) 260 kBABB Ltd Board Regulations & Corporate Governance Guidelines 115 kB- Regulations of the Governance, Nomination and Compensation Committee- Regulations of the Finance, Audit and Compliance Committee- Related Party Transaction PolicyABB Code of Conduct 3360 kBAddendum to the ABB Code of Conduct for Members of the Board of Directors and the 11 kBExecutive CommitteeABB Integrity Program 1000 kBComparison of ABBs corporate governance practices to the New York Stock Exchange rules 19 kBWelcome to Sustainability at ABBFor ABB, sustainability is about balancing economic success, environmental stewardship and socialprogress to benefit all our stakeholders.Sustainability considerations cover how we design and manufacture products, what we offercustomers, how we engage suppliers, how we assess risks and opportunities, and how we behave inthe communities where we operate and towards one another, while striving to ensure the health,safety and security of our employees, contractors and others affected by our activities.Sustainability PrioritiesEnvironmentPolicy and performance, covering sites, products and suppliers.Corporate ResponsibilityPolicies and performance covering human rights, community engagement and the supply chain.Occupational health and safetyPolicy and performance, covering employees and contractors worldwide.Security and Crisis ManagementPolicies and programs to safeguard employees and assets worldwide.
  9. 9. Integrity must be embedded in our company DNARead about ABBs commitmentCommitmentWe are committed to a highstandard of integrity which isexpected of every employee and inevery country where we dobusiness.LeadershipABBs integrity leadershipIntegrity at ABB benefits from a broad based leadership that comprises managers, employees andspecialists throughout the company.
  10. 10. More on integrity leadershipCommunicationKey messages for employeesIntegrity is about taking personal responsibility and cannot be delegated to someone else.Read key messagesOur teamGlobal resourcesThe integrity program is supported by a team of over 330 people at ABB headquarters and around theworld. Our global resourcesWith hard work and a clear commitment from ABB‟s top management at headquarters and across ourregions and divisions, ABB has seen the positive impact that a robust compliance and integrityprogram and a strong culture of integrity can have on the long-term success and sustainability of ourcompany. Integrity is a top priority at ABBIntegrity is a top priority at ABB. We have developed and implemented a systematic approachdesigned to prevent, detect and resolve any potential integrity concerns. This is supported by toolsand processes and a zero tolerance policy for any violations. Our integrity program has created an
  11. 11. environment where all of our employees can be open about identifying risks, asking questions, andraising concerns.StandardsOur fundamentals: prevent, detect and resolveReporting channelsDetecting integrity concernsABB reporting channelsABB Business Ethics HotlineCode of ConductCode of Conduct
  12. 12. The ABB Code of Conduct is theframework that explains thebehavior ABB expects of everyemployee and stakeholder aroundthe world. It is based on ABBsbusiness principles: responsibility,respect and determination.Responsibility, respect, and determinationABB employees and stakeholders apply these business principles to their work and actions on a dailybasis. Our principles are about providing our customers affordable products and services withoutcompromising on quality or reliability. But they are also about doing the right thing more generally –following the law, acting honorably and treating each other with respect.The ABB Code of Conduct provides a framework for employees and stakeholders to put businessprinciples into practice with utmost integrity. It is the foundation so that everything we do in connectionto our work at ABB should be, and will be, measured against the highest possible standards of ethicsand integrity.Unconditional commitmentWe relentlessly set our standards higher for practical as well as ambitious reasons: our unconditionalcommitment to integrity helps us hire the best people, who develop and provide great products and
  13. 13. services, which in turn attracts loyal customers and business partners. Trust and mutual respectamong ABB employees and stakeholders is the core of our success, and they must be earned on adaily basis.Employees are expected to read the ABB Code of Conduct and use it in their day-to-day work, alwayskeeping in mind that they each have a personal responsibility to incorporate the principles – andencourage others to incorporate the principles – into their actions. It is available in more than 40languages to assure its accessibility to everyone at ABB.Employees who have questions or concerns, or who think that one of their colleagues may be fallingshort of our commitment to the ABB Code of Conduct and to working with utmost integrity, areexpected to speak up.Who has to follow the ABB Code of Conduct?We expect all of our employees to read, acknowledge, and follow the ABB Code of Conduct. Failureto do so will result in disciplinary action, and may lead to termination of employment with ABB.Additionally, we expect ABB third parties, consultants, contractors, and anyone assigned to providetemporary work or services for ABB, to follow the ABB Code of Conduct in connection to their work forour company. Failure to do so may result in termination of their relationship with ABB.Does ABB have a Supplier Code of Conduct?It is imperative to ABB that our suppliers, who we regard as our “extended enterprise,” conductbusiness respectfully and with a high standard of integrity, in line with the ABB business principles.As such, the ABB Supplier Code of Conduct is integrated into our day-to-day operations and is afundamental part of our Supplier Qualification, Development and Evaluation Requirements.Introduction to ABB Supplier Code of ConductOur business principles: responsibility, respect, anddeterminationTraining and communications
  14. 14. ABB trains every employee at every location around theworldFace-to-face trainingAn interactive and dynamic approach to personalaccountability and responsible leadership forevery employeeFace-to-face training
  15. 15. Face-to-face training sessionsallow for real-time interaction anddiscussions of difficult issues,allowing every employee time toreceive additional guidance asneeded.An inclusive, two-way approach to personal accountability and responsibility forevery employeeFace-to-face training is required for all of our employees worldwide on the ABB Code of Conduct andanti-bribery. ABB stands by the fact that face-to-face training has the highest impact and the companymakes every effort to commit time and resources to educate and empower our employees.Additional face-to-face training courses are tailored to different audiences at higher risk. Selectedintegrity topics such as antitrust and integrity leadership are provided to employees in appropriatepositions and functions.Face-to-face training sessions create constructive dialogue through the business and provide time foremployees to work through and learn from real examples within ABB. The sessions allow for real-timeinteraction and discussions of difficult issues, allowing every employee time to receive additionalguidance as needed.Read more
  16. 16. E-learningE-learningHighly engaging and interactive e-learning is available to over100,000 employees around theworld, ensuring education deliverythrough computer tracking andcertification.
  17. 17. E-learning courses allow learners to take training according to their scheduleE-learning courses on the ABB Code of Conduct and anti-bribery are also required for all emailaccount holders worldwide (over 100,000 employees) with completion tracked and certified.The latest mandatory e-learning module on FCPA and anti-bribery is available in 32 languages. Oure-learning is tailored to terms used as part of ABB‟s business. Targeted courses are mandatory foremployees with responsibilities in specific risk areas including integrity leadership, antitrust, andexport credit agencies.Our e-learning courses are highly engaging and interactive, allowing all e-learners to take trainingaccording to their own schedule. It allows employees the opportunity to think about and digestimportant information at their own pace.Available to more than 100,000 employees worldwide, completion istracked and certifiedRead moreCommunication activitiesCommunication activities
  18. 18. Regular and wide-rangingcommunications activities ensurethat employees in every locationare fully aware of ABB‟scommitment to integrity and of theconsequences of unethical action.Raising awareness and visibility of integrity throughout ABBTo support integrity training, a range of communications has been designed to raise the awarenessand visibility of integrity in every physical location.Regular integrity communications are posted every ten to fourteen days on the ABB intranet such as:Cases of consequenceActing with integrityWhat should I doIntegrity videos with messages from leadershipCases of consequenceThe “Cases of Consequence” stories report real breaches of ABB‟s Code of Conduct by employees,and explains how they were discovered and dealt with.A story published in March 2012, for example, explained how a group of employees had submittedfraudulent entertainment and expenses claims by splitting bills into small amounts that didn‟t requirespecial approval. The contracts of all employees concerned were terminated.Other articles present dilemmas that frequently occur in the course of business and explain how bestto address them. The dilemmas are presented in the form of questions that employees might ask,such as:“One of our customers recently offered me 2 tickets for the Olympics in London and I have acceptedthem. Now, I am afraid that I will contravene ABBs Code of Conduct. I do not want to disappoint thecustomer as he has clearly spent a lot of money on them. What should I do?”Posters, brochures and wallet cards
  19. 19. Several Business Ethics Hotline poster campaigns have been rolled out in all locations around theworld to encourage reporting and to raise awareness of specific areas of risk. This is particularlyuseful for spreading the integrity message to factory workers who don‟t have access to the Intranet.Constant integrity messages and visuals throughout the company reinforce a strong culture ofintegrity.In addition, display stands and integrity boards at a number of traffic points promote the BusinessEthics Hotline. ABB Code of Conduct booklets, integrity informational brochures, and wallet cards aremade available for employees to take with them.Regular integrity communications raise awareness about specific areas ofintegrity and encourage reportingRead moreCommunity Engagement Community Engagement
  20. 20. "Trust is built through transparencyand honesty. To be successful, wemust build each stakeholders trustthrough the integrity of our wordsand our actions."–Hanna Altman, Chief Integrity OfficerABB supports international efforts to embed integrity into the conduct of business sectors. Whilegovernment initiatives are vital to continued progress against corruption, the private sector has animportant role to play. ABB contributes to the following organisations and initiatives related to integrity:World Economic Forums PACIABB is a signatory to the World Economic Forum‟s “Partnering Against Corruption Initiative” (PACI),signed by more than 100 companies committed to strengthening efforts to counter corruption andbribery. PACI offers a risk mitigation platform to help companies to design and implement effectivepolicies and systems to prevent, detect and address corruption; benchmark internal practices againstglobal best practice through peer exchange and learning; and to level the playing field throughcollective action with other companies, governments and civil societyUnited Nations Global CompactAs a founding member of the United Nations Global Compact, ABB has been closely involved in itsdevelopment. ABB‟s understanding of human rights and day-to-day business benefits frominvolvement in such organizations. ABB participates in collective action initiatives against corruption.In addition, ABB has taken note of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and isusing its recommendations to assess expectations of corporate behaviour.Business Ethics Leadership Alliance (BELA)ABB is a member of organisations such as the Business Ethics Leadership Alliance (BELA), acommunity that connects senior compliance practitioners with industry thought leaders and providesthe comprehensive tools and resources needed to advance the dialogue and raise the bar for bestpractices.
  21. 21. TRAC LeadershipABB is a Lead Supporter of TRAC, the first global platform that captures, assess and shares baselinedue diligence information on organizations and individuals across the supply chain. With a universalID number (TRAC Number) assigned to all approved applicants, this secure, web-based tool createsa new standard for base level due diligence benefitting both buyers and sellers. TRAC is a toolprovided by TRACE International, Inc., a non-profit membership association that pools resources andcost-effective anti-bribery compliance solutions for multinational companies and their commercialintermediaries (sales agents and representatives, distributors, suppliers, etc.).Sustainability ManagementABB subscribes to externally developed charters and principles for sustainability management.Applying such principles is helping ABB to make progress in core areas. Additionally, ABB has a longlist of principal memberships and associations involving sustainability.Working groups and conferencesABB also regularly engages in working groups to help eradicate corruption by cooperating with globalcompanies across industries such as in-country Transparency International round table discussionsand G20 anti-corruption working group conferences.Working with the international community to fight corruption around theworldRead more
  22. 22. FAQFrequently Asked QuestionsTrainingTraining for engineers, operators, programmers, maintenance personnel about products, systems,processes and technologyOur offeringABB UniversityWelcome to ABB University IndiaABB University offers comprehensive training portfolio. Our training programs for engineers,programmers, maintenance and operations personnel provide up-to-date technical expertise forexisting and new products, processes, and technology advances.We offer training on-site at ABB training facilities, locally at your plant site, or on-line. ABB Universitycan help increase your workforces skill levels and knowledge with training assessment programsincluding competence development, custom courseware and coaching services.Training CentersBangalore (Peenya)Training Centre offers training on Substation Automation System, Power Generation (Control &Instrumentation), Low Voltage Drives, Medium Voltage Drives, PLC (Control & Automation), Motors &
  23. 23. Generators, Robotics, Distributed Control System, Measurement Products, Turbochargers andProcess Automation Control.Bangalore (Nelamangala)Training Centre offers training on Low Voltage switchgear & Systems, Medium Voltage Drives andPower Electronics (High power rectifiers, Generator excitation control, Aux & Propulsion drives forTraction)Bangalore (Rajaji Nagar)Training Centre offers training on Measurement Products, Process Automation and ProcessAutomation – Productivity & optimization suites.Bangalore (Bhoruka Tech Park)Training Centre offers training on process control systems (Basic level) consisting of System 800XA,Advant AC 450 and FreelanceVadodaraTraining Centre offers training for High Voltage Products, Power and distribution Transformers, HVMotors & Generators, Distribution Automation Products, Turbochargers and Medium Voltage ProductsNashikTraining Centre offers training for Medium Voltage Products.MumbaiTraining center offers training on Utility Communication and HV Motors & Generators.
  24. 24. FaridabadTraining Centre offers training on Measurement Products and Motors & Generator.Search course offeringsStudent LoginReview your personal course schedule.Upcoming coursesSelect product group / industry to find info on classes scheduled and register on-lineLearning PathsReveals the learning paths for product lines and job function.Learning PathsClick on a product link below to reveal the global learning paths for a specific ABB product line andjob function (Operation, Maintenance, Engineering, General).Our Learning Paths illustrate the sequence that our courses should be taken to learn how to performgeneral, operation, maintenance, or engineering functions on specific ABB products or systems. Clickon any block in the course flow diagram to reveal the course description for that course.Advant OCS with Master SWAdvant OCS with MOD 300 SWAir circuit breakers for new hired sales engineersCompact Products 800Extended Automation System 800xAFreelanceIndustrial drivesMoulded case circuit breakers for new hired sales engineersQCSStandard drivesSymphony DCI System SixSymphony Harmony INFI 90View local learning pathsCourse locatorSearch for ABB product and system courses along with course descriptions.Download CenterContains a wide range of product and service material for download
  25. 25. ProductsControl SystemsForce MeasurementLow Voltage Products and SystemsMedium Voltage Products and SystemsMotors and GeneratorsRoboticsDrives, inverters and convertersHigh Voltage ProductsMeasurement ProductsMetallurgy ProductsPower ElectronicsTransformersIndustries and utilitiesCement, Minerals & MiningCrane SystemsMarine SolutionsPower GenerationPulp & Paper SolutionsChemical SolutionsLife Sciences SolutionsOil and GasPrintingSubstationsTechnical Training Course, Webinar and LunchtimeForum Schedule 2012Training courses provide in-depth knowledge on key subjects as part of an engineer’s professionaldevelopment.Webinars are focused on industry ‘Hot Topics’ and are accessed over the web.Lunchtime technical forums will provide an update on key industry topics and share best practice.August 201214 Process Safety Leadership Internet Webinar21 Introduction to IEC61511/ISA84 SIL Determination Internet Webinar and Achievement28 PSPI - What it Really is and Key Elements to Internet Webinar Compliance
  26. 26. September 201211 Technical Due Diligence Internet Webinar18 Process Safety Leadership Internet Webinar25 PSPI: What it Really is and Key Elements to Internet Webinar ComplianceOctober 20121-4 SIL Determination and Hazard Assessment Houston, Texas Training Course2 Alarm Management: The Human Factors Challenge Internet Webinar9 Alarm Management: The Human Factors Challenge Internet Webinar15 - 19 [PHA and PSSR Leaders Course Houston, Texas Training Course23 Technical Due Diligence Internet Webinar25 PSPI: What it Really is and Key Elements to Internet Webinar Compliance30 Relief Stream Health Checks Internet WebinarNovember 20126 Relief Stream Health Checks Internet WebinarTechnical Training Course Programme 2012Training courses provide in-depth knowledge on key subjects as part of an engineer’s professionaldevelopment.September 201211th - 12th Essentials of Pressure Systems Edinburgh, Marriott Hotel Training Course13th Human Factors Incident Investigation Edinburgh, Apex City Hotel Training Course18th - 20th Pressure Relief York, Marriott Hotel Training Course19th SIL Awareness Training for Control / Electrical Hull, The Deep Training Course Technicians19th PEL Grimsby, CATCH Centre Briefing26th An Engineers Guide to DSEAR Edinburgh, Radisson Blu Training Course
  27. 27. Hotel26th - 27th Project Management in the Process Industries Manchester, Worsley Park Training Course Marriott HotelOctober 20122nd - 4th Alarm Management Edinburgh, Apex International Training Course Hotel8th - 11th Pressure Relief Singapore Training Course8th - 12th Hazard Study Leaders Manchester, V&A Marriott Training Course Hotel9th PEL Physical Properties Masterclass Teesside, ABB Offices Training Course10th Mechanical Legislation Awareness Training Manchester Airport, Marriott Training Course Hotel10th PEL Open Training Masterclass Teesside, ABB Offices Training Course15th - 18th Pressure Relief Kuala Lumpur Training Course16th - 17th Area Classification Manchester, V&A Marriott Training Course Hotel16th - 18th Alarm Management Cork, Clarion Hotel Training Course16th - 18th Pressure Relief Cork, Clarion Hotel Training Course17th Hazard Study Awareness Grimsby, CATCH Centre Training Course18th Reliability Masterclass York, Marriott Hotel Training Course23rd - 24th Design and Operation of Piping Systems York, Marriott Hotel Training Course24th - 25th Achieved SIL Aberdeen, Marriott Hotel Training Course24th PEL Grangemouth, Inchyra Grange Briefing HotelNovember 20126th PEL Physical Properties Masterclass Daresbury, ABB Offices Training Course6th - 8th Pressure Relief Edinburgh, Radisson Blu Training Course Hotel7th An introduction to PEL Daresbury, ABB Offices Masterclass14th - 15th Maintenance and Reliability Improvement Manchester Airport, Marriott Training Course Hotel19th - 23rd SIL Determination and Hazard Assessment Edinburgh, Marriott Hotel Training Course20th - 21st Risk Based Inspection Teesside, Harwick Hall Training Course Hotel21st Process Safety Management (PSM) Leadership Aberdeen, Marriott Hotel Training Course28th Electrostatic ignition hazards - assessment and Daresbury, ABB Offices Training Course control28th - 29th Managing Deterioration of Plant Equipment Edinburgh, Marriott Hotel Training Course
  28. 28. 28th - 29th IEC 61508 / 61511 SIL Determination Frodsham, Forest Hills Hotel Training CourseDecember 20123rd - 7th Process Safety Management (PSM) Best Practice Edinburgh Training Course11th - 13th Human Factors in the Workplace York, Marriott Hotel Training Course13th ATEX / DSEAR for Mechanical Technicians Daresbury, ABB Offices Training Course Human Factors Incident InvestigationThis training course will equip delegates with a toolkit to enable them to carry out incidentinvestigations using real case studies from the process industries. The course focuses on humanerror as a cause of incidents, how human factors can be addressed during incident investigation andthe cause tree analysis technique.What the course will cover:Session 1 - Incident CausationThe benefits of good incident investigation are reviewed and the domino theory of incidentinvestigation is explained as the basis for structured cause analysis.Session 2 - Human Error and Incident InvestigationThe SRK human error model is developed from practical process industry examples and then anexercise is used to test understanding and consider the difficulties of addressing human error using areal process incident. This is followed by consideration of the way that corrective actions can bedeveloped according to the types of errors that are encountered.Session 3 - The Incident Investigation ProcessThe basic investigation process - from evidence collection to corrective action development - isreviewed, including good practice for evidence collection and witness interviews.
  29. 29. Session 4 - Cause Tree AnalysisThe technique of cause tree analysis is explained and a number of real examples, of increasingcomplexity, are reviewed to point out the key facets and good practice.Session 5 - Cause Tree Analysis ExerciseA syndicate exercise, based on a real incident, is used to enable delegates to work in teamsconstructing a cause tree. A significant amount of time is allocated to enable delegates to explore thechallenges of using the technique. Learning from delegates‟ experiences is then shared.WhenThursday, 13 September, 20129:00 AM - 4:15 PMWhereApex City Hotel61 GrassmarketEdinburgh EH1 2JF +44 (0)131 243 3456 Human Factors in the WorkplaceMost process industry companies acknowledge their workforce as their most important asset. Human„assets‟ are both flexible and adaptable, making them unique and valuable in a variety of situations.Unfortunately the very attributes that make people valuable to the production organisation leavesthem prone to error, which itself leads to the potential for safety incidents and unplannedoutage.Managing and reducing human error potential brings benefits to both safety performance andefficiency, reducing both incidents and outages.The practical application of human factors principles (sometimes known as ergonomics) is a currentindustry „hot topic‟, with increased attention being shown in the subject by production management,safety professionals, insurance inspectors / assessors and national regulators.Why ABBABB Consulting has a heritage of providing world class process safety and operational improvementsolutions to the process industry. Over 30 years of operating experience ensures that our solutionsand training packages are grounded in a practical and realistic approach that our customersappreciate. Our human factors training courses are prepared and presented by experiencedpracticising human factors consultants.
  30. 30. What the course will coverThe course runs for three days; day one is an introduction to human factors in the workplace; day twocovers tangible measures to assess and improve human performance in operations, with day threebringing in human factors in design.The course utilises case studies from the process industries and from other industries such asnuclear, aerospace, and transport in order to illustrate key points and learning from the widestpossible experience base. Learning will be reinforced with group and individual exercises building onthe course materials presented.Alternative Dates27th - 29th March, Marriott V&A Hotel, Manchester19th - 21st June, Marriott Hotel, EdinburghWhenTuesday, 11 December, 2012 - Thursday, 13 December, 20129:00 AM - 4:30 PM