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The Sims 2 Mulligan Legacy, featuring Rocky Mulligan's first steps towards a legacy. Also featuring me playing by the rules.

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Mulligan 1 1

  1. 1. The Mulligan Legacy Also known as “Jenny’s attempt at playing by the rules”. Which I’m not. It just looks like I am. I am above rules. This man is Rocky Mulligan. Knowledge, 7/4/1/8/5, with black hair, skin one, and black eyes I made myself. He has no idea any such thing as a Phantasma exists; they are in completely separate universes.
  2. 2. Rocky: “Sorry…did you say ‘Phantasma’?” No. Never heard of it. Welcome to Academie Le Tour, Rocky. How do you like your dorm? Rocky: “No idea. I just walked in. Are you going to talk the whole time, or leave me to my own devices at all?”
  3. 3. I fully intend to talk the entire time. What are you doing, work? You don’t do work at university. Rocky: “I had a want. I’m knowledge, unlike you. What are you, even, Grilled Cheese?” Yes. That’s beside the point. Quit insulting my intelligence; it’s the reason you’re here. Besides, Grilled Cheese Sims aren’t dippy in my world.
  4. 4. That’s more like it. Which of these girls are you going to marry? Pick one soon so you can fall in love properly and all that. Rocky: “Do I have to? I just want to talk to this one here. Her name’s Mona.” Wonderful. The one you actually like is the only one in the dorm with more dominant genes than you. Eh well, ten generations, I can work with it. Keep talking, and be prepared to propose by graduation.
  5. 5. And back at work. How boring. Smexy pajamas, though. Rocky: “Get away from me. I’m busy, and I’m trying to make things serious with Mona.” Always work. I’ve not worked in an entire year at uni! Take it easy, chill out, and TALK TO THAT GIRL!
  6. 6. Rocky: “Fine. Does this count?” Yes. Yes, it does. Continue please. Mona, is it, dear? Mona: “Mmph. Do you hear something, Rocky?” Rocky: “All the time. Just ignore it.”
  7. 7. Rocky, you haven’t been to class in three days. Even art students have to attend class every now and again. Mona: “Are you still here?” Obviously yes. This is only allowed if you’re getting married the moment you both graduate.
  8. 8. Rocky: “We need to talk.” You can’t scare me. I love that sentence because then whoever has been being stupid around me can get back to normal. Mona: “We don’t want to get married. I’m actually Romance…I’m scared of it. It’ll make me unhappy.”
  9. 9. What?!?! You’re a Legacy. You have to get married. THIS IS NOT FUN TIME ISLAND. Rocky: “There’s a Fun Time Island? I want to go. Sounds like fun…BOOGIE!!!” You’re staying here and getting married and raising children and if that means annoying Mona of the frog face then so be it. Mona: “Excuse me?”
  10. 10. Rocky: “Ignore the voice, Mona. We can do what we want. I won’t make you do anything.” Want to bet? I can and I will turn off the free will. You shall be slaves to my every whim, and nothing you can do about it. ……
  11. 11. You’re a knowledge Sim. Don’t tell me you actually have a problem with spending every night on the telescope. Rocky: “I haven’t seen Mona all semester, cruel voice.” That’s like three days. Rocky: “Please, just once. Before graduation.”
  12. 12. There. Happy now? Mona: “I tried to see you so many times but you were always strapped to that telescope not to be moved. I’m sorry.” Break it up unless you are going to propose and go find a graduation gown, Rocky.
  13. 13. How are you even having a party? Have you made any friends besides Mona? Rocky: “No. What happened to my hair? I miss it.” Good boy. We like the long hair on fellows, yes we do. Maybe your son will have just as much sense. Rocky: “Son? I wanted a daughter.”
  14. 14. And there you go. One room legacy shack, no wallpaper, with a random grill outside for cooking. Be happy, you got a roof if nothing else. Now go and get a job so we can spiff this place up enough to fit a double bed somewhere so you can bring Mona in and start breeding.
  15. 15. Rocky: “I quite agree. This place is awful. Wait, are you still here?” You bet. Nice shower. You’re lucky I put it inside. Rocky: “You wouldn’t.” I completely would, except you would constantly be behind work schedule because of some mail carrier or stray Sim.
  16. 16. Well…you outfit COULD suck worse, but you still can’t afford a new one. What are you doing? Rocky: “I was thinking about making friends so I can throw an actual birthday party someday.” Interesting. Make some money while you’re out…steal it from a date, or do some bartending. Rocky: “Hmm. Anything for Mona, I suppose.”
  17. 17. Random Townie Woman: “Hey, funny-looking. You’d clean up nice. Have I seen you before?” He’s a legacy founder. You’d be approved if he wasn’t already in love. Rocky: “Is that what we’re calling it now?” Yes. Go away, random townie. Maybe next generation, huh? You have to admit you’d look great with his kids.
  18. 18. Right on time, Mona. Proposing yet, Rocky? Rocky: “Love shack is enough to support the two of us.” Oh, is that what we’re calling it now? Look, Mona’s last name is too horrendous to even bother mentioning. I’m not saddling first gen with it. Mona: “Because ‘Mulligan’ is so much better. Right.”
  19. 19. Wow, it even has a kitchen. Nice nightie, Mona. Are you pregnant yet? Mona: “Hope not. I have a fear of babies AND a fear of marriage. Such a shame you were the most eligible dormie Rocky could get his hands on. Is it too late to call the random downtown woman? Mona: “Yes. We’re in love.”
  20. 20. Mona: “I don’t think the voice is going to shut up until we produce a baby.” You are absolutely correct in that. Breed already. Rocky: “I have no strong feelings about this or anything else, and refuse to roll any kinds of useful wants. Is there cereal? I want to eat some.” I will smite you if you do not produce me an heir. To heck with the legacy.
  21. 21. Mona: “Ugh, I feel sick.” Now that’s more like it. Go lay down, sweetie. Rocky is going out to work when he finishes cleaning, and maybe you can afford a crib or something. Rocky in the distance: “Why am I cleaning? Can I throw up too?” No. And stay away from the rotting mac and cheese.
  22. 22. I thought I told you to go to work. If you have twins, you’re screwed. Rocky: “Zzzzzzzzzz…” WAKE UP. Mona: “Zzzzzzzz….”
  23. 23. Now that’s more like it. Go back to bed, Mona. I finally got Rocky to go to work. Mona: “OMG I’m having a baby! A Legacy baby! The first potential Legacy heir EVER!” I know, I know…I’m excited too. Now go back to sleep and take care of yourself AND my potential heir.
  24. 24. Rocky: “The prospect of a Legacy is quite fascinating indeed. The heir business fascinates me most…playing favorites with children?” You bet. Not like I don’t anyway. Still, watching you die is going to be news. Rocky: “I’m going to die?!” Unfortunately, yes. Most likely shortly after your first grandchild arrives.
  25. 25. Mona: “Here’s your sandwich, babe.” Rocky: “Thanks. Love you.” Ahem. That’s not nice. She’ll be popping any day now; you’re supposed to be getting married so the brat will have your name and not hers. Rocky: “But I want to master 7 skills! I’m working on that!”
  26. 26. Mona: “You know, the voice was right about the baby taking my name instead of yours. It would be a shame to lose the legacy name right in the first heirship.” Now you’re talking sense. Good girl, Mona. Rocky: “Are you sure, baby? I don’t want to force you into something you’ll regret or not like.” Mona: “Not like I’m leaving anyways, after all.”
  27. 27. Rocky: “As you wish. I, Rocky Mulligan, take you…” How unromantic. Ah well, not like the two of you have any more friends you could call up. Mona: “Shut up. We’re doing what you said.” Fine. Exchange rings and run off to bed. Tonight should be the night…
  28. 28. Right on time. Mona: “OW OW OW OW OW IT HURTS!!! ROCKY WAKE UP AND DO SOMETHING! YOU DID THIS TO MEEEEEEEEE!!!!” Might better listen, Rocky, or your first heir may be your only one. Rocky: “Zzzzzzzz…”
  29. 29. Rocky: “’m up…Whazzit, Mona?” Mona: “We have a son. Probably our last for a while, you insensitive sandwich.” Named Wendell. Sandwich, Mona, really? Well, I suppose you’ve never met a potato… Mona: “ROCKY! Pay attention! Baby, not fridge!”
  30. 30. Rocky: “Hello, Wendell. Sorry I was asleep when you decided to join us.” How touching. Now, you’re both tired. Put the kid down in his crib and both of you go to sleep. Big day tomorrow, after all. Rocky: “How big? Work again, and being an infant in a mother’s arms? Exactly. Sleep, now.
  31. 31. Sleep well, Wendell Mulligan. Maybe your mother will come around and give you a little brother or sister to play with, eh? Or perhaps not. She looked pretty offended, and she’s afraid of your unborn siblings again. Oh well. To my readers: This is in real time, unlike my free-play legend, and will be updated on a play schedule around my classes and spontaneously developed boyfriend and job. Keep checking back!