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 Married woman having_an_affair
 Married woman having_an_affair
 Married woman having_an_affair
 Married woman having_an_affair
 Married woman having_an_affair
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Married woman having_an_affair


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If you're a married woman having an affair there is still hope for you. You can re-build your life and get back what you had even if it's going to be challenging and a hard work ahead of you. …

If you're a married woman having an affair there is still hope for you. You can re-build your life and get back what you had even if it's going to be challenging and a hard work ahead of you.

Find out what lies on the road ahead as you strive to get your marriage back to where it was.

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  • 1. Married Woman Having An Affair – How To Rescue YourMarriageWritten By: Jenny Gill-CooperAre you a married woman having an affair? Or are you a marriedwoman who has had an affair in the past?Who knows how you got to this point but what I do know is that ifyou’re here, you’re looking for help.You obviously want to save your marriage or wouldn’t be lookingfor information to tell you what you should and shouldn’t do as amarried woman having an affair.I don’t know you, I don’t know your background or yourcircumstances, I don’t know the reasons behind the affair you’recurrently involved in, or were involved in.Everyone is different and has different reasons, some feelneglected and overlooked by their husbands and often end upsatisfying their need for acknowledgment and attention withsomeone else who freely gives it. Some are lonely, some feelmore of a connection with their lover than they do with their
  • 2. husband and some are just aching for some excitement in theirlives while some married women are just genuinely unhappy.If you are at this time a married woman having an affair or are amarried woman who’s had an affair in the past then you know thatsooner or later you will have to deal with the aftermath of youractions. You know that if you want to fix the relationship with yourhusband, you’re up against your share of challenges. • Forgiveness... • Your husband’s anger... • Guilt... • Your husband wanting a divorce... • Rebuilding the trust after being dishonest... • Talking about the affair with your husband...Being the person who engaged in the affair you know that thereare many negative thoughts and feelings that you have to copewith.Step 1: Facing Emotional TrialsOnce the affair has been exposed, there are seven emotions thatyou will experience: 1. Guilt
  • 3. 2. Shame 3. Fear 4. Anger 5. Hopelessness 6. Condemnation 7. LonelinessManaging self-guilt, learning how to forgive yourself and copingwith loneliness are very important parts of the healing processboth for yourself and for your husband.Bottom line, if you want to save your marriage, you need to endthe affair. It will be difficult because it’s the initial rush ofexperiencing new feelings for another person that makes it all themore exciting.But let me tell you this, every relationship at the beginning isexciting, because you’re just both starting to discover each otherand you don’t see their flaws or imperfections yet. It’s like beingaddicted to drugs with the drug being the other person you’reseeing.Similarly, the affair gave you wonderful feelings at some point;thats why you got involved with it in the first place. Likewise, the
  • 4. prospects of giving up the affair are similar to those of giving up adrug. Youre going to feel all the feelings you were trying to avoidby engaging in the affair.If you had the affair for a long time, you could be quite attached tothe other person and you may not want to end the relationship,similar to the way an addict doesnt “want” to give up their drug ofchoice.But, if you truly want to rebuild your relationship, there is no otherway but to completely and unwaveringly end all communicationwith your lover.If you want to save your marriage, it’s going to take work but it ispossible and it’s also possible to fortify it and to make it evenstronger than before.Think of it this way, if you can identify what was lacking in your lifeto have the affair in the first place then you are armed with thesteps you need to prevent it from happening again in the future.When you see things differently and are awoken to the fact thatthe affair was a long time in the making then you’ll both be better
  • 5. off to strengthen and preserve your marriage for the long haul,recognizing the danger signs long before you hit the curb.To get help with your marriage with the utmost discretion and by aprofessional with over 35 years of experience and a solid trackrecord of helping thousands of struggling couples to save theirmarriages, go here: Save my marriage today