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A  Day In The  Life
A  Day In The  Life
A  Day In The  Life
A  Day In The  Life
A  Day In The  Life
A  Day In The  Life
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A Day In The Life


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Published in: Education, Self Improvement
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  • 1. A Day in the Life of a Congress Member
  • 2. Opening Day for the House
    • Every other January, the elected members of the House meet together at the Capitol to begin a new term.
    • Because all 435 members serve only 2 yr. terms no new members are sworn in, no rules are established, or organization committees meet until the opening day ceremonies.
    • The clerk of the House presides during the first day.
  • 3.
    • The clerk calls the chamber to order and checks the roll of representatives-elect.
    • House member then chose a Speaker as their permanent presiding officer (usually a long-standing member of the majority parties)
    • The Speaker then takers the oath of office conducted by the Dean of the House (a house member with the longest record of service)
    • The Speaker swears in the rest of the member as a body (democrats take then seat on the right and republicans on the left)
  • 4.
    • The House elects a: (none of these people are House members)
    • Clerk Sergeant at Arms Chaplain
    • Chief Administrative officer
    • The House adopts the rules that will govern its proceedings throughout the term. The rules have been developing for over two hundred years which are housed in a volume of over 400 pages.
    • Members are chosen for the committees by floor votes.
  • 5. Opening Day for the US Senate
    • The US Senate is a continuous body, organized without interruption since the first session in 1789. Only 1/3 of this seats are given up for election every two years. With that in mind, the Senate does not face large organizational problems. Opening Day is short. Newly elected and reelected members are sworn in, they fill the vacancies in the committees, and business gets back to normal.
  • 6. Jobs of the Congress
    • There are many jobs members of Congress are responsible for. Some are more work then others. You are to pick one of the following jobs and create a summery about the responsibility of the congress member in that role to share with your group.
    • Speaker of the House
    • President of the Senate
    • Floor Leader
    • Committee Chairmen