Smash-ability - supporting your brand in the widgetsphere / Jenni Lloyd / Oct 08


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Slides from a presentation given at Widget Web Expo in London, October 2008.

The online landscape has changed - we can no longer rely on a website as a destination, instead we need to be useful and be wherever our customers want us to be - BUT we still need to be recognisably us. Widgets represent a fragmentation of a brands online presence - what are the elements that make up an identity and how can a brand become 'smash-able' online?

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Smash-ability - supporting your brand in the widgetsphere / Jenni Lloyd / Oct 08

  1. 1. ‘I don’t know where you live’ designing for a fragmented world
  2. 2. hello
  3. 3. i’m jenni lloyd
  4. 4. i’m a consultant with social media agency nixonmcinnes
  5. 5. recent widget projects sugarscape
  6. 6. recent widget projects Global Call for Action against Poverty (GCAP)
  7. 7. recent widget projects oxfam festivals campaign
  8. 8. i’m a designer
  9. 9. i solve problems for businesses on the web with a social twist (generally, but not exclusively)
  10. 10. and i’m a geek
  11. 11. so i solve problems using technology
  12. 12. dial-up connections? 256 colours? i’ve been playing with digital stuff for a long time
  13. 13. and if there’s one thing that fascinates me
  14. 14. the crap web the static web the web of data the social web it’s the way in which all this stuff is constantly evolving
  15. 15. we’re seeing a fundamental shift
  16. 16. from a time when we saw our websites as a destination ‘build it and they will come’
  17. 17. to a recognition that our customers are playing elsewhere
  18. 18. if we want to talk to them we need to be where the conversation is
  19. 19. we need to be useful and we need to be wherever they want us to be
  20. 20. but we still need to be recognisably us
  21. 21. in 1915 the brief for the original Coca-Cola bottle demanded a bottle that would still be recognisable even if smashed into 1000 pieces
  22. 22. widgets are fragments of your brand scattered online you don’t know where they’ll end up or what they’ll be surrounded by you can’t control their context but they are still part of you
  23. 23. so, is your brand smash-able? what’s left when the logo’s gone? colour? shape? sound? smell? experience?
  24. 24. colour emotional connection so great that heart rates went up 20%
  25. 25. shape instantly recognisable by the click wheel – logo’s on the back
  26. 26. sound no-one knows what it does – but we all know it’s inside
  27. 27. smell you might not like it, but you know it’s there
  28. 28. smell the smell of playdoh evokes childhood
  29. 29. experience leather sofas, music - starbucks own the third space
  30. 30. how can we be smash-able online? how can we build a virtual sense of a product or promise?
  31. 31. every element builds your brand and leaves impressions in users' minds colour tone of voice font images / icons promises participation with no effort portability
  32. 32. who’s doing it well? you tell me!
  33. 33. online consumers are less forgiving than they are in the real world the web is anonymous, isolated and limited in terms of the senses your brand needs to work extra hard online to compensate
  34. 34. example time (sorry if any of these belong to you…)
  35. 35. full featured desktop application easyjet
  36. 36. going the whole hog UPS
  37. 37. functional, but anonymous
  38. 38. on brand imagery, at least the Gap
  39. 39. total consistency National Geographic Channel
  40. 40. information overload Animal Planet
  41. 41. clear, precise information design Dorling Kindersley
  42. 42. Access to news... but fiction too? the Telegraph
  43. 43. what next?
  44. 44. smash your widget just as Coca- Cola smashed its bottle conduct a smash-ability audit can you reconstruct your message and purpose piece-by-piece? can you restore a full picture of your brand? are you sure you’ll be recognisable, wherever you are?
  45. 45. yes? i’ll get my coat!
  46. 46.
  47. 47. Image credits crayons problems dinosaur fascinates evolution shift disneyland playing elsewhere conversation tools recognisable coke bottle smashed tiffanys ipod intel subway Playdoh starbucks