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    Presentation sculptural constructions2012 Presentation sculptural constructions2012 Presentation Transcript

    • EQUILIBRIUM Caroline Cary
    • The model for EQUILIBRIUM is a proposal for a project to bebuilt on a large scale, either in its entirety or in selected sections.The free standing sculptures, within the scheme, can beconstructed as separate pieces in their own right.EQUILIBRIUM is a sculptural construction for a park-like space inwhich to wander, or dream, or meditate……
    • Equilibrium.Dimensions.Full Size Construction:Height: 6 metres at the heighest point.Average height 3 meters.Over an area of 26.5 metres x 10.5 metresMATERIALS.Stained glass paint on Perspex panels in oxidised SteelConstruction.Model at 1:24 scale.By Caroline Cary and Desmond Crowe.
    • EQUILIBRIUM. (General lay out).
    • EQUILIBRIUM. Side view.
    • EQUILIBRIUM. Central Tower.
    • Equilibrium. Painted panel.
    • EQUILIBRIUM. Central tower with freestanding sculpture.
    • EQUILIBRIUM. Sculpture.
    • EQUILIBRIUM. Central Tower and various panels.
    • EQUILIBRIUM. Sculpture and painted panels.
    • EQUILIBRIUM. Close up sculpture.
    • EQUILIBRIUM. Moon Gate.
    • EQUILIBRIUM. Moon Gate close up.
    • EQUILIBRIUM. Close up interior.
    • EQUILIBRIUM.Interior View
    • EQUILIBRIUM. Painted panel.
    • EQUILIBRIUM. Painted Panel.
    • TO A TIME PAST Caroline Cary
    • The model for TO A TIME PAST is a proposal for a sculpture to be builton a large scale in Montenegro.TO A TIME PAST evokes the power of memory in the creation ofpersonal myth and icon.
    • Dimensions:Full size construction: 3 metres x 2 metres on a polishedconcrete base of 4 metres in diameter.Materials:Stained glass paint on Perspex panels in an oxidised steelconstruction.Model@ 1:24 scale by Caroline Cary and Desmond Crowe.
    • EL MAR, LA MAR Caroline Cary
    • The model for EL MAR, LA MAR, is a proposal for a piece ofsculpture in homage to the Spanish poet Antonio Machadowhose poetry was so frequently concerned with the sea as ametaphor for existence.EL MAR, LA MAR is envisaged as standing in the new MarbellaMarina as a symbol of the cultural riches of Andalucia.
    • EL MAR, LA MARDimensions.2.9 meters high x 3.6 meters x 1.8 meters on a marbleplynth 4 meters square.Materials.Stained glass paint on Perspex panels in an oxidised steelconstruction.Model @ 1:24 scale by Caroline Cary and Desmond Crowe.
    • EL MAR, LA MAR
    • EL MAR, LA MAR
    • EL MAR, LA MAR
    • EL MAR, LA MAR
    • EL MAR, LA MAR
    • THOLOSCaroline Cary
    • The model for THOLOS is a proposal for the Santorini Biennale.THOLOS is an evocation of the archaic and Delphic Treasuries ofancient Greece, and for our days become a treasure house ofmemories.
    • THOLOSDimensions.Full size construction.4.2 meters high, in an octagon ofapproximately 9 meters wide on a polished black base.Materials.Stained glass paint on Perspex panels in an oxidised steelconstruction.Model @ 1:24 scale by Caroline Cary and Desmond Crowe .
    • THOLOS.From above.
    • THOLOS. Side view.
    • THOLOS. Entrance.
    • THOLOS. Interior from above.
    • THOLOS. From above.Interior.
    • THOLOS. Side view.
    • THOLOS. Painted panel interior.
    • CAROLINE CARY. Short C.V.Caroline Cary has been showing her work professionally since the 1970´s inboth group and solo shows. She has shown in New York, LosAngeles, Paris, Nairobi, London, including, the Jonathon Poole Gallery, SueRankin Gallery, Austin Desmond Gallery(Devon), Christopher HullGallery, Gordon Hepworth Gallery, The New Grafton Gallery, The PiersFeetham Gallery to name but a few. In Spain she has shown in GranCapitán, Granada, (English Artists of the 20th Century working in Spain) andin various other venues including Houses of Art, Marbella.She has been represented at most London Art Fairs, The Art FairIslington, Chelsea Art Fair , Art on Paper at the Royal College, The AffordableArt Fare and Art London.Her most recent London show was in collaboration with Jim Webb and hislaser lights at Studio 106 Art Gallery in London.(February 2012).PRIZES1994. Winner of the Palette Prize for Mixed Media in The Art Show. London.2001. Winner of Vital Arts Acquisition Prize for Painting for the permanentCollection of The Royal London Hospital, Whitechapel, London.
    • Caroline Cary. Artist’s Statement. I live and work between Granada, Spain and Vanguard Court. Camberwell,London having a Studio in both places.I work with all sorts of different media, including painting on Perspex bothsides, which has led to a collaboration with Jim Webb, a laser performer andalso into making sculptural constructions, combining paintings on Perspexwith sheets of oxidised steel.The panels of Perspex are painted on both sides which adds literal depth, verypainterly on one side, smooth and transparent on the other however what isalso interesting, is they present an entirely different aspect depending onhow they are lit. Put together in a sculptural construction, you get acombination of forms, colours, reflections and projections changing as thelighting affects them.My work has evolved out of years of painting landscapes and figures. It drawson a vast mental archive of images and the intense excitement engendered bysuch experience.continued
    • Although figuration is the starting point for my work, it is not theprimary concern. I am interested in space both literally and pictoriallyand the arrangement of forms therein. I like the tension between whatcan be read as figuration but is abstract and figuration that depends onAbstract values to work. My personal aim is to make paintings that resonate through their useof colour and their formal qualities, opening that space in the brainwhich leads to a heightened awareness of the visual world.It has been said that Art aspires to the condition of music. I aminterested in the primacy of sight and how equally music can bedescribed in terms of colour.Caroline Cary.