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Tarak ch. 19 google presentation Tarak ch. 19 google presentation Presentation Transcript

  • To Kill A MockingBird Chapter 19 Chapter Summary and Questions
  • Summary Atticus starts the trial by asking Tom questions about his age and family
  • Jem tells scout that Atticus is trying hard to show the jury the innocence of Tom
  • Tom says how Mayella called him every time he passed by her house, and gave him different jobs to do.
  • Tom explains what happened that day when he was accused. Mayella calls him in the house and told him to fix the door. It seemed alright to Tom. Then she told him to get something down from the top of a wardrobe. She pulled his legs and when he went down, she jumped on him hugged him then kissed him. Telling him that she had never kissed a grown man before.
  • During that situation, Mr.Ewell comes shouting through the window. Tom runs
  • people in court paying more attention.
  • Tom says the real reason he helped Mayella because he knew she was poor and no one else around her would help her
  • At this point, scout thinks that Mayella is more lonely than Boo Radley and calls her “the loneliest person in the world”
  • Being asked so many questions, Tom finally says that he did all of the jobs Mayella told him to do because he felt bad for her
  • The judge seems to be mad and does not talk for a brief moment to make Tom realize his mistake.
  • Mr. Link Deas gets up to tell the judge that he had never seen any harm from Tom for the past 8 years
  • Finally Dill starts crying because he is tired of how the judge is treating Tom, then all three of them get out of the courtroom
  • Questions 1. Why do you think Tom Robinson made a mistake by saying that he felt sorry for Miss Mayella? 2. Why do you think Mr. Link Deas stood up and talk in favor of Tom? 3. Why did scout call Mayella “The loneliest person in the world?”
  • Questions 4. How did Mr.Gilmer make Dill cry? 5. Why did Tom Robinson run away from Miss Mayella? 6. Why would Mr.Gilmer interrogate Tom Robinson in such a harsh manner? 7. When Mr.Ewell appeared during the scene between Tom and Mayella, what did Tom do?