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2012 dii-e book-1

  1. 1. DigitalInfluenceIndexThe 2012 Digital Influence Index assesses the relative role and the influence ofdifferent media in the lives of consumers. This project was designed and led by theFleishman-Hillard digital research group, a team within the Fleishman-Hillard researchnetwork focused on providing research that supports the digital transformation ofcommunications. Analysis and insight development were conducted in partnership withHarris Interactive. Harris Interactive conducted fieldwork for this study through acomprehensive, 15-minute, online survey among a representative sample of 4,612 Internetusers in China, the U.S., Japan, Canada, Germany, France, the U.K. and India.This work took place between May and June 2011. Respondents to the survey were recruited from various panels managed by HarrisInteractive across the markets surveyed.
  2. 2. Internet THE trumps friends and family when it comes to influence. 2 1 3 ADVICE INTERNET EMAIL Internet Advice offline Email Television Newspapers Mail or Magazines Radio(excluding from friends, information email) family or through the colleagues post
  3. 3. Not-So-PrimeTime: 13.7TV is anincreasingly hrs.distantsecond to PER WEEKthe web. VS. 9.8 PER WEEK hrs.
  4. 4. 73 % to obtain exclusive information 79 % 75 to learn more about the brand, % product or service to receive a discount When consumers79% Learn more about the brand76% Receive discounts or coupons “like brands” it’s73% Obtain exclusive information not just about discounts69% Give postive feedback67% Share my opinion59% Submit an idea58% Display my brand affiliation57% Feel like part of a community53% Give negative feedback
  5. 5. Nearlyof consumers now use theirmobile/smartphones to obtain informationon products, brands or destinations at least days a week. 3 to 4
  6. 6. Group buyingpower gainingin popularity. 62 of those % aware of group buying services are members while...plan to use them morein the coming year. 51 %
  7. 7. Trust advice and opinions from blogs. 26 %40% 36% 25% 16 % 14% 12% 11% 9%China India Japan U.K. Canada France Germany U.S.
  8. 8. Chinese Internet use:the explosioncontinues. 330 INTERNET USERS mil. 312 TOTAL POPULATION mil.
  9. 9. Game On!The growing opportunity inonline gaming. 27 Consoles %43PC’s % Consumers that have played games with other people online. 28 Mobile % 52 Mobile % in China
  10. 10. 68 % 85 %The 75 %Internet85% of consumers use the Internet to helpmake decisions about goods and servicesrelated to their children, 75% for healthcaredecisions, and 68% on money matters.
  11. 11. 89% of consumersuse search engines when searching forinformation about a brand or product.1 in 5people go toa brand’sFacebookpage forinformation.
  12. 12. Internet influencecontinues to grow. Internet will influence my decisions more 51 % China India Japan U.K. indicate that the Internet will influence their decisions more inGermany the next two years.Canada 2012 2013 U.S. France
  13. 13. Colby VogtVice President, Fleishman-Hillard Research and Insightscolby.vogt@fleishman.comRegina A. CorsoSenior Vice President, Harris Poll, Public Relations and Youth Researchrcorso@harrisinteractive.com