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Cn salary employment_insights

  1. 1. salary &employmentinsights 2012china
  2. 2. table of contentsIntroductionAbout Hudson chinamaximising value: the recruitment imperativeoverall market trendsconclusionmarket trends & salary tables — accounting & finance — advertising & communications — automotive — banking & financial services — chemical & energy — healthcare & life sciences — human resources — it&t — legal — manufacturing & industrial — property & construction — sales & marketing — supply chain & procurementresearch methodology12389101115202330323538404347505456
  3. 3. china | salary & employment insights 2012 1Welcome to our China Salary & Employment Insights for 2012.We conducted a comprehensive study of 385 employers and 2,734 employees in Asia.We cross-referenced their answers with our own data to provide a specialist salary guidethat is both broad and deep.1In keeping with our aim of providing our clients and candidates with the most up-to-dateindustry insight and counsel, we’ve overlaid that data with our analysis of the findingstogether with some points to take into account when considering salary packages.Our recommendations are set in the context of the economically uncertain times that are fast becoming a factof life for most developed nations.Over the next 12 months, the great test for organisations in China will be to equip themselves with the professionalsthey need to move through the next phase of the economic cycle. With positive hiring intentions indicated by 60% ofemployers surveyed, we can expect to see marked competition in the quest for talent in China.2In such a climate, it’s vital to understand the significance of remuneration in attracting the right people to yourorganisation. Overpaying can be as risky as underpaying. No organisation wants to be represented and staffed byemployees who are only there for the money. Salary is just one component — albeit a very significant one — in anattractive employee value proposition.We hope you will find our Salary & Employment Insights useful. As always, we welcome your feedback.Mark CarribanManaging Director, Greater Chinaintroduction1 Figures quoted are for China, Hong Kong and Singapore combined unless stated otherwise.2 The Hudson Report, China, April — June 2012.
  4. 4. 2 china | salary & employment insights 2012Working with many top global companieson a regional basis, our range of industriesinclude Accounting & Finance, Advertising& Communications, Automotive, Banking& Financial Services, Chemical & Energy,Healthcare & Life Sciences, HumanResources, IT&T, Legal, Manufacturing& Industrial, Property & Construction,Sales & Marketing and Supply Chain& Procurement.More information is available team of dedicated specialistconsultants are trained to accuratelyassess your organisations needs andhelp you discover exactly what yourequire for current and future growth.Drawing on personal and onlinenetworks, our consultants activelyengage with a pool of top talent. Allour consultants have industry relevantqualifications and experience, bringinga closer understanding of the qualitiesneeded to succeed. In addition, ourrange of proprietary tools, specialisttalent management and recruitmentexpertise enables us to matchprofessionals with the right culture androle, to ensure you are always buildinga team geared toward high performance.As an award-winning human resourcescompany, we pride ourselves onconnecting clients with seasonedmanagement in a diverse range ofindustries, and we are committedto providing the highest levels ofcustomer satisfaction.Hudson (NASDAQ: HSON) is a leadingglobal provider of highly specialisedprofessional recruitment, recruitmentprocess outsourcing (RPO) and talentmanagement solutions, employing morethan 2,000 staff around the world, with78 offices in more than 20 countries.Our offices operate throughout Asia-Pacific, North America and Europe. InAsia-Pacific, we have offices in HongKong, China, Singapore, Australiaand New Zealand. Hudson providesprofessional HR services acrossChina through our offices in Beijing,Guangzhou and Shanghai.about hudson CHINA
  5. 5. china | salary & employment insights 2012 3YesNoNot sure% of respondents across Asia0 10 20 30 50 706040during 2011, have you found it difficult to findthe right people for your team?fig1In addition, many multinational companiesare establishing or relocating their globalor Asia-Pacific headquarters to China,further fuelling the demand forappropriately skilled professionals.Recruiting intentions are positive too;60% of hiring managers in China saythey will increase permanent staffnumbers in 2012 (Fig 8).5Competition for quality candidates isintense — nearly two-thirds of hiringmanagers in Asia (61%) found itincreasingly hard to secure the rightcandidates for the job in 2011 (Fig 1).The high cost of ‘cheap’ hiresThe prevailing mood in this market is oneof cautious optimism: hiring intentionsare positive but conservative, and thepressure is on to do more with less.Nearly a fifth (18%) of hiring managersare under pressure to improve the qualityof their hires, over a quarter (27%) aretasked with controlling the cost of hires,and more than half (55%) say they areunder pressure to do both.In such testing times, the challengefor organisations is not simply to stickto hiring budgets, but to maximise thevalue achieved from investment inhuman capital. The lesson manyorganisations are learning (at a timewhen 64% of hires in China aredescribed as ‘bad’ or ‘average’6) isthat sometimes the cheapest hirescan cost them most dearly.Employers wishing to reduce the riskin their investment must distinguishbetween value and cost when recruiting,and commit to attracting, motivating andretaining the high performers who are ofgreatest worth to the business.Uncertainty is the new norm‘Uncertain’ is the word most often usedto describe the global economy thesedays. The combination of sovereign debtissues overseas, volatile financial marketsand instability of global equity prices iscreating a particularly tough environmentfor business leaders and organisations allover the world.China is faring far better than many moredeveloped economies. Although growthin the world’s emerging economies isexpected to slow in the wake of theglobal financial downturn3, the Chineseeconomy is still forecast to grow by 8.2%in 2012, increasing to 8.6% for 2013.4Maximising value:the recruitment imperativeNearly two-thirds (60%) of hiring managers in China say theywill increase permanent staff numbers in 2012.3 World Economic Outlook Update — Global Recovery Stalls, Downside Risks Intensify, January 2012, International Monetary Fund, <>.4 China Quarterly Update — April 2012, The World Bank, <>.5, 6 The Hudson Report, China, April — June 2012.
  6. 6. 4 china | salary & employment insights 2012CATEGORIES MEASURESKNOW HOW Technical skillsExperienceCAN DO CompetencyAttributesWANT TO Career fitMotivationCURRENTFOCUSEFFECTIVENESSLow indicatorof performanceHigh indicatorof performancehudson performance driver model™fig3KNOW HOW Technical testingSkill testingResume screeningBackground interviewingReference checkingCAN DO Behavioural interviewingAssessment centresJob trialPersonality testingIntelligence testingBusiness simulationRole playsWANT TO Cultural fit measures62326TOOLS/PROCEDURES CURRENTLY BEING USED BY EMPLOYERS (%)fig2Reference checking (‘always’ or ‘often’used by 95% of employers), resumescreening (‘always’ or ‘often’ used by75%), and background interviews(‘always’ or ‘often’ used by 75%)7arethe most common techniques used inthe selection process. While these arethe simplest and quickest techniquesto measure, they are least effectiveindicators of high performance.Our unique proprietary recruitmentmodel, Hudson Difference™ (Fig 3)assesses candidates against criteriaproven to accurately predict highperformance in a role. This specialisedmethodology encompasses differentapproaches to understand the technicalcompetence and experience requiredfor the job, and measures candidates’motivational and behavioural capabilities.Hudson research8shows it is thealignment of the latter two areas thatgives a clearer view of whether acandidate could be a high performerin a role. In fact, 60% of Asian surveyrespondents were confident that robusthiring practices had a significant impacton successful hiring and subsequentemployee performance.9Hudson Difference™ helpsorganisations:|| identify people who will be motivatedand engaged employees|| recruit employees who will stay longerand be high performers|| select the best people to deliverorganisational strategy|| consistently make superior hiresSo how can employers determine whichpotential employees (whether active orpassive candidates) are most deservingof their investment?predicting high performanceTo achieve more positive outcomes,employers must make hiring decisionsbased on more than assessment of pastexperience and technical skills.60% of Asian survey respondents were confident that robusthiring practices had a significant impact on successful hiringand subsequent employee performance.7, 8 Next Generation Recruitment: Battle Strategies for the Talent War, Hudson 20:20 Series, August 2011.9 The Hudson Report, Asia, April — June 2012.
  7. 7. china | salary & employment insights 2012 5if you are currentlyconsidering a job change,when would this likely happen?56%31%9%13%0–6 months7–12 months13–18 months19–24 monthsNot considering a job changefig4The employee perspectiveThe Asian workforce is on the move— nearly three-quarters (73%) ofprofessionals surveyed are consideringa change of jobs in 2012, with 56%moving in the next six months (Fig 4).Almost a quarter (23%) believe it will be‘easy’ or ‘very easy’ to find a similar jobwith comparable pay and conditions.The perceived ease of finding a similarrole is an indicator of the strength ofthe Asian economy. Opportunities areincreasing and salaries are on the rise:|| More than two-thirds (70%) ofrespondents in Asia saw their salaryincrease in 2011.|| Well over a third (38%) of thosereceived a pay rise of 10% or more.Yet in spite of having it so good, onereason for moving is dissatisfaction withpay. Our research shows more than three-quarters (80%) of Asian professionalsbelieve they deserve a pay rise in 2012,with more than one in three (37%) sayingthey are not adequately remunerated fortheir contribution in the workplace.Organisations wanting to retain theiremployees should note that more thana quarter (27%) of respondents wouldbe motivated by an increase in salaryand more than a quarter (26%) wouldbe motivated to stay by better careeropportunities. Thirteen percent wouldstay for greater seniority andresponsibility (Fig 6).Assuming that respondents are happywith their base annual salary, the surveyrevealed that the most important benefitsfor Asian professionals are bonuses (26%,including short and long-term incentives),more annual leave (14%), private healthinsurance (15%), and flexible workingarrangements (9%) (Fig 7).prioritising talent needsIf budgets are tight, identifying andprioritising the different talent needs ofthe organisation is essential. Employeescan be categorised as follows:1. Strategic: people essential fordelivering business strategy and likelyto be the most challenging to source.2. Critical: people who are important forthe day-to-day running of the businessbut are not particularly hard to find.3. Core: people who may be relativelyeasy to find but can be high turnover.Hard-to-fill strategic roles must be thepriority and afforded greatest share ofresources and investment. Similarly, ifnew skills or expertise are needed to takethe organisation forward, there may be apremium to pay to secure the person withthe most appropriate knowledge andskill-set, particularly if they were notlooking for a new role in the first place.Around three-quarters (73%) of Asian survey respondentsare considering a change of jobs in 2012.% of respondents across Asia
  8. 8. 6 china | salary & employment insights 2012In assessing their extra investment, justunder half (43%) said they saw real valuein paying the additional salary, with aslight majority (52%) saying it was tooearly to tell.For the organisations that couldn’t orwouldn’t stretch to accommodate largersalary expectations, it is hard to quantifythe potential value lost by acceptingsecond-best. Competition for talentedemployees is intensifying between Asianemployers: most (80%) are worriedabout losing their high performersin 2012 (Fig 5).Which of the following would influence you most to stayin your current role for the next 12 months?fig680%20%YesNoAre you concerned aboutlosing high performingemployees in 2012?fig5candidate of choice had salaryexpectations above their budgets.Nearly half (48%) increased their salarybudget to secure the right person, butof those that didn’t, nearly one in five(17%) lost their candidate of choice,more than half (60%) settled for theirsecond-choice candidate, and aroundone in 10 (12%) changed the role tojustify the additional increase.Where salary budgets were increased tosecure the right people, most employerssought more value for their salary spend:12% expected to see more years ofexperience, 29% expected the employeeto have a particular strength in a specifiedcompetency and 18% believed thecandidate should be a superior teamfit to justify their increased cost.Salaries under pressureToo often recruitment is cost-drivenand is compromised by time constraints.Cost-efficiency is frequently cited asa reason for compromise. Such corner-cutting can lead to expensive mistakeswhere poor hires cause untold damageto an organisation, having a detrimentaleffect on culture, morale, productivityand, ultimately, profits.In fact, more than half (52%) of companiesin Asia say that with hindsight they wouldhave done more to test and understandcandidates’ competencies and abilities,to ensure the value of their investment.This is particularly pertinent in a climatewhere most hiring managers (85%)say that, during the hiring process, theMost employers (80%) are worried about losing their highperformers in 2012.% of respondents across Asia
  9. 9. china | salary & employment insights 2012 7BonusesIncreased superannuationPrivate health insuranceIncome protection insuranceDeath/disability insuranceFlexible working arrangementsCompany motor vehicleCar allowancesGym membershipPaid paternity leaveOthersPaid maternity leave(above govt allowance)Increased annual leave% of respondents across Asia0 5 10 15 3020 25benefits offered as compared to what employees want.Employers givingEmployees wantfig7BASE SALARY REMAINS THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT MEANS OFREWARDING EMPLOYEES.|| Gen Y professionals (born 1980–1994) are looking for bonusesincluding short and long-termincentives (25%), more annual leave(15%) and private health insurance(13%). Just over one in 10 (12%)respondents cited flexible workingarrangements as a key element oftheir reward package.|| Gen X professionals (born 1965–1979) are seeking: bonuses includingshort and long-term incentives (24%),more annual leave (14%), privatehealth insurance (13%) and flexibleworking arrangements (11%).|| Baby boomer professionals (born1946–1964) want bonuses includingshort and long-term incentives (23%),private health insurance (14%), moreannual leave (10%) and flexibleworking arrangements (9%).The benefits biasAbove and beyond annual base salary,the top three staff benefits offered byemployers are bonuses (23%), privatehealth insurance (16%) and death/disability insurance (14%) (Fig 7). Basesalary remains the single most importantmeans of rewarding employees.Employers without deep pockets mightdo well to tailor their benefits packagesto individual employees since differentpeople have different wants and needs.Hudson research revealed the followingreward priorities beyond a competitivesalary package:Figures are across the whole sample, not by generation.
  10. 10. 8 china | salary & employment insights 2012|| Salaries are rising: more than halfof employers (56%) increased basesalaries between 2% and 7% in 2011and similar levels of increase areforecast for 2012.|| Non-monetary rewards are increasinglyimportant: if a preferred candidate hasmultiple offers, bespoke incentives suchas more annual leave, personal andprofessional development opportunitiesand flexible working practices can helpmake one employer significantly moreattractive than another.SingaporeChinaHong KongAsia% of respondents0 10 20 30 40 50 60Does your team/business unit expect to increase/decrease its permanent staff levels in 2012?IncreaseNo changeDecreasefig8Key trends identified byHudson include:|| A cautiously confident climate in Asia:nearly three-quarters of organisationsdescribe their sentiment as ‘cautiouslyoptimistic’ (53%) or ‘upbeat andopportunistic’ (19%).|| Workforce planning skills are in shortsupply: Hudson research shows 53%of organisations are ‘somewhat’ or ‘very’under-resourced.10Many employers arelooking for people who can help themnavigate the skills shortages.|| Hiring intentions are up: 60% of hiringmanagers in China say they will beincreasing permanent staff numbersin 2012 (Fig 8).|| Talented managers are thin on theground: almost half (45%) of Asia’semployers are finding it ‘very difficult’ tosource senior and middle management.|| Demand for a more rigorousapproach to recruitment: more thanhalf of companies (52%) believethey should do more to test anddiscover candidates’ competenciesand abilities.overall market trends10 Next Generation Recruitment: Battle Strategies for the Talent War, Hudson 20:20 Series, August 2011.Almost half (45%) of Asia’s employers are finding it ‘verydifficult’ to source senior and middle management.
  11. 11. china | salary & employment insights 2012 9If you would like to find out more abouthow Hudson can help you source,manage and retain the best talent foryour business, please, if you are consideringlooking for a new role, why not let us helpyou find an employer who will recogniseand appropriately reward you. Pleasesend your resume to:Beijingbjresume@jobs.hudson.comGuangzhougzresume@jobs.hudson.comShanghaishresume@jobs.hudson.comWe look forward to working with you.|| Hiring the best person for the job byassessing them for motivation, attitude,behaviours and cultural fit, as well astechnical skills and expertise.|| Offering attractive remunerationpackages, tailored where possibleto the needs and wants of eachindividual employee.We developed the Hudson China Salary& Employment Insights with the aim ofproviding clients and candidates with themost up-to-date industry insight andcounsel. We hope it has given you foodfor thought.We now live in a world where economicuncertainty has become the norm, creatingnew challenges for organisations aroundthe globe. Many employers report they are‘somewhat’ or ‘very’ under-resourced andtalented professionals are in demand. Thepressure is still on to do more with less;organisations must evolve to survive.There is no blueprint for this process ofevolution — but there is one characteristiccommon to organisations that not onlysurvive but also thrive. These organisationsinvest in their human capital and embedpeople-centric policies that include acommitment to:conclusion
  12. 12. market trends &salary tables
  13. 13. china | salary & employment insights 2012 11accounting & financeaccounting & Finance|| Superior soft skills are much soughtafter: employers are putting greateremphasis on capabilities beyondcore finance, including leadershipqualities; the ability to negotiate withand influence others; interpersonal andcommunications skills and the ability tomulti-task and manage time effectively.|| Growing appetite for analysis andcompliance skills: commercial financeplanners and analysts, pricing analysts,compliance professionals and forensicaccountants are always in demand.|| Relevant industry experience isrewarded: employers are looking fortalented finance professionals witha strong track record in a relevantindustry. This trend is particularlynotable in the new boom sectors ofprivate equity/venture capital, luxuryretail, healthcare, e-commerce, newenergy and property.|| Finance roles are evolving: the marketis seeing a shift in demand away fromtraditional accounting positions tocommercial finance functions, suchas business control, pricing andcosting, as well as finance plannersand analysts. Sophisticated businessacumen is an important prerequisitefor such roles.|| Growing awareness of the need for astrategic approach to recruitment: thisis now a must for senior, business-critical and hard-to-fill roles.|| Remuneration is rising: salaries haveincreased by about 10% over the last18 months. Salaries are forecast to risemore steeply as talent shortages bitein the Chinese market; candidatesare now seeking more generousincrements than previously seen here.adding value at every level|| Tax talent commands top salaries:as more and more companiesestablish regional headquartersin China, employers are looking torecruit in-house tax experts who willunderstand their business betterthan external advisors. The talentpool is limited, principally comprisingprofessionals from the big fourinternational CPA firms. Companiesare competing for the same talent,which is driving salaries up andresulting in a situation where taxexperts are paid more than otherfinance functions at similar levels.
  14. 14. 12 china | salary & employment insights 2012years of experience Annual BASE salary 2012 rmb ‘000cfoMedium/Large Firm 15+ 1,300–3,000Small Firm 15+ 800–1,500regional financial directorMedium/Large Firm 13+ 600–2,000Small Firm 13+ 550–1,500regional financial controllerMedium/Large Firm 13+ 500–1,500Small Firm 13+ 450–800country financial controllerMedium/Large Firm 10+ 500–1,000Small Firm 10+ 400–700finance/accounting managerMedium/Large Firm 8+ 250–600Small Firm 8+ 200–400planning & analysis managerMedium/Large Firm 8+ 300–900Small Firm 8+ 250–500financial analystSenior Analyst 5–7 300–600Analyst 3–5 150–300financial accountantSenior Accountant 4–6 150–300Accountant 3–4 60–150
  15. 15. china | salary & employment insights 2012 13accounting & financeyears of experience Annual BASE salary 2012 rmb ‘000accountantCosting Controller 12+ 400–600Senior Costing Analyst 7–11 200–450Cost Accountant/Analyst 3–6 80–250treasuryDirector 12+ 600–1,500Manager 7–10 400–700Analyst 3–6 150–250creditCredit Controller 12+ 400–600Credit Manager 5+ 150–500taxDirector 12+ 800–2,000Manager/Senior Manager 7–10 400–1,000Advisor/Accountant 4–6 200–450
  16. 16. 14 china | salary & employment insights 2012years of experience Annual BASE salary 2012 rmb ‘000internal auditDirector 12+ 800–1,200Manager/Senior Manager 7–10 500–800Auditor/Senior Auditor 3–6 150–450TAX & AUDIT PROFESSIONAL FROM PUBLIC ACCOUNTING FIRMAudit/Tax — Director 12+ 800–1,300Audit/Tax — Senior Manager 9–12 600–900Audit/Tax — Manager 6–9 350–550Audit/Tax — Senior Associate 3–5 160–280
  17. 17. china | salary & employment insights 2012 15advertising & communicationsdigital expertise within their ownmarketing teams. As a consequence,clients are competing with advertisingagencies for the same talent pool.|| New marketing media demandspecialists: professionals with skillsin search engine optimisation (SEO),search engine marketing (SEM), datamanagement and e-commercecontinue to be in big demand inChina as advertisers connect withcustomers online.|| Chinese expertise is a must: thebiggest demand is for advertisingand communications professionalswho speak and read Chinese and havesubstantial local market experience.Expatriates without experience ofworking in China and who do not speakChinese are finding it more difficult towork here. This is particularly true inadvertising, where agencies cannotafford to employ those who need timeto orientate themselves to China’sfast-changing media landscape.|| Internal recruitment teams are on therise: many of the big marketing andcommunication firms are establishingin-house recruitment functions in aneffort to contain recruitment costs ina high-turnover market, where staffturnover of 30% to 40% per annumis not unusual.|| Desperate times mean desperatemeasures: acute shortages of digital/new media talents are forcing firms toadopt aggressive poaching strategiesto win talent. Local Chinese mid tosenior level professionals are mostvulnerable to poaching, because theyhave highly coveted language skillsplus local market knowledge.|| Expatriates are losing privileges:it is becoming less common forexpatriates to command premiumsalaries for working in China. Manymultinational firms now embracelocalisation for top management. Thegap between packages for expatriatesand local Chinese talent is narrowing,with traditional expatriate benefitssuch as housing and living allowancesbeing phased out.digitally-driven|| Traditional media are in decline: asthe power of the Chinese internet anddigital media become apparent, theinfluence of traditional media isbecoming diluted. In-demand skillsof advertising professionals in everydiscipline or department, from accounthandling to creative, media, planningand research, are now affected by thegrowth of digital marketing and arechanging as a result. Every advertisingprofessional needs to have theunderstanding and skills to exploitthese media to clients’ advantage.|| Digital talent is hot property: manyof the biggest advertisers haveannounced increased investmentin digital marketing for 2012. Suchinvestment often means thesecompanies are looking to acquireadvertising & communications
  18. 18. 16 china | salary & employment insights 2012advertising agenciesyears of experience Annual BASE salary 2012 rmb ‘000managementCEO/Regional Director 20+ 2,500+Managing Director 15+ 1,800–2,500+General Manager 10+ 1,400–1,800Director of Client Services 10+ 800–1,400account managementRegional Business Director 10+ 900–1,300Regional Account Director 8+ 800–1,200Business Director 10+ 700–1,100Group Account Director 9+ 600–800Senior Account Director 8+ 450–680Account Director 6+ 220–480Associate Account Director 5+ 180–250Account Manager/Senior Account Manager 3+ 145–240Account Executive 1+ 50–120digitalDigital Director 8+ 600–1,000Digital Manager 5+ 400–600in-house digitalDigital Media Director/Senior DigitalMedia Manager10+ 700–1,000Digital Media Manager 6+ 300–600
  19. 19. china | salary & employment insights 2012 17advertising & communicationsadvertising agenciesyears of experience Annual BASE salary 2012 rmb ‘000planningRegional Planning Director 15+ 1,200–1,600Head of Planning 12+ 800–1,200Senior Planner 5+ 300–700Planner 3+ 140–300creativeExecutive Creative Director 12+ 1,600–2,000Group/Senior Creative Director 10+ 1,000–1,400Creative Director 9+ 650–1,000Associate Creative Director/Creative Group Head7+ 380–500Art Director 5+ 180–350Project Manager 6+ 80–180Traffic Manager 5+ 70–140Head of Copywriting 7+ 250–400English Copywriter 4+ 180–300Local Language Copywriter 4+ 120–180
  20. 20. 18 china | salary & employment insights 2012mediayears of experience Annual BASE salary 2012 rmb ‘000Regional Media Director 15+ 1,400–1,800Executive Media Director 12+ 900–1,300Media Director 10+ 500–800Associate Media Director 8+ 400–550Head of Search 10+ 800–1,200Search Director 8+ 500–800Associate Search Director 6+ 300–450in-house mediaRegional Media Director 15+ 1,500–2,400Media Director 12+ 800–1,200Media Manager 6+ 300–500planningMedia Planning Director 6+ 300–600Associate Planning Director 4+ 240–450Media Planning Manager 3+ 160–250buyingMedia Buying Director 8+ 600–800Associate Media Buying Director 6+ 400–550Media Buying Manager 3+ 150–200digitalHead of Digital 10+ 900–1,300Digital Director 8+ 600–900
  21. 21. china | salary & employment insights 2012 19advertising & communicationsmediayears of experience Annual BASE salary 2012 rmb ‘000digital (cont.)Digital Media Planning Director 6+ 380–600Digital Associate Media Planning Director 5+ 300–400Digital Media Manager 4+ 220–300public relationsyears of experience Annual BASE salary 2012 rmb ‘000public relations agenciesManaging Director/General Manager 20+ 1,500–2,000+Practice Head 15+ 600–800+Account Director 10+ 360–480Account Manager 5+ 180–240in-houseRegional Director, Corporate Communications 15+ 800–1,200Director, Corporate Communications 12 600–800Marketing Communications Director 10+ 500–800Regional Manager, Marketing Communications 8+ 450–700Marketing Communications Manager 6+ 300–500Manager, Advertising & Branding 10+ 500–1,200Head of Brand & Communications 10+ 500–800Public Relations Manager 6+ 300–450Events Manager 4+ 200–350
  22. 22. 20 china | salary & employment insights 2012automotive|| Expertise in electric vehicle technologyis an emerging skill set: with theChinese government promoting theuse of electric vehicles, demand forexpertise in this area is expectedto grow over the next few years.|| Salaries are increasing: talentshortages have driven salaries up by8% to 10% overall during the last 12months. Moreover, hiring managers arenow willing to pay as much as 20%above the market rate for specific skillsets such as research and developmentfor electric vehicle technology andproduct marketing positions.|| Talent is in short supply: there isoften a significant gap betweenhiring managers’ and candidates’salary expectations. Hiring managershave strict salary budgets, whilecandidates have high expectations.However, candidates are aware thattalent is short in the market and willonly move for attractive increments.|| Status is all-important: the Chineseculture places a high value on socialstatus, so organisations need to beflexible about job titles, particularly forclient-facing roles. They also need tobe creative in their incentive schemes.|| Staff retention demands innovation:many companies recognise that whentalent is scarce, it is particularlyimportant to nurture and developtheir existing high performers. Staffretention initiatives include retentionbonuses, savings plans, training andassignments overseas.driving the global market|| China is now the world’s largestautomotive market: more and more USand European automotive companiesare moving their research anddevelopment capabilities into China,particularly Shanghai, to create carsthat suit the local market. Productionjobs are moving out of Shanghai intosecond and third-tier cities wherecosts are lower.|| Employers are looking for multi-talented professionals: strongtechnical and English language skillsare in demand for both research anddevelopment and product marketingroles. This trend is forecast tocontinue for the foreseeable future.
  23. 23. china | salary & employment insights 2012 21automotiveyears of experience Annual BASE salary 2012 rmb ‘000managementGeneral Manager — Country 15+ 1,500+General Manager — Country (Sales Focus) 15+ 800–1,500salesNational Sales Director 15+ 800–1,200Regional Sales Director 8–12 400–800Regional Sales Manager 8–15 250–500Area Sales Manager 5–10 200–400Key Account Manager 5–10 250–400marketingMarketing Director 10–15+ 600–1,200Marketing Manager 8–15 400–650Business Development Manager 8–15 300–500Product Manager 5–10 250–500manufacturing & engineeringManufacturing Director 15+ 500–1,000Manufacturing Manager 5–10 250–500Engineering Director 15+ 600–1,200Engineering Manager 5–10 400–600Quality Director 15+ 500–900Senior Program Manager 10+ 500–800Plant Manager 10+ 400–900Operations Manager 8–10 400–700
  24. 24. 22 china | salary & employment insights 2012years of experience Annual BASE salary 2012 rmb ‘000manufacturing & engineering (cont.)Project Manager 5–10 300–500Senior Project Engineer 5+ 150–300Quality Manager 8–15 250–500supply chainSupply Chain Director 15+ 500–800Supply Chain Manager 8–15 300–500Procurement Director 15+ 500–800Procurement Manager 8–15 300–500Logistics Director 15+ 500–800Logistics Manager 5–10 200–400Supply Quality Manager 8–15 300–500Commodity Manager 8–15 250–500
  25. 25. china | salary & employment insights 2012 23banking & financial servicesbanking & financial services|| Security skills are more sought after:as more joint ventures in security areestablished, demand for skills inunderwriting, compliance and relateddisciplines will grow.|| Banks are seeking all-rounders:banks and other financial institutionscontinue to value professionals withbroad experience and good soft skills.As these institutions expand, they willneed to hire more people, includingrisk and compliance professionals,to ensure they meet regulatoryrequirements. Other competencieslike AML, fraud investigation andaudit skills will remain in demand.|| Euro zone turmoil has hinderedgrowth: in the wake of the uncertaintyin Europe, hiring levels are anticipatedto be conservative for 2012,particularly for European-basedinternational banks.|| Cost control is on the agenda: inthe post-GFC business climate,containing costs is more importantthan ever to foreign banks. Thissometimes results in them rejectinghigh-performing candidates who havebeyond-budget salary expectationsin favour of mediocre candidateswho represent a lower short-termcost to the organisation. Sometimesthis situation arises as a result ofinternal equity issues.investing for the future|| English-language skills are nowexpected: strong English languagecommunication skills no longercommand a premium.|| Senior-level people skills are indemand: talented managers that canbuild teams and develop a businessare always needed and well-rewarded.Chinese employers also value theability to forge strong relationshipswith industry; banks in particular willpay a premium for this.|| Big-picture thinking is attractive toemployers: the Chinese market ishungry for people with strategicplanning skills who can see thebig picture in business.
  26. 26. 24 china | salary & employment insights 2012consumer bankingyears of experience Annual BASE salary 2012 rmb ‘000personal banking/relationship managementVice President 11+ 500+Assistant Vice President 6–10 300–500Associate 3–5 150–300wealth management — salesVice President 11+ 350+Assistant Vice President 6–10 200–350Associate 3–5 80–200product management/marketingVice President 11+ 450+Assistant Vice President 6–10 300–450Associate 3–5 180–300credit risk — secured/unsecuredVice President 11+ 400–600Assistant Vice President 6–10 300–450Associate 3–5 180–300operationsVice President 11+ 360+Assistant Vice President 6–8 200–360Associate 3–5 100–180
  27. 27. china | salary & employment insights 2012 25banking & financial servicescorporate bankingyears of experience Annual BASE salary 2012 rmb ‘000cash management — product management/marketingVice President 11+ 400–600Assistant Vice President 6–10 300–450Associate 3–5 200–360cash management — salesVice President 11+ 450–700Assistant Vice President 6–10 350–500Associate 3–5 200–350trade finance — product management/marketingVice President 11+ 500–900Assistant Vice President 6–10 300–600Associate 3–5 200–350trade finance — salesDirector/Senior Vice President 12+ 840–1,200Vice President 10+ 480–700Assistant Vice President 6–10 300–450Associate 3–5 180–300
  28. 28. 26 china | salary & employment insights 2012corporate bankingyears of experience Annual BASE salary 2012 rmb ‘000corporate — relationship managementDirector/Senior Vice President 10+ 720–1,400Vice President 8–12 480–720Assistant Vice President 5–8 300–480Manager 3–5 180–300corporate — credit riskVice President (and above) 8+ 500–1,200Assistant Vice President 5–8 300–550Associate 3–4 200–350treasury sales/global markets sales/fixed income salesDirector 10+ 800–1,500Vice President (and above) 8–10 600–800Assistant Vice President 6–8 360–600Manager 3–5 200–300(cont.)
  29. 29. china | salary & employment insights 2012 27banking & financial servicesinvestment banking and global marketsyears of experience Annual BASE salary 2012 rmb ‘000front office — corporate financeManaging Director 16+ 1,600–2,000Director 10–15 1,200–1,800Vice President 7–10 500–1,200Associate 4–6 300–500Analyst 1–3 200–360front office — equity researchManaging Director 13+ 1,500–2,000Director 7–12+ 1,000–1,700Vice President 5–8 700–1,000Associate Vice President 6–10 500–750Associate 4–5 360–550Analyst 1–3 200–360front office — debt capital marketsDirector 10–15 1,500–3,000Vice President 10+ 1,000–1,500Associate Vice President 6–10 700–900Associate 4–5 300–500Analyst 1–3 200–300
  30. 30. 28 china | salary & employment insights 2012middle office, back office and finance/accounting rolesyears of experience Annual BASE salary 2012 rmb ‘000middle/back office — market riskVice President (and above) 7+ 500–1,200Assistant Vice President 5–8 350–500Associate 2–4 250–350middle/back office — counterparty/credit riskVice President (and above) 9+ 550–1,000Assistant Vice President 5–8 300–550Associate 2–4 250–400middle/back office — operations riskVice President (and above) 8+ 450–1,000Assistant Vice President 5–8 300–450Associate 2–4 180–300middle/back office — complianceVice President (and above) 8+ 550–1,200Assistant Vice President 5–8 300–600Associate 2–4 180–350back office — operationsVice President (and above) 8+ 420–1,000Assistant Vice President 5–8 200–450Associate 2–4 125–250internal auditVice President (and above) 8+ 450–800Assistant Vice President 5–8 300–500Associate 2–4 180–350
  31. 31. china | salary & employment insights 2012 29banking & financial servicesmiddle office, back office and finance/accounting rolesyears of experience Annual BASE salary 2012 rmb ‘000financial control/financial reportingVice President (and above) 11+ 450–700Assistant Vice President 6–10 350–500Associate 3–5 200–300management reportingVice President (and above) 11+ 300–600Assistant Vice President 6–10 200–250Associate 3–5 150–250insuranceyears of experience Annual BASE salary 2012 rmb ‘000actuaryChief Actuary 12+ 1,500–3,000Product Actuary Head/Valuation Head 10+ 600–900Actuarial Manager 6+ 400–700Actuarial Specialist 1–5 100–400underwritingUnderwriting Head 10+ 500–800Underwriting Manager 6+ 300–500Underwriting Specialist 1–6 80–400front deskChannel Head 15+ 1,500–3,000Channel Senior Manager 8+ 600–1,000Channel Manager 5–8 300–500
  32. 32. 30 china | salary & employment insights 2012chemical & energy|| People management skills are highlyvalued: as increasing numbers ofmultinational companies establishglobal and regional offices in China,demand for professionals withsenior-level management experiencegrows accordingly.|| Professionals with a broad skills baseare most popular: candidates who havewide experience, commercial acumen,analytical abilities plus technical andcommunication skills have the mostnumber of options in the job market.New job titles such as technical,platform and forward marketingmanager are now being used todescribe these broader-based roles.|| Geography is determining demand:as the multinationals move intoBeijing and Shanghai to establishmanagement hubs and research anddevelopment centres for the region,the manufacturing sides of theiroperations are moving out to secondand third-tier cites in a bid to containcosts. This has resulted in a slowingdemand for staff in the main cities.|| Benefits are bigger and better:remuneration packages are becomingmuch more generous. In addition to anattractive base salary, many employeesare now enjoying benefits includingstock options, saving plans, retentionbonuses, re-education programmesand additional training.|| Employers’ and employees’expectations are aligned: with manyemployers offering such generoussalary packages, candidates’expectations are frequently metor even exceeded.a powerful new market|| Government policies are regulatinggrowth: a major contributor to theChinese economy, the chemicalindustry in China is both mature andstable. Government policies designedto protect the environment and thehealth of the population ensure theindustry only grows at a sustainablerate. In practice, this means there area number of increasingly rigorousstandards and criteria that must bemet by chemical companies wantingto enter the Chinese market. Thisdynamic ensures professionals wellversed in government policy andadministrative procedures are alwaysin demand by local and internationalemployers in the sector.
  33. 33. china | salary & employment insights 2012 31chemical & energyyears of experience Annual BASE salary 2012 rmb ‘000General Manager — Regional 10+ 1,000–2,500General Manager — Country (Sales Focus) 10+ 800–1,800Head of Procurement 10+ 700–1,200Regional Quality Director 10–15+ 450–750Operations Director 8–15 350–700Plant Manager 10–15 450–800Supply Chain/Procurement Manager 8–10 250–500Technical Sales Manager 5+ 250–500Regional Sales Director 10–15 600–1,200Regional Sales Manager 8–10 350–800Logistics Director 15+ 600–900Logistics Manager 5–10 250–500Manufacturing Director 8–10 500–850Manufacturing Manager 5–10 350–500Engineering Director 10+ 320–600Engineering Manager 3–4+ 200–350Marketing Director 10–15 700–1,200Marketing Manager 8–10 400–800Project Manager 2–5+ 200–500Senior Project Engineer 5+ 120–200Project Engineer 2–4 90–100
  34. 34. 32 china | salary & employment insights 2012healthcare & life sciences|| Industry knowledge and experienceis essential: for technical rolesincluding clinical operations, researchand development and medical andregulatory affairs, a good educationand in-depth research knowledgewill command higher salaries.|| Remuneration packages are generous:on top of basic salaries, employeestypically enjoy an annual bonus of15% to 25% plus additional benefits.|| Companies are putting culture first:forward-thinking employers arerecognising the value of a strongand positive corporate culture.A commitment to creating such aculture includes adopting measuressuch as increased basic salaries andensuring that employees have areasonable workload.|| Business developers are hot property(license-in and out and portfoliomanagement): professionals withmergers and acquisitions experienceas well as those who have the capabilityto source new products will be in greatdemand in 2012 as the healthcaremarket becomes increasingly complexand competitive.|| Scientific roles are most needed:research and development and clinicaloperations functions are creating astrong demand for staff. However,the appetite for sales and marketingprofessionals is easing as theseare mature business functions.|| Cash is king: healthcare employerstend to pay higher salaries andincentives rather than investingin longer-term retention schemes.|| Candidates want more: candidates’expectations are high when movingroles — many are looking for increasesof up to 30% to switch employers.Hiring managers are only willing topay such a premium for exceptionalqualifications and experience.success is home grown|| A complex market demands theindustry’s best: healthcare companiesin China have a demanding year aheadas a result of the challenges of thedomestic environment combined withhigh global expectations.|| Proven success is a must: candidatesfor sales and marketing roles needto be results-driven and demonstratea successful track record in theircareers to date. Employers recognisethe value of strong relationships andnetworks, and reward employeesaccordingly. This trend is forecast tocontinue as the market becomes evenmore competitive.
  35. 35. china | salary & employment insights 2012 33healthcare & life sciencesyears of experience Annual BASE salary 2012 rmb ‘000Managing Director/Vice President/General Manager18+ 1,300–2,450Business Unit Head 15+ 1,300–2,450Marketing Director 10+ 760–900Medical Director 9+ 640–900Regulatory Affairs Director 10+ 680–950National Sales Director 10+ 750–975Clinical Quality Assurance Director 10+ 630–750Marketing Manager 8+ 440–560Senior Business Development Manager 5–10 320–600Senior Regulatory Manager 4+ 240–400National Sales Manager 10+ 440–560Group Product Manager 5–7 320–440Regional Sales Manager 7–10 280–400Clinical Quality Assurance Manager 8–10 240–400Senior Product Manager 4–6 240–360Senior Medical Affairs Manager 5+ 200–400Clinical Affairs Manager/Pre-Clinical Manager 4+ 200–400Product Manager 3–4 180–240
  36. 36. 34 china | salary & employment insights 2012years of experience Annual BASE salary 2012 rmb ‘000District Sales Manager 4–6 140–230Medical Science Liaison 1–4 140–220Associate Product Manager 2–4 150–180Regulatory Junior Staff 1–4 130–150Sales/Medical Representative 1–4 70–100Clinical Affairs Staff 1–3 100–180
  37. 37. china | salary & employment insights 2012 35human resourceshuman resources|| Specialist skills in compensationand benefits are highly valued: asorganisations compete for talent theyare looking for professionals who canhelp ensure their salary and benefitsbudget is invested strategically andto the greatest commercial benefit.Highly valued by organisations witha strong commercial focus, this areais usually well paid.|| Organisational development isincreasingly important; in addition toconventional training and developmentprogrammes, corporate universitiesare becoming more common. Thebreadth of opportunities and initiativescreated by some employers meansorganisational development isbecoming a discrete discipline.|| Talent management is an in-housefunction: the role of the senior HRprofessional typically now alsoencompasses talent acquisition anddevelopment, increasingly crucialbusiness functions as the war for talentintensifies in China. Consequently it isa results-driven and well-rewardedniche of the HR profession.|| Employee relations expertise isbecoming increasingly desirable: localand multinational employers alike arelooking for high-calibre employeerelations professionals.|| Demand drives salaries: there is alimited supply of professionals withinthe most in-demand HR disciplines(compensation and benefits,organisational development, and talentacquisition and management). As aresult, pay has risen sharply in the last12 months, particularly for those withat least five years of direct experience.commercial skills arehighly prized|| Broad spectrum HR capability is muchsought after: mid to senior-level HRprofessionals who are able to addvalue to businesses are the most highlypaid HR people in China. A positiveattitude, good communication skillsand HR knowledge are consistentlyin demand at all levels.|| Centres of excellence are increasing:many large companies have embracedthe centre of excellence as part oftheir business model. In practice thismay mean that specialist HR rolesoperate as part of a bespoke centreof excellence function.
  38. 38. 36 china | salary & employment insights 2012years of experience Annual BASE salary 2012 rmb ‘000hr generalistRegional Director 15+ 1,000–2,500Director 15+ 700–1,500Regional Manager 6–12 700–1,000Manager 6–12 300–700Regional Officer 2–5 150–240Officer 2–5 80–150recruitmentRegional Director 15+ 1,100+Director 15+ 700–1,200Regional Manager 6–12 300–800Manager 6–12 300–600Regional Officer 2–5 160–250Officer 2–5 80–150COMPENSATION & BENEFITSRegional Director 15+ 1,000+Director 15+ 700–1,600Regional Manager 6–12 300–800Manager 6–12 300–600Regional Officer 2–5 140–250Officer 2–5 100–200
  39. 39. china | salary & employment insights 2012 37human resourcesyears of experience Annual BASE salary 2012 rmb ‘000TRAINING & DEVELOPMENTRegional Director 15+ 1,000+Director 15+ 800–1,200Regional Manager 6–12 350–800+Manager 6–12 300–700Regional Officer 2–5 160–300Officer 2–5 100–160ORGANISATIONAL DEVELOPMENTRegional Organisational Development Director 15+ 1,000–1,500Organisational Development Director 12+ 700–1,300Regional Organisational Development Manager 6–12 700–1,000Organisational Development Manager 6–12 300–700Regional Organisational DevelopmentConsultant6–12 600–900Organisational Development Consultant 4–10 400–700
  40. 40. 38 china | salary & employment insights 2012it&t|| Online marketing is driving new roles:internet marketing is now a corefunction for many organisations, whoare looking for specialists to help themharness the power of the internet andmaximise their marketing spend. Newroles, such as media effectivenessmanager, are on the increase.|| Sophisticated sales and communicationskills are in demand: more people areneeded to sell IT solutions or high-endproducts. Conversely the appetite forlow-end hardware selling skills is easing.|| Budgets are tight: companies arelooking to make the best possible hirefor the lowest cost. This has resultedin some organisations marketing arole with a flexible salary package,to attract the most experiencedcandidate, although in reality suchflexibility may not exist. Consequencesinclude frustrated candidates walkingaway from the negotiating table anddelays in securing appropriate people.|| Companies are seeking more valuefrom their hires: many organisations arerealising that the right candidate for arole is not always the most experiencedone, and that a candidate should haveroom to grow within a new position.Incorporating 360-degree assessments,interviewing candidates of differentlevels, and being prepared to investin induction programmes to helpemployees adapt to the company culturecan all help ensure a successful hire.a fast evolving market|| System integration expertise is highlysought after: this combination ofhardware, software, networking,storage and security experience isnow commanding premium salariesas demand grows for a relatively smallpool of talented professionals in theChinese market.|| The IT sector is evolving — andfast: the IT industry has advancedfrom simple provision of networkinfrastructure to development ofend-user applications (such as iPhoneapps), business consulting servicesand strategy planning. Employers arenow looking for people who bringexcellent communication skills andcommercial awareness as well asdeep technological expertise.
  41. 41. china | salary & employment insights 2012 39it&tyears of experience Annual BASE salary 2012 rmb ‘000it&tGeneral Manager/Managing Director/CEO/Country Manager15+ 1,000–3,000Vice President of Sales 15+ 1,000–1,800Sales Director 12+ 800–1,600Sales Manager 8+ 500–1,200Professional Services Executive/Director 10+ 800–1,500Post-Sales Executive/Director 8+ 700–1,300Pre-Sales Executive/Director 8+ 700–1,300Project Manager/Director 8+ 400–1,000Marketing and Product Manager 8+ 300–1,000Systems Architect 7+ 300–800Business Analyst 7+ 200–500financial services itRegional Functional Head 10+ 800–2,000Project Manager with FinancialProduct Knowledge8+ 400–1,200Back Office Applications Support 6+ 280–500Infrastructure Project Manager 5+ 250–450Java (Core Java, J2EE) 4+ 170–300.NET/C# 4+ 160–300
  42. 42. 40 china | salary & employment insights 2012legal|| Increased need for labour law andconflict resolution professionals: asthe Chinese labour market matures,specialists in these areas are in greatdemand and command high salaries.|| Investment is booming: as the Chineseinvestment market increases in size andvalue, out-bound investment and capitalmarket staff are highly sought after.|| Easing demand for generalists:the need for legal all-rounders suchas lawyers who carry out generalcorporate, foreign direct investment,real estate, banking and finance work,is drying up. This is caused in part byChina’s rising labour costs, which aremaking foreign investors more cautious.|| Salaries are static: this profession iscompensated almost solely by basesalary. There has been little or noincrease over the last 12 months andbonuses, where paid, have been limited.|| Candidates want more: while jobseekers are hoping to take advantageof the shortage of qualified lawyersin their salary negotiations, hiringmanagers are mindful of uncertaintyin the economy and are makingconservative offers in most cases.|| Survival is a priority: economicuncertainty has inevitably putpressure on firms to reduce costs —and this is reflected in hiring budgets.As a consequence, some employersare focusing too much on theshort-term cost rather than thelong-term value of a good hire.a sophisticated andcompetitive market|| Talent is the best weapon; as localand internationally owned firmscompete for business, strong legaltalent gives firms a competitive edge.|| Legal linguists are hot property: goodEnglish and Chinese language abilitycombined with excellent interpersonalskills are in demand for roles, in-houseand with law firms, where there is aneed to deal with multiple stakeholders.|| In-house compliance is expanding:government requirements meancompliance is a growth area withinlaw firms and large corporations. Newjob titles like compliance officer andcompliance manager reflect this.
  43. 43. china | salary & employment insights 2012 41legalyears of experience Annual BASE salary 2012 rmb ‘000international law firmLawyer 11 PQE 1,400–3,000Lawyer 10 PQE 1,300–2,800Lawyer 9 PQE 1,200–2,600Lawyer 8 PQE 1,200–2,200Lawyer 7 PQE 1,000–2,000Lawyer 6 PQE 1,000–1,600Lawyer 5 PQE 900–1,500Lawyer 4 PQE 800–1,400Lawyer 3 PQE 750–1,300Lawyer 2 PQE 600–1,200Lawyer 1 PQE 500–1,100Paralegal 1–3 PQE 120–400Legal Secretary 1–10 PQE 50–200Regional Marketing Head/Business Development10–20 PQE 800–1,300Marketing/Business Development Manager 6–10 PQE 350–600in-house lawyer/legal departmentLawyer 11 PQE 1,000–2,000Lawyer 10 PQE 900–1,800Lawyer 9 PQE 800–1,600Lawyer 8 PQE 700–1,200Lawyer 7 PQE 550–900
  44. 44. 42 china | salary & employment insights 2012years of experience Annual BASE salary 2012 rmb ‘000in-house lawyer/legal department (cont.)Lawyer 6 PQE 400–700Lawyer 5 PQE 240–600Lawyer 4 PQE 180–300Lawyer 3 PQE 120–240Lawyer 2 PQE 40–70Lawyer 1 PQE 40–60Paralegal 1–3 PQE 150–400Company Secretary 5–15 PQE 300–1,000Legal Secretary 1–10 PQE 50–180local law firmLawyer 11 PQE 1,200–2,000Lawyer 10 PQE 1,000–1,500Lawyer 9 PQE 900–1,200Lawyer 8 PQE 700–900Lawyer 7 PQE 600–800Lawyer 6 PQE 540–600Lawyer 5 PQE 400–540Lawyer 4 PQE 300–400Lawyer 3 PQE 120–300Lawyer 2 PQE 70–150Lawyer 1 PQE 50–120
  45. 45. china | salary & employment insights 2012 43manufacturing & industrialmanufacturing & industrial|| Strong appetite for product managers:as more research and developmentoperations are established in China,demand for talented product managersis outstripping supply. Companiesare looking for people able to workeffectively within a global team and rollout regional strategies. Multi productportfolio management skills areanother highly regarded asset.|| Strategic thinking is top of employers’want lists: communication andleadership skills are importantcompetencies too. Employers’needs are becoming increasinglysophisticated and complex as themarkets in which they operate mature.|| Social media are now mainstream:the ability to exploit social mediais becoming a new and critical skillset for marketing professionals.There is a consequent easing ofdemand in traditional marketingcommunication roles.|| Change management is anemerging discipline: new roles suchas industrialisation manager andchange manager reflect this.|| Bonuses are big: many companieshave paid big bonuses to sales staffin the last 12 months. This is partlyfuelled by China’s high-momentumgrowth and also because companieshave exceeded the modest salestargets they set as a result of theglobal economic climate.|| Salary expectations are high: for mostsales and marketing roles, candidatesexpect a minimum increase of 30%to 50% to move from one employer toanother. Hiring managers are typicallywilling to offer 20% to 30%. Thisdiscrepancy frequently results inemployers failing to recruit theirpreferred candidate for a markets bringfresh opportunities|| Manufacturing is becoming China-centric: as more and more Asia-Pacificand global roles are establishedin China, new roles and titles areemerging. These include global productmanager, global strategic marketingmanager and Asia-Pacific businessdevelopment manager. The ability tocommunicate effectively with a globalteam is a prerequisite for these roles.Chinese local management are findingthat overseas exposure is now essentialfor the role.|| New and fast growing markets arecreating opportunities: nuclear andoffshore energy are dynamic industrysectors. Experienced sales managersare in demand and highly paid inthese markets.
  46. 46. 44 china | salary & employment insights 2012commercialyears of experience Annual BASE salary 2012 rmb ‘000CEO 20+ 2,000+Managing Director — Asia-Pacific 15+ 1,500+General Manager — Country (Sales Focus) 15+ 1,000–1,500+National Sales Director 15+ 700–1,200National Sales Manager 12+ 500–900Regional Sales Manager 8–10 400–700Industry Sales Manager 8–10 300–500Territory Sales Manager 5–8 300–500Key Account Manager 5–8 300–500Commercial Director 15+ 800–1,500+Business Development Director — Asia-Pacific 15+ 800–1,500+Business Development Manager 10–15 500–800Distribution Manager 10–15 400–700Channel Development Manager 5–10 250–500Marketing Director — Asia-Pacific 15+ 800–1,500+Marketing Manager 8–10 500–1,000Product Marketing Director — Asia-Pacific 15+ 800–1,500Product Marketing Manager 8–15 400–800Product Manager 3–10 300–600
  47. 47. china | salary & employment insights 2012 45manufacturing & industrialtechnical & operationsyears of experience Annual BASE salary 2012 rmb ‘000General Manager — Country 15+ 1,200–2,000Managing Director 10–15 1,000–2,000Manufacturing Vice President 10+ 1,000–1,800Manufacturing Director 8–10 650–1,000Operations Director 8–15 550–850Plant Manager 10–15 450–800Regional Quality Director 10–15+ 650–1,000Master Black Belt 10+ 800–1,000Lean Leader 8+ 450–850Supplier Quality Manager 6+ 350–550Engineering Vice President 15+ 1,000–1,500Engineering Director/Country Engineering Head10+ 600–850Engineering Manager 3–5+ 250–350commercialyears of experience Annual BASE salary 2012 rmb ‘000Strategic Marketing Manager 10–15+ 500–1,000+Marketing Communication (Services) Manager 8–15 300–600
  48. 48. 46 china | salary & employment insights 2012technical & operationsyears of experience Annual BASE salary 2012 rmb ‘000Country R&D Head 15+ 700–1,000R&D Director 15+ 500–850Principal Scientist 15+ 550–1,000R&D Team Leader 8+ 350–550Lead Engineer 5+ 200–300New Product Introduction Leader 8+ 400–600Project Manager 2–5+ 250–450(cont.)
  49. 49. china | salary & employment insights 2012 47property & constructionproperty & constructionadopted tough measures to cool downthe property market, particularly theresidential sector, there has been amarked shift from development ofnew projects to operation and assetmanagement of existing projects.|| Property developers and investorsare looking for talent: professionalsare most in demand for roles suchas project development director andasset management director.|| The industrial and commercial propertysectors are hungry for talent: theopposite is true in the residential sector,where demand is dropping dramatically.|| Base salaries are stable: the trendfor higher basic salaries with limitedbonuses is disappearing. Salaries arenow more likely to be conservative butsupplemented with a potentiallygenerous discretionary bonus.|| Candidate expectations are moremodest: during the boom yearsstrong candidates were achievingincreases of 50% to 100%. Nowexpectations are more moderate:most candidates are looking forincrements of 30% to 50%.|| Hiring managers are cautious: mostare only willing to offer increasesof 20% to 30% for all but the mostexceptional talent.|| Stability has currency amongemployers: organisations who reallycare about employees and keep themon during a downturn will enhancetheir company brand, enjoy a goodreputation in the market and builda workforce that is more loyal andcommitted to the business.building a strong future|| Property and construction professionalsof all levels are in demand: there is stillplenty of growth and activity in themain cities, and major projects outsidethem especially in the north easternand south western regions are gettingunderway. There is a reasonable supplyof talent but the market still attractspeople from other parts of the world asa wide range of experience is needed.|| Management skills are a must: projectmanagement and asset managementskills are highly rewarded in the currentmarket. Since the central government
  50. 50. 48 china | salary & employment insights 2012years of experience Annual BASE salary 2012 rmb ‘000Vice President Level/General Manager 15+ 1,000–2,000Business Development Director 10+ 600–1,000Business Development Manager 5+ 400–800Investment Director 10+ 800–1,500Investment Manager 5+ 500–800Development Director 15+ 800–1,500Design Director 10+ 600–1,000Design Manager 5+ 400–800Architect/Master Planner 5+ 300–600Project Director 15+ 800–1,200Project Manager 8+ 400–800Construction Manager/Site Manager 8+ 300–600Mechanical Electric Plumbing (MEP) Manager 8+ 400–800Structural Manager 8+ 400–800QS Manager/Contracts Manager 8+ 400–800Operations Director 15+ 800–1,500
  51. 51. china | salary & employment insights 2012 49property & constructionyears of experience Annual BASE salary 2012 rmb ‘000Property Manager 5+ 300–500Sales & Marketing Director 10+ 600–1,500Leasing Director 10+ 600–1,200Leasing Manager 5+ 250–500Asset Management Director 15+ 800–1,500Asset Management Manager 5+ 400–800
  52. 52. 50 china | salary & employment insights 2012sales & marketing|| E-commerce is driving growth: thereis more demand for e-commercemanagers as the internet drivesonline interest and sales for productsand services.|| Luxury retailers are looking for staff:the boom in local sales of luxurygoods has created fresh demandfor retail developers, customermarketers and associated staffincluding merchandisers.|| Consulting is on the up: theconsulting sector is growing fastas multinational companies seekto adapt their business models forthe Chinese market, and Chinesecompanies adapt their products andservices to suit western markets.|| Salaries are static: salaries aretypically increasing by 10% to 15%per annum. Some companies areincentivising employees withsupplementary housing benefits.Profit shares, stock options, pensioncontributions and commercialinsurance schemes are also seenas benefits that help attract andretain people.|| Creative retention tools are on therise: some multinational companieshave launched flexible benefitsschemes. Such schemes encompassincentives including, for example,gym memberships, travel vouchersand school funds.|| Staff development is adding value:organisations investing in training anddevelopment programmes, includingon-the-job coaching and mentoring, arefinding them an effective retention toolfor talented, high-potential employees.skill sets are evolving|| Communication skills are key: in recentyears, international exposure andlanguage skills were rare in the Chinesemarket. However, economic prosperityand the upgrading of the Chineseeducation system mean that linguisticability is now much more commonamong Chinese locals — resulting inmore sales and marketing roles goingto these professionals.|| The business landscape is changing:as more multinational companiesmove their Asia-Pacific or globalheadquarters to China, there isincreasing demand for sales andmarketing professionals with superiorleadership, strategic and influencingskills. A high degree of multi-culturalsensitivity is also desirable.
  53. 53. china | salary & employment insights 2012 51sales & marketingconsumeryears of experience Annual BASE salary 2012 rmb ‘000Managing Director 20+ 1,500–2,500General Manager 15+ 1,500–2,000Business Unit Head Director 15+ 1,300–1,800Sales Director/National Sales Manager (NSM) 15+ 700–1,200Regional Sales Manager 10+ 550–800Sales Manager 7+ 200–500Marketing Director/Brand Director 10+ 1,000–1,500Marketing Manager 8+ 550–800Senior Brand Manager 7+ 350–500Brand Manager 4+ 200–400Trade Marketing Director 10+ 700–1,100Trade Marketing Manager 7+ 300–600Channel Manager 7+ 300–600National Key Account Director 10+ 700–1,200Group Key Account Manager 8+ 550–850Key Account Manager 5+ 300–500
  54. 54. 52 china | salary & employment insights 2012retailyears of experience Annual BASE salary 2012 rmb ‘000Managing Director 20+ 2,000–3,000general managerMedium/Large Firm 15+ 1,500–2,000Small/Medium Firm 15+ 1,000–1,500marketing directorMedium/Large Firm 10+ 700–900Small/Medium Firm 10+ 400–800marketing managerMedium/Large Firm 7+ 450–550Small/Medium Firm 7+ 350–500retail operations directorMedium/Large Firm 8+ 850–1,200Small/Medium Firm 7+ 400–700training directorMedium/Large Firm 12+ 700–1,300Small/Medium Firm 12+ 600–1,000training managerMedium/Large Firm 5+ 300–500Small/Medium Firm 5+ 200–400retail operations manager/area managerMedium/Large Firm 5+ 300–550Small/Medium Firm 5+ 300–450merchandising directorMedium/Large Firm 10+ 700–900Small/Medium Firm 8+ 550–700
  55. 55. china | salary & employment insights 2012 53sales & marketingretailyears of experience Annual BASE salary 2012 rmb ‘000merchandising managerMedium/Large Firm 7+ 300–500Small/Medium Firm 5+ 200–300hospitalityyears of experience Annual BASE salary 2012 rmb ‘000General Manager 12+ 600–1,200Director of Sales & Marketing 10+ 200–500Director of Sales 8+ 200–250Director of Food & Beverage 8+ 250–350Front Office Manager 5+ 150–250Senior Sales Manager 5+ 150–200Marketing Manager 3–5 200–250Executive Chef 8+ 250–600professional services (consulting)years of experience Annual BASE salary 2012 rmb ‘000Managing Director 20+ 3,000General Manager 15+ 2,000Principal 12+ 1,200–2,000Engagement Manager 10+ 600–1,200Senior Consultant 8+ 500–700Consultant 5+ 200–500
  56. 56. 54 china | salary & employment insights 2012supply chain & procurement|| New disciplines are emerging: tradecompliance, for example, is becomingwidespread across a diverse range ofindustries from chemical producersto manufacturers of electronics.Candidates with high-level experienceand expertise in this area are in shortsupply and command premium salaries.|| Analysts are in demand: supplychain and procurement analyst rolesrequire professionals with supplychain and sourcing knowledge, goodcommunications skills and superioranalytical abilities.|| Outsourcing is on the up: moreand more technology companiesare outsourcing their manufacturingprocess. This creates the need for ateam to manage original equipmentmanufacturer (OEM) suppliers.|| Salaries are fairly static: employeestypically receive an annual increaseof 10% to 15%. Some companiesoffer supplementary housing,pension or commercial insuranceas employee benefits.|| Cultural fit is an important attribute:employers are starting to considercandidates who have the rightpersonality for their culture and havethe potential for high performance,rather than focusing solely on acandidate’s current qualificationsand experience. Investment in trainingand on-the-job coaching is helpingemployees to fulfill that promise.driving efficiencyand productivity|| Supply chain professionals are indemand: global uncertainty has fuelledeven stronger demand for talent in thisfield as organisations seek to improvetheir efficiency and productivity andmake themselves less vulnerable tothe vagaries of the markets.|| Skill-sets are becoming broader:softer skills like the ability to thinkcritically, listen actively and managetime well are becoming musts as theprofession evolves.|| Indirect procurement and supplierquality engineer roles are hard tofill: the ability to deliver high qualityservices and products to customersin full and on-time is business-critical.
  57. 57. china | salary & employment insights 2012 55supply chain & procurementyears of experience Annual BASE salary 2012 rmb ‘000Supply Chain Vice President 20+ 1,500+Procurement Vice President 20+ 1,500+Logistics Director 15+ 800–1,500Supply Chain Director 15+ 800–1,200Procurement Director 15+ 800–1,200Senior Supply Chain Manager 12+ 500–800Senior Procurement Manager 12+ 500–800Senior Supplier Quality Manager 10+ 400–650Supply Chain Manager 8–15 350–550Procurement Manager 8–15 350–550Supplier Quality Manager 8–15 350–550Planning Manager 8–15 350–550Logistics Manager 8–12 350–550Customer Service Manager 8–12 300–500Commodity Manager 8–12 300–500Sourcing Engineer 5–8 200–300Supplier Quality Engineer 5–8 200–300Logistics Specialist 5–8 180–250Planner 5–8 180–250
  58. 58. 56 china | salary & employment insights 2012|| Healthcare & Life Sciences|| Human Resources|| IT&T|| Legal|| Manufacturing & Industrial|| Property & Construction|| Sales & Marketing|| Supply Chain & ProcurementA total of 385 employers and 2,734employees across Hong Kong,Singapore and China (predominantlyin tier-one and tier-two cities) weresourced from the Hudson database.They were interviewed online abouttheir experiences and views on salary,employment expectations and otherkey issues. Employers and employeesreceived discrete survey questions.The questionnaire responses werecollected in February 2012. Respondentswere incentivised by a prize draw carriedout internally by Hudson.Hudson conducted quantitative researchinto salary and employment insights ofemployers and employees across HongKong, Singapore and China. In additionto the responses collected and analysed,we also drew on placement data across2011–12. Qualitative information wasgathered by our specialist recruitmentconsultants through conversations withtheir clients, and by drawing on theirextensive knowledge of placements madeacross the following Hudson specialistpractice groups:|| Accounting & Finance|| Advertising & Communications|| Automotive|| Banking & Financial Services|| Chemical & EnergytotalsAll employers 385All employees 2,734research methodologyPlease note: Salary ranges are based on information provided by Hudson clients, candidates and other sources and as a result are approximate guides only. They relate to base salaries only and excludesuperannuation/bonus/incentive schemes/stock options. These are indicative market ranges and are dependent on variable factors, including but not limited to experience level, market conditions,company size, industry sector and job scope.Disclaimer: Hudson accepts no responsibility for any action taken or not taken in reliance on the information provided. No warranties, expressed or implied, statutory or otherwise are given to the extentpermissible under the relevant legislation. The contents are protected by copyright.
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