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Bob presentation

  1. 1. What important contributions did Bob Marley make to society?<br />Bob marley's contribution to society was by teaching people to treat hatred and violence with music and love and therefore made songs to try and make that happen <br />Bob marley's contribution to society was by teaching people to treat hatred and violence with music and love and therefore made songs to try and make that happen <br />Bob Marley taught people to live with no worry about a thang, cause every little thing, is gonna be all right<br />Read more:<br />Why is Bob Marley so important in music? Well, after my last post a while ago Rebel Music, where I featured some information on the important documentary DVD about Bob Marley's life story, I think this is a question that is pretty easy to answer.So when you're thinking to yourself why is Bob Marley so important in music, the answer should come to you in a flash. Bob Marley music is that timeless blend of creative genius, hugely popular reggae beat, well formed lyrics and a rhythm and soul that will move the sternest of bodies in time with its beauty and excellence.Now if that ain't a top answer to a question like that, I don't know what is!Just take some of the most popular of the Bob Marley music and listen and I mean really listen to it and you'll realize that there is so much that was put into the performances and the creation processes that produced these masterpieces that there is nothing to touch it in its class.Bob Marley and the Wailers were more than simply a popular reggae band from Jamaica that stormed the world with their easy going and very cool music. They were an institution all to themselves driven by the musical genius in Bob Nester Marley, the man himself and the driving rhythms and beat of the band he led.Those of us who dearly love the Bob Marley music for what it is still miss the man who created such rhythmic poetry and fine musical brilliance but his light will shine brightly as the most powerful sun in the universe for as long as there are appreciative ears to hear it and loving hearts to absorb it into the souls of the fans.Bob Marley music lives on, my friends even if the mortal body that contain the immortal soul of the musical genius lies buried in the soil. This is why Bob Marley is so important in music and always will be.<br />When you think of Reggae music, the first name that comes to mind is Bob Marley. Even though we first met Bob Marley in the 70s, the name still lingers to this day, because he was the man who turned Jamaican Reggae music into an international phenomenon, and with the help of a few others along the way established reggae as a worldwide genre of music. <br />Reggae was an evolution of what had been happening in Jamaican music, and was the next evolutionary step up from the other types of Jamaican music that had been enjoyed before it. These styles were Ska, and rock steady.<br />Reggae Language:<br />Reggae lyrics are often somewhat incomprehensible to Americans, as they are usually in an English-based but distinctly Jamaican patois. Many exclusively Jamaican slang terms and alternate verb forms are used, as are frequent references to Rastafarian terms, such as "Jah" (God).<br />Reggae's Influence:<br />Reggae was a precursor not just to the modern Jamaican style of Dub, but to American Ska (think No Doubt, Sublime, Reel Big Fish), Jambands (Donna the Buffalo, The String Cheese Incident) and British reggae-based bands (UB40). Also often ignored is that reggae is the predecessor to Hip-Hop and Rap music, and a very clear line can be drawn between the two.<br />The Beginning:<br />Reggae is a genre that grew out of several other musical styles, including both traditional Jamaican music, including ska and mento, and American R&B. In the early days of radio, stations were super-high-powered, and several stations from Florida and New Orleans were powerful enough to reach Jamaica. Reggae only came about as a distinct genre in the 1960s.<br />Reggae evolved from Jamaican music styles called ska. It also was influenced by American rhythm and blues and calypso music.( Harry Belafonte's "Banana Boat ") Reggae music is known to be uncomplicated music with  a springy (skank) repetitive rhythm bass chink sound. Its lyrics are filled with references to the message and religion of  Rastafarianism.<br />Reggae music's most famous and popular prophet is Bob Marley . Most consider Marley responsible for merging Reggae music with Rastafarian beliefs, making it the popular sound that it is today. It is said Hale Selassie wore a ring with the Lion of Judah that was given to Bob Marley at the time of his death. Toots and the Maytals are also attributed to the popularity of Reggae's distinct sound.<br />Marley's band rose to worldwide acclaim in the 70’s. His songs were filled with themes of freedom from political oppression as well as his crusade to legalize ganja (marijuana). Marley died of brain cancer in 1981. He was said to smoke enormous amounts of ganja. His son, Ziggy, and the band the Melody Makers continue his father's Reggae message. Other top reggae bands include Jimmy Cliff (The Harder They Come, 1972 ) and Peter Tosh (Equal Rights, 1977) . Songs lyrics are "let's get together and feel allright." Newer bands include Black Uhuru, Steel Pulse,   UB40, and Big Mountain . Among the youth the older artists are still the most popular, and have become icons to several generations.<br />The message sung is peace, love, unity and brotherhood of all mankind . This becomes the message of hope for a new tomorrow. They sing about one love and one world. Clearly the message is man-centered as we can come together and do this despite our different beliefs. This is reminiscent of the building of the tower of Babel, which is interesting since they think Babylon is the establishment. Babylon is the term used for the white political power system that has held the black race down for centuries.  Rastas strive to try to remind blacks of their heritage and have them stand up against the Babylon system. <br />Some Reggae messages are positive and upbeat, but most are politically- oriented messages. Music themes of oppression, poverty, Slavery, apartheid and human rights are often the music's message. Reminding them of their plight to gain freedom. These are not just religious or political ideas, but global problems for all. This is not just about the struggle of the black people, but of all who are oppressed. In this way their music speaks to people outside the Rastafarian movement.<br />Reggae has its appeal to young people who are found in the drug culture. It offers religious justification for smoking the weed. They teach it opens one up spiritually to hear from God.<br />Those who enjoy Reggae Music are usually influenced by the lyrics to further pursue the Rastafarian religion. This has made this culture popular among the youth. It stands for rebellion against the status quo of society, In much the same way as acid rock did in the 60’s and early 70’s. Some think that Rastafarianism and Christianity are essentially the same. Reggae music which carries the Rasta's message is essentially non-Christian even though it mentions scriptures and has elements of their principles, it is far removed from historic Christianity. There are also Christian Reggae bands that use this style of music, Christafari. Music by itself is neither good or evil but it can be an influence for either, depending on the lyrics as well as the beat. The repetitive beat can put someone in an altered state of consciousness.   This is something to be aware of. <br />Bob Marley<br />During the 1960’s, reggae music was created by combining the characteristics of the North American rock and African Jamaican music. This new style known as reggae had very much in common with rhythm and blues, though the textbook America’s Musical Landscape the author Jean Ferris states that, “the polyrythms are more complex, the bass lines are stronger, and the tempos more relaxed” (Ferris p. 207). The music of reggae gives a very soulful and religious feel to its listeners. Reggae music is closely related to the religious movement Rastafarianism, and so much of this genre of music has religious connotations explaining the singers beliefs and views on situations from a Rastafarian perspective (Bradbury p.2).<br />Though the reggae music had been popular in other parts of the world in 1960, especially England, it didn’t become popular music in the United States until a legendary performer named Bob Marley came onto the reggae musical scene. Bob Marley is without a doubt the king of reggae music and when you think of reggae Marley is probably associated. His words of wisdom reached to many people who were in a difficult situation; no matter what the problem maybe there is a Bob Marley song that can in some way or another relate. Marley grew up in the ghetto of Kingston, Jamaica known as Trenchtown. It was here that he went through his struggles with poverty, hunger, and the everyday struggles of being a poor black child in a poor third world country. Marley dropped out of school at the age of 15 to make money as a welder, and he spent all of his free time with his best friend Bunny perfecting his vocal skill (Miller p.1). In 1962 musical friends Bob Marley, the Bunny, Peter McIntosh, and Junior Braithwaite started a reggae band the Wailing Wailers. Within their first year their first single “Simmer Down” was a number one hit in Jamaica and was putting the young men on a path to stardom. Though the band did not remain together after Bob Marley got married in 1966. The other members of the band all went on to have successful careers as solo artists of reggae music, but none of them turned out to be as great as Bop Marley. Bob Marley changed his style of reggae, after his marriage and involvement in the Rastafarian movement, to send a more spiritual and social message to its listeners. Bob Marley formed his new band Bob Marley and the Wailers featuring a female trio of vocal harmony including his wife Rita, Marcia Griffith, and Judy Mowatt. The new group was set on spreading the message of “One love, one world” (Miller p.1).<br />The Rastifarian religious movement was based on the blending of the purest forms of both Judaism and Christianity. Though they differed very much from Christians, for they worshipped and prayed to Jehovah, their god. This religious form rejects the Babylonian hypocrisy of the modern church (Bradbury p.1). [next page]<br />© Essay Info - Essay Writing Center. All rights reserved. Contact us at admin(at)<br />Reggae is the most internationally famous style of Caribbean music. Reggae, which is one of the world's most influential music, was originated in Jamaica around the mid 1960's. At first reggae was first performed by and for poor Jamaican's, but quickly became popular throughout the Caribbean and around the world. Most reggae songs deal with social concerns and religious beliefs of the Afro-Caribbean awareness of the Rastafarian religion. The term reggae is also applied today to reggae's precursor styles, including mento, ska, and rock steady.<br />(World Book encyclopedia, 2000)The origins of reggae can be traced to the 1940s and the emergence of mento, a hybrid that combines African folk-music traditions with calypso, the carnival music of Trinidad. Mento features rhythmic, syncopated guitar strumming and lively, topical lyrics. By the 1950s the music began to change. Jamaican musicians began to experiment with drum and bass patterns, inspired by the rhythm-and-blues music being broadcast by radio stations in the United States. By the 1960s mento had evolved into an upbeat style of dance music known as ska<br />Bob Marley<br />Bob Marley lived by his beliefs and was considered a prophet by many. Marleypreached his message of equality, anti racism, and freedom from oppression onevery continent during his nineteen year career. His great lyrics and reggae beat senta powerful message in the turbulent 60’s and 70’s. During his career, Bob Marleyreleased more than 25 albums and hundreds of singles.He captured audiences witha new type of music, a blend of African beats, American rhythm-and-blues, andsoul, known as reggae.Marley was responsible for bringing this new music from theCaribbean Island of Jamaica to international audiences.Though he stood only 5-foot four inches in height, Marley was larger than life.Rolling Stone magazine in 1975, claimed “Marley Mania” was sweeping America.The Original Marley and the Wailers played with 1970’s superstars such as StevieWonder and Sly and the Family Stone. Artists such as Eric Clapton and JohnnyCash recorded some of Marley’s compositions. His music influenced Paul Simon’sMother and Child reunion album. On stage, Bob’s energetic movement and<br /> <br /> Principio del formulario      Final del formulario<br />   Bob marleyOn February 6, 1945, reggae 's most incomparable and iconic figure, Bob Marley, was born. .... Bob Marley spoke to a variety of people, not only Rastafarian. .... (850 3 )  Bob Marley.... In 1965 Marley started his own record company it was called Tuff Gong.(pgs.23-25 Morgan) Tuff Gong is now known as the hometown of the Bob Marley Museum. .... (971 4 )  Bob MarleyReggae music has come to represent the peacemakers, freedom fighters, and rebel warriors who speak out against the oppressor to, as Bob Marley would say .... (1233 5 )  Bob MarleyDuring a concert in New York Bob Marley almost fainted. .... The inspiration of the Rasta brought a message to Bob Marley 's music. .... (1147 5 )  Bob MarleyBob Marley is best known for his dread locks and Rustafarian music. Second to that he is also known for his strong political opinions. .... (803 3 )    <br />February in 1945 in Ninemiles, St. Ann Parish, Jamaica. Two prominent men incomplex was built by the Government as emergency shelters. That inspired himconcert with a bang, when he started with the song “War”. The concert took placeand lost all his hair and his dreads were collected and woven into a wig. The wigkind of ironic that during 1992, the Jamaican Tourism Board used a cover versionWhen Bob Marley died, at the young age of 36, some believed that the age of<br />Some topics in this essay: Bob Marley, Central Park, French Journalist, , Jamaica” Concert, Bob Marley's, Bunny Livingston, Malcom Malcom, Cedella Malcom, Nesta Marley, bob marley, central park, <br />771 3 <br />PROFESSIONAL ESSAYS: <br />Bob Marley is a hero in that he was the first person who spoke out about injustice to the poor in his music and got the world to really listen. Many of his songs have never been played in the white media because it is so bold and in their face. He sings in his songs about redemption of the poor and liberation of countries that were controlled by England and other countries. He spoke out about the injustice to the poor and how the political system was corrupt. He got people of every race to start looking to the large and powerful countries and start asking questions and demanding change. Go to the web and search for him and you will find a lot about him. He was born to a black mother in Jamaica and a white man. His birth was a result of a white man raping his black mother a (slave) even though slavery was abolish his mother was working for this white man. He lived in the poor city of Trench Town in Jamaica and started singing and playing the guitar. He was poor and saw how the wealthy was the ones getting all the benefits and the poor were being worked to build up the wealth of the rich. He wrote these songs and sang them to make money to feed himself and his mother. He form a group when he was a teenager called Bob Marley and the Wailers. There is just a little history but there is so much more.<br />How did Bob Marley change the world?<br />Answer:<br /> Improve <br />Bob Marley beleived that life was too short to hate and was to short to be sad and upset.He said to always keep a smile on your face even when times get bad.He also said don't worry about a thing because every little thing is going to be alright.He changed the world because he helped people realize that is no need to hate each other because were all on the same earth so lets share it while were here. He was a brilliant man and he believed, correctly, that he could literally cure raicism and hate by injecting love and music into their hearts. The day he died was a sad day. On may 11, I always try to get along with everyone, to celebrate his life. Join me.<br />Read more:<br />How Did Bob Marley Change the Music World?<br />Bob Marley was an activist from the stage. He not only made good music, but he incorporated messages into the lyrics of his songs. Bob Marley sang about peace and freedom, religion and life. He changed the world in different ways. His death changed reggae music, and inspired different kinds of musical artists to experiment and take chances with their art.<br />Even death can’t seem to hold Bob Marley’s messages back. Did you know that his greatest hit album, “Legend” is still sitting on the charts? Did you know 25 years after his death Bob Marley is remembered and talked about? He changed the way people listened to and talked about music. He was not just another musical act that came and went.  He was truly an artist that changed the music world.<br />Bob Marley changed the way people looked at the reggae music genre. He is the most successful reggae singer ever and no one has even come close to challenging his legacy in that genre of music. When Bob Marley first started out, he was a ska artist. Something about the reggae genre caught his attention. He was never known to do things the way everybody else did.  He was always an innovator.<br />This can be seen in Bob Marley’s lyrics. His messages were much different from what music is about today. It was never about going to the club or imitating another artist. He sang about peace, freedom, religion, hope, and happiness. Wrapped around his lyrics were his instruments and the brilliant music that was distinctively Bob Marley.<br />Bob Marley used his stardom to demand change in the people around him. He did it in different ways. After living in London for two years, Bob Marley returned to Jamaica to promote a peace effort through the One Love Peace concert. He hoped that this would help calm the different political parties in Jamaica.<br />At his request, the opposing political leaders, Manley and Seaga, joined him on stage at the concert. Bob Marley was able to get them to shake hands. Not only did he get involved in the political issues of his country, but also he supported community projects and the school system in Jamaica. He was award the Peace Medal of the Third World from the United Nations in 1978 for his work toward peace in the world.<br />During his lifetime, Bob Marley released 13 albums, won one award, escaped after an attack in his home, practiced Rastafarianism, and was a vegetarian. Two years after his death, “Legend” was released and is still doing well years later. In 1981, 1992, 2001, 2004, and 2005, various award agencies recognized him for the life he lived as he worked to change a little bit of the world around him. The way that the music and the message of Bob Marley continues to change the world today is the real testament to the tremendous impact this one musician has had on the world.<br />Related posts:<br />Where did Reggae Music Come From?<br />