Transition Update


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July 2009 SAILOR Database Transition Update for Western Maryland Public Library Staff.

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Transition Update

  1. 1. Welcome ! – Audio Check Perform an Audio Check •Raise your hand to speak Details After you perform your •Press Talk or Hold CTRL audio check, please feel •Check Options > Filters< click Audio Gain free to chat with your Control off classmates. •Check your headset when Audio is tested
  2. 2. J ly 2 0 u 09 Da b s Up a ta ae d te
  3. 3. Le rn gOb c e a in je tiv s • Learners will be able to explain what SAILOR is and what services it provides • Learners will know which databases are now available through SAILOR after the July 1st transition • Learners will become more familiar with the new databases and their search interfaces • Learners will be able to explain this transition to patrons and show them how to access the new databases
  4. 4. A ed gn a Wimba Refresher Recap of SAILOR Transition Gone with the… Transition New Databases Practice Questions?
  5. 5. Let’s Review Our Wimba Tools: The Pointer tool These buttons indicate helps to “claim your real estate on the “Yes” or “No” screen” lets everyone know where someone is about to Click this icon to type. “raise your hand” Click on the big “T” tool to type on the Type your message in the chat box screen. Make sure to and press enter. You can send hit the enter button to message to everyone in the “Main make the text appear. Room” or your can use the drop down box to send to an individual.
  6. 6. It ’ s all about Communication Feel free to chat – use the drop down box to send to “All” or to a specific participant: Raise your hand to talk: Use the Check / X buttons to poll participants:
  7. 7. E-Board • Tool Bar looks similar to Paint programs • Use the “Pointer” tool to mark spot on screen • The “T” tool to type on the screen • Circle tool / Line tool • Beware the “Erase” button, it erases the entire screen
  8. 8. G u dN rm ro n o s – Turn off email, phones, instant messaging tools and clear other distractions away from your training area. – Participate and prepare to be called on by name. – Raise your hand if you have an immediate question or comment. – Be patient waiting for a response to your chat messages. – If you need to leave the program, please send us a chat message and exit to the lobby.
  9. 9. C a E rc e h t xe is Please answer in the chat area: What is SAILOR? What do you know about it? 1 minute exercise
  10. 10. Le sTa ALo k t’ ke o Go to: Take 3 minutes and look around. Find one thing to share with the group.
  11. 11. P aes a w a y ule rn d– le s h re h t o a e G b o r R a E ta ra Y u e l s te There’s a tutorial about SAILOR resources.
  12. 12. G n W th Tra s n o e ith e n itio
  13. 13. N wkid o th b c e s n e lo k
  14. 14. W a A o t… ht b u N v lis o e t? Good news! WMRL purchasing subscription for region – coming soon.
  15. 15. Tra s nS n itio ite Tra s nS n itio ite • G toth tra s ns a dta alo k a u d o e n itio ite n ke o ro n . 3m u s in te
  16. 16. Le sTa aLo k t’ ke o Go to your library system’s homepage or the WMRL site. We’re going to take a closer look at the following databases: • General OneFile • Books and Authors • Kids InfoBits • Student Resource Center Bronze
  17. 17. G leP w rS a h a o e e rc • Publication/subject browse • Individual account profiles • Web 2.0 sharing tools –, Facebook, etc. • Cross-searching of databases • On-demand translation • Enhanced search results – images, videos, podcasts
  18. 18. C s-S a h b Da b s s ro s e rc a le ta ae
  19. 19. S a hR s lts e rc eu
  20. 20. B weP b a n ro s u lic tio s
  21. 21. M Acu t y co n
  22. 22. G n ra On F e e l e ile • “Replacement” for EBSCO MasterFILE Periodicals Database • A one-stop source for news and periodical articles on a wide range of topics. • Millions of full-text articles, many with images. • Updated 5 times daily. • Includes Fodor’s City Guides and other Ready Reference tools • Recently expanded backfile of Time back to 1920’s
  23. 23. P c eE rc e ra tic xe is s • Note homepage features of RSS feeds and featured publication (these can be selected by libraries) • Search for a periodical popular with patrons • Do a generic search and look at the search results – noting publication types (including multimedia), limits, sharing features • Practice changing databases • Look at your Toolbox • Optional: Sign-up for an account and note special features
  24. 24. B o a dA th rs o ks n u o • “Replacement” for Novelist, based on What Do I Read Next Series Practice Exercises: • Explore the homepage • Use the “Browse” Tools – Titles, Genres, Authors, Who?What?Where?When? • Explore special features: Reading Room, Read-A- Like Wizard, Expert Picks • Optional: Sign-up for an account
  25. 25. Kid In B s fo its • “Replacement” for Primary Search, Kids Search • For K-5, features lots of images • 90% of searches done for animals
  26. 26. P c eE rc e ra tic xe is s Go to Kids InfoBits: • Explore the subject categories and narrow down your search • Search for Maryland – click on the different publication types • Click on Teacher Toolbox and note the tools, especially the Judging Information section
  27. 27. Student Resource Center Bronze • Middle School/High School • Vendor Trainer :“A Big Encyclopedia” • Discovery Collection built into SRCB • Includes all of Shakespeare’s plays, including line notes • Biographical content, state reports, country reports
  28. 28. P c eE rc e ra tic xe is s Go to Student Resource Center: • Search for one of Shakespeare’s plays • Note the publication type tabs and the searchable subject headings to the left
  29. 29. S e ia Da b s s p c lty ta ae Take some time to explore the following new resources: • Small Business Resource Center – DIY Marketing, Business Plans, etc. • Gardening, Landscape and Horticulture • Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure • Military and Intelligence Database • Religion and Philosophy Collection
  30. 30. A A H! Lis o eth gy u ll ta ea a fro to a sc s. t n in o ’ k wy m d y’ las
  31. 31. Questions? Comments? Emotional Outbursts?