Content and Coding are Not Commodities. SXSW 2012 Presentation


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Presentation from SXSW 2012 on how programmers and creators can bridge their cultural gap of understanding. Both have similar mindsets: They want to work with smart people on interesting problems that imapct the world.

By Ben Balter (@benbalter) of the White House,
Jennifer 8. Lee (@jenny8lee) of Hacks/Hackers,
Raju Narisetti (@rajunarisetti) of The Wall Street Journal, and Andrei Scheinkman (@ascheink) of The Huffington Post

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Content and Coding are Not Commodities. SXSW 2012 Presentation

  1. Content && Coding != Commodities @ SXSW March 11, 2012
  2. Ben Balter (@benbalter)• Hacks/Hacker & White House Jennifer 8. Lee (@jenny8lee) • Hacks/HackersRaju Narisetti (@rajunarisetti) • The Wall Street Journal Andrei Scheinkman (@ascheink)• The Huffington Post
  3. — Problem — Coders see content as “stuff” and code as “art.”Whereas creators see code as“stuff” and content as “art.”  
  4. Technology view of content: Low-touch. Scale from quantity.
  5. YouTube (historically). Twitter. Flickr.
  6. Creator’s view of content: High-touch.Scale comes from quality—hits.
  7. Twilight. Harry PotterHunger Games.
  8. Technology canmake a difference!
  9. Exciting! Impactful!But then you click through...
  10. ?
  11. Is that describing the same job?
  12. There is a culture gap. But...
  13. Coders and “Contenters”actually have a lot in common.
  14. Both want to work with smart peopleon interesting problems that have impact.
  15. If you truly grasp that,you have won half the battle.
  16. Our Hack and Hacker Manifesto for how to work together effectively.
  17. 1. Coders and creators are not short-order chefs.
  18. Don’t just give orders.
  19. A front end developer is needed for an interesting videoproject by Sii Media, a new video journalism startupfounded by Saul Hansell,. The task is to make a workingAs leaders of the Hacks/Hackersdemo of an innovative interactive video newscast, I figured you might be ableSkills required are HTML, Javascript (includingmodifying an existing HTML5 video player), and creatingto help me track down a developera very simple Web front end to our back-end CMS usingAPI calls. The overall work is probably one person-weekwith a bit of time to do a funof time or so for a good developer, and this needs to bejournalism project…completed before the end of February.Anyone interested should contact
  20. Collaboration is key.
  21. Talk in terms of problems.Don’t just assign your solutions.
  22. 2. Understand thecreative mind of a coder.
  23. Coding can be an art.Code can be like poetry.
  24. 3. Speak in a language thatmotivates writers and creators.
  25. Craft and quality(not just quantity) matters.
  26. Quantity = Scale (of audience). Getting their work in front of a lot of people.
  27. Btw.Writers hate the term“CMS.”
  28. Content is notsomething to be “managed.”
  29. “It reduces the heart and soulof journalism — stories, photos, graphics, the news — into generic ‘content,’ something akin to the unidentifiable filling in a Twinkie. Ick.” — Washington Post Ombudsman
  30. 5. Acknowledge contribution on both sides. (Bylines! Credits!)
  31. This is how we get to work that is ...
  32. On the Web vs.Of the Web.