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Launching a product


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  • Launching a product – Entrance VoIS Mobile is what I am presenting on today
  • So what a Product Launch definition? This was taken by Business
  • Talk about the slides we are presenting on
  • Internal communications about the actual product and the launch there of. How do we communicate the product and the launch internally? We ran certain imcentives to sales like a free phone for GSM deal sold and R8000.00 cash for FMC deal clsoed.
  • So we have got this cool product now how do we get people interested in it? Free calls, build a community, bring calls onnet away from them gsm providers
  • Top 500 companies – where the money is low hanging fruit High density areasThe “corridor worrier” like Ari Gold Onboard the Execs as wellUsers making lots of calls to one another in building
  • As Justin says this was when he was 20kgs lighter  Preparation “Be ready when opportunity comes … Luck is the time when preparation and opportunity meet”– how we market the product, the actual application what we want it to look and feel like the back infra and the network all in 26 months we managed to take an idea and really bring it to life. Preparation is very key to a product launch its abpur ticking all the boxes
  • What is the look and feel of the productRoad map
  • Creating the Hype – The slogan to get people thinking “ OnNet is the new Pink” get people thinking what is this and I have to be there
  • Finding the venue, choosing the décor and drinks. Product collateral packs, name badges just incase you forget your name. Gift bags as a little thank you for attending our launch
  • Testing the microphones and screen, ensure the layout of the room is set up correctly. Testing the application to ensure demos will work as smooth as possible. Presenter reviewing and going through the presentation.
  • The actual event taking place, everyone seated and ready to have their minds blown away. Interesting facts and what and how the product works is explained during the presentation
  • Launched FMC with NM in CTN on 12 May 2010. Had about 30 clients attend and have had some great traction on both FMC and GSM Side… Number 1 meaning our product is number 1 
  • Jhb launch took place on 10 June 2010 roughly about 40 Clients attended. Some demo’s were held and technical discussions. Positive feedback was well receieved
  • Get them a little intoxicated!!! Keep the interest through out the launch presentation by making controversial statements in the beginning, middle and end of with a power statement.2 x journalists one tweeting and the other updating on the interwebs
  • Dbn – 29 July 2010 and PE around Aug
  • The team out to celebrate a long awaited launch of FMC….. Dinner and drinks…. Some live singing and dancing were held at The Rocket in Rivonia … everyone had a blast. Its key to celebrate these things as
  • Right so party is over now back to reality and doing some “Super Star” selling and perusing leads. Sales to be our super star sellers, bringing in revenue for the business also giving those super star sales people incentives and ensuring signed POC’s and contracts.
  • So through cycle of long hard work and dedication we finally have brought a product to the SA market that can save them costs and increase productivity…. All couldn’t be achieved with out the team behind us!!!!
  • Just some of the noise that was created after the launch
  • Transcript

    • 1. Launching a Product
      Jenny Craig
    • 2. Definition of a Product Launch
      The debut of a product into the market. The product launch signifies the point at which consumers first have access to a new product.
      Source: Business
    • 3. 13 Tips to a product Launch
      1. Internal Communications
      2. Create a unique value proposition
      3.Target ideal customers
      4. Create the hype around the product launch
      5. Preparation of the product
      6.The Fun Side
      7. Dress Rehearsal
      8. The Events
      9. Keep Audience Captivated
      10. Celebrations
      11. Back to Reality
      12. Product launched successfully?
      13. Press Releases
    • 4. Internal Communications
    • 5. Create a unique value proposition
    • 6. Target Ideal Customers
      “Be ready when opportunity comes … Luck is the time
      when preparation and opportunity meet”
    • 8. Preparation continued
      Road map of devices
      End Goal
      Windows 7
    • 9. Creating Hype
    • 10. The Fun Side
    • 11. Dress Rehearsal
      The Demo
      Room Layout
    • 12. The Event
    • 13. Cape Town Launch
      The Venue
      Dedicated CTN Sales team
      The Invite
    • 14. Johannesburg Launch
      The Invite
      GSM Partner
      The Venue
    • 15. Keep Audience Captivated
    • 16. Durban Launch
    • 18. Back To Reality
      Super Star Selling
      Revenue and cash incentives
      Closing deals
    • 19. Product Successfully Launched
    • 20. Press Releases
      VoIP service takes on cellphone giants
      Internet Solutions starts gnawing at the cellphone pie - and some day your calls will cost less
      Didata’s IS takes aim at mobile operators
    • 21. Thank you