J.miller shakes glacier survey project


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J.miller shakes glacier survey project

  1. 1. Shakes Glacier Survey Project A Unique Technology and Networking Community Project created for Wrangell High School students... established April 2011 created by J.Millercover contents partners mission history app tools contacts links notes
  2. 2. Shakes Glacier survey project Contents*Partners*Mission*History/Timeline*Student Application/Process*Tech Tools*Survey Team contacts*Links and Resources*Notes cover contents partners mission history app tools contacts links notes
  3. 3. Shakes Glacier survey project partners The Shakes Glacier Survey Project has been made possible by the volunteer efforts of the following individuals and businesses:Eric Yancey ~ Project Co-coordinator Owner/Operator Breakaway AdventuresJenn Miller ~ Project Co-coordinator Curriculum Development and Educational TechnologyGreg Scheff ~ Survey Equipment trainer R&M Engineering, Inc.Marilyn Burgess ~ Wrangell High School Science Teacher Curriculum Development and Student CoordinatorShakes Glacier Survey Project contacts:Jenn Miller 907-874-2321, 907-305-0926, or jmiller@wrangellschools.orgEric Yancey 907-874-2488, 907-470-3366 or eric@breakawayadventures.com cover contents partners mission history app tools contacts links notes
  4. 4. Shakes Glacier survey project missionThe mission of the Shakes Glacier Survey Project is to volunteer aunique learning opportunity to the students of Wrangell High Schoolthat will expose them to valuable learning in technology andnetworking, while introducing them to new career ideas and skills inthe fields of math, science, and technology, as they simultaneouslyserve their community. cover contents partners mission history app tools contacts links notes
  5. 5. Shakes Glacier survey project history/timelineMarch 2011 ~ Eric Yancey’s project idea* is developed with Greg Scheff and Mike Howell of R&M, and Jenn Miller, project co-coordinator.April 2011 ~ The student application is developed by Jenn Miller and Marilyn Burgess. Applications are opened for the first team.May 2011 ~ Student team is chosen and meets to start planning for Fall 2011.August 2011 ~ Survey team meets regularly for several weeks to get prepared for baseline field trip.September 2011 ~ Baseline field trip to Shakes Glacier. Equipment is field tested. Data is collected.2011-2012 ~ Survey Team works with data and researches glacier. New members chosen and trained.September 2012 ~ Second field trip to Shakes Glacier. Data collection.2012-2013 ~ Survey Team continues work with data and researches glacier. New members chosen and trained.September 2013 ~ Third field trip to Shakes Glacier. Data collection.2013-3014 ~ Survey Team improves work with data and research on glacier.September 2014 ~ Fourth field trip to Shakes Glacier. Data collection.2014-2015 ~ Survey Team improves work with data and glacier research. Make project recommendations.September 2015 ~ Fifth field trip to Shakes Glacier. Data collection.2015-2016 ~ Survey Team assesses data and glacier research work. Project is assessed for effectiveness. and sustainability.*five year plan cover contents partners mission history app tools contacts links notes
  6. 6. Shakes Glacier survey project Student application/processWrangell High School, in a partnership with Breakaway Adventures and R&M Engineering, Inc., is now taking applications for a Shakes Glacier Survey Team with the teamʼs purpose oftracking the glacial activity of the local Shakes Glacier up the Stikine River. This team will consist of Co-coordinators, Eric Yancey and Jenn Miller, Teacher Marilyn Burgess, Surveyor GregScheff/colleague(s), and a selection of Wrangell High School Students. Positions for the student members are limited.This is a year long extra-curricular activity, with possible meeting times to occur during lunch, after school, and/or early release days. The number of meetings/trainings will be manageable.You will be trained in basic Survey GPS technology, expected to research the Shakes Glacier, collect and compare data, and create maps, websites, and projects using the data. You willalso assist in choosing venues for sharing and getting our project/data with the World, among other tasks. The next set of students on the project will be trained/assisted by you. A day longfield trip to Shakes Glacier will occur September of each year.If chosen, your commitment to the project will be necessary. You will be expected to attend all meetings and trainings. If unable to attend, you will forfeit your spot to someone who can.Successfully passing Geometry with a C or better is a prerequisite. Higher grades will increase acceptance scores. You must be self-motivated, willing to learn, and an excellent team player.Your ability to teach your acquired skills to others will be important. You will be part of the survey team for the school year indicated on the application form if chosen. It is possible you will beasked to stay on the team for two or more years.To apply, please submit a typewritten application that includes the information listed in order below. Impress us by being thorough and thoughtful in your responses. Your applicationwill be read by professionals in several fields, therefore it should be as professional looking as possible. A panel will determine the success and order of the applicants. Applicants will benotified of results by phone or letter.****************************************************************************************************Shakes Glacier Survey Team applicationNameAge/GradeAddressPhone NumberTell about your mathematical background and level of interest in science.List your experiences in survey and/or technology that you think will help this project.What do you believe will be most valuable about this experience and/or sparks your interest in this project?Tell about the abilities, knowledge, and expertise you possess that you feel will be of value to the Shakes Glacier Survey Team.How will being part of this team help you in your future plans?****************************************************************************************************If you have any questions regarding this project, the team, and/or the application, please contact Ms. Burgess in person at WHS or Mrs. Miller at 874-2321. We will be happy to assist you!Please submit your typewritten application to Ms. Burgess at WHS by Monday, May 2nd.Thank you for your interest in the Shakes Glacier Survey Team. We believe this will be a very worthwhile educational experience for our school, students and community! cover contents partners mission history app tools contacts links notes
  7. 7. Shakes Glacier survey project Tech tools1. For this project you will be expected to abide by all rules in your *technology use agreement. Any online tools we needwill be subjected to the approval of the District. You are encouraged to research and share tools that you think will lend itselfto this project. We expect proper *Digital Citizenship as we go through this process.2. To collaborate and communicate you will need to set up the following for yourself:Google doc account - click link to visit Google doc from this slidee-mail account - see link slide for suggestion to set up e-mail3. Please familiarize yourself with: Google SketchUp, as well as your Apple tools; Pages, Numbers, and Keynote.You will also need to know GarageBand and LiveBinders.4. You will be learning Survey *GPS technology from R&M Engineering for this project. More specifically, we will be usingsurvey grade duel GPS receivers for our baseline, in combination with a total station theodolite.5. We will need a variety to tools for saving and sharing information aside from our Google doc. Please let us know if youhave your own pen drive. We will have a file on the server for sharing and saving, as well as a folder within First Class email.An external hard drive will back up all our entered data in addition to our local server.6. It is anticipated that we will be gathering data from a variety of resources and it is expected that you will properly cite yoursources. *Copyright and Fair Use will be strictly adhered to for this project.*learning modules to be added for these topics cover contents partners mission history app tools contacts links notes
  8. 8. Shakes Glacier survey project Survey team contactsEric Yancey, eric@breakawayadventures.comJenn Miller, jmiller@wrangellschools.orgGreg Scheff, gscheff@rmketchikan.comMarilyn Burgess, mburgess@wrangellschools.orgstudent 1student 2student 3student 4 cover contents partners mission history app tools contacts links notes
  9. 9. Shakes Glacier survey project LINKS and resourceswww.google.com - use for your searches!Google docs - set up an account for collaborationGmail - if you do not already have an email accountGoogle SketchUp - free online tool for creatingmaps; files can be shared to Google Maps.livebinders.com - three ring binder on the web*to be added to by students as research is done cover contents partners mission history app tools contacts links notes
  10. 10. Shakes Glacier survey project Notes “Any project lives or dies on management and planning.” cover contents partners mission history app tools contacts links notes
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