Social media to enhance your profile


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Social media to enhance your profile

  1. 1. Embracing SocialMedia to EnhanceYour Professional FootprintJennifer Tomarchio, CPLP National Advisor for Chapters Sunshine Area 1
  2. 2. Poll: Are you a Linkedin user?
  3. 3. Poll: Are you on Facebook?
  4. 4. Poll: Do you use Twitter?
  5. 5. Social Media Revolution 5
  6. 6. Tweet #ASTDSCC• During this collaborative session, please feel free to Tweet your – Ideas / Tips / Discoveries / Ah Ha! Moments• Everyone benefits!• Hashtags: #ASTDSCC #ASTD #ASTDChapters• Mentions: @ASTDSCC @jenni694 6
  7. 7. Today’s Purpose• Realize a greater networking profile through the use of various social media channels.• Expand your learning and marketing potential by leveraging social media.• Encourage the use of a backchannel in your presentation design to engage learners and distribute your message beyond the physical room. 7
  8. 8. When to Use What I eat ice cream Here’s an ice cream recipe I “like” ice cream Cool pictures of my ice cream I hang out with people who like ice cream I write (blog) about ice cream This is where I eat ice cream I recommend my favorite Watch me eat Places to buy and eat ice cream ice cream I’m skilled at eating I am listening to “We all scream ice cream for ice cream” 8
  9. 9. So What? / Why Tweet?• Get tips and ideas• Share ideas / opinions / ideas• Follow backchannels for richer content, collaboration, and additional resources• Attend live Tweet chats on topics of interest• It’s a learning tool! 9
  10. 10. Getting Started• Set up your account – recognizable name• Brand yourself – 1 line “bio” – Website address – Actual location – Use a picture…Don’t be an Egg Head!• Find people to follow 10
  11. 11. Tools / Apps HootSuite TweetDeck – to follow hashtag during live chats 11
  12. 12. LinkedIn – Today’s Resume• Create your profile / resume – Add websites – Upload contacts – Get recommendations – Use to create discussion, job board, etc. – Get answers to today’s professional challengesASTD National
  13. 13. Facebook• Create your business “fan” page – Send messages directly to your fans – YouTube video box, content info, photos, blog – Post photos from events – Send “invites” – Upload notes (press releases)ASTD National Fan PageASTD CPLP Group
  14. 14. Blogging• Publish ideas or discussion – Write regularly• Most often linked to website Misadventures in Learning Blog
  15. 15. YouTube• “How To” Videos• Promote events / products / services – South Florida Membership• Record Testimonials – Sponsors 16
  16. 16. Grow a Great Following1. Look for people you already know2. Display Tweets on your web page3. Offer something to followers / WIIFM4. Join a “conversation”5. Integrate your social networks6. Add Social Media links in email signature 17
  17. 17. For More Info7 Twitter Strategies for Growinga Great Following Tips to Build a Powerful Network: 18
  18. 18. Marketing Planner• Blog 1 – 2x month• Twitter posts – increase frequency as event approaches• Linkedin – start discussions related to topic / follow up afterward• Facebook – Post events / invites – Post Youtube videos to promote – Follow up with event photos – Media releases 19
  19. 19. Twitter Session Prep Worksheet• Get a moderator – Speaker & moderator Twitter usernames• Links to blogs and websites• Hashtags to follow• Set up tweets to post during session 20
  20. 20. Check the Backchannel
  21. 21. Jennifer Tomarchio, CPLP Mobile: 954-461-5724 @jenni694 Thank You!