Engaging and Effective Virtual Facilitator-led Training


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Presented for the Tallahassee chapter of ASTD 11/15/2012

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  • Excellent presentation! Thank you for the tips to make virtual learning environments more engaging!
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Engaging and Effective Virtual Facilitator-led Training

  1. 1. Engaging and Effective E i d Eff tiVirtual Instructor‐Virtual Instructor‐led Training Jennifer Tomarchio, CPLPNational Advisor for Chapters Sunshine Area@JenTomarchio 1
  2. 2. Icebreaker Treasure Hunt• A – L: Type something unique about yourself in the chat yp g q y• M – Z: Find someone with a similar interest and type it  on the whiteboard like this: Jessica and Richard ride motorcycles
  3. 3. A – L: Type something unique about yourself in the chatM – Z: Find someone with similar interest and type it on the whiteboard Page 3
  4. 4. Introductions Jennifer Tomarchio, CPLP Synchronous Learning Expert Page 4
  5. 5. What s In It For YOU?What’s In It For YOU?• Overcome the challenges of Overcome the challenges of  virtual facilitation.• Apply techniques to increase Apply techniques to increase  virtual facilitation effectiveness.• Ad Adapt face to face activities to  f f i ii the virtual facilitator‐led  environment.  i• Adopt best practices to reduce  technology risks. Page 5
  6. 6. What Is Your Experience? pA.A I have attended VILT but not VILT, facilitatedB.B I have facilitated webinars / VILT but VILT, still a noviceC.C I am a VILT pro! ! Page 6
  7. 7. What are the Challenges of VirtualFacilitation?F ilit ti ? • Use the Chat box to type your Use the Chat box to type your  answers
  8. 8. Which Dot is in the Center?
  9. 9. Which Dot is in the Center?Eliminate all distractions so you can see things (learn) more clearly!
  10. 10. Ground Rules  MUTE your phone when not  Participate and prepare to be  speaking called on by name  Close email and clear other  Speak up, use the chat or  distractions from your desk distractions from your desk “Raise hand” when you have  a question or comment Use annotations U t ti Let us know if you step away appropriately when  instructed to do so
  11. 11. Common Errors1 Lecturing
  12. 12. Common Errors2 Not allowing participants to chat
  13. 13. Common Errors 3Ground Rules:• Use MUTE to block background noise as appropriate.• Participate and prepare to be called on by name. • Silence/close Outlook, phones, Communicator, etc. and  clear other distractions away from your desk.  Designing boring, bullet point slides without graphics es g g bo g, bu et po t s des t out g ap cs• Speak up or use the Q & A panel or Feedback indicator  k h & l db k d when you have an immediate question or comment.• If If you have to step away, let facilitator know with the  h t t l t f ilit t k ith th Feedback indicator. • Use annotations appropriately when instructed to do Use annotations appropriately when instructed to do  so.
  14. 14. Virtual Facilitation Techniques q• How often should you provide participant interaction  y p p p opportunities?
  15. 15. Virtual Facilitation Techniques1. Provide participant 1 Provide participant interaction  opportunities every  opportunities every 3 minutes 
  16. 16. Thiagi Jolt g• Listen to the directions and follow Listen to the directions and follow  precisely Page 16
  17. 17. Thiagi Jolt g Page 17
  18. 18. Thiagi Jolt g Page 18
  19. 19. Thiagi Jolt g Page 19
  20. 20. What Did You Learn?• Visuals trump all other senses Visuals trump all other senses Page 20
  21. 21. Virtual Facilitation Techniques 2. Mix it up! Use the  p tools in different  y ways.
  22. 22. Virtual Facilitation Techniques3. Create  opportunities for  p participants to  p exchange ideas and  p g opinions using  whiteboards,  breakout rooms,  , and voice. 
  23. 23. Virtual Facilitation Techniques4. Design learning experiences with real 4 D i l i i ih l issues and problems.
  24. 24. PollWhat was the average number of learning What was the average number of learninghours used per employee in 2011?A.A 26B. 31C. 45D. 50 Page 24
  25. 25. Virtual Facilitation Techniques5. Ask for participant feedback regularly. p p g y
  26. 26. Face to Face VirtualProjector Desktop sharing, web toursWhiteboard Annotation and drawing tools i dd i lKeeping an eye on your  p g y y Feedback/hand‐up indicators, chat, audience question manager Attendee feedback, feedback,  Audio: phone / VOIP pdiscussion, questions Written: Q & A, chat“Show of Hands” from  Show of Hands from Hand‐up indicator, polls Hand up indicator pollsaudience Chat, Q &A, shared whiteboard,  Chat, Q &A, shared whiteboard,Trainee contribution, T i t ib ti shared desktops, shared screen collaboration controls Page 26
  27. 27. Fun Review (Fad lib) Fun Review (Fad‐lib)1. Avoid                                   . Verb (ending in  ing ) Verb (ending in “ing”)2. Don’t use                    PowerPoint slides without graphics. adjective3. Create opportunities for participants to exchange                  Noun (plural) and opinions using                  ,               , breakout rooms, and  Noun (plural) Noun (plural) voice. 4. Ask for participant feedback                            . adverb
  28. 28. Fun ReviewFun Review1. Avoid lecturing.1 Avoid lecturing2. Don’t use boring PowerPoint slides without graphics.3. Create opportunities for participants to exchange ideas and  opinions using whiteboards, polls, breakout rooms, and voice. 4. Ask for participant feedback often.
  29. 29. Technology Tips • Always schedule a dry run• Upload presentations, polls, and other materials ahead  of time• Arrive 30 minutes prior to your session • Ask participants to join 15 minutes early • Use a “producer” to handle  Use a  producer to handle technical issues / field questions • Practice breakout rooms with real Practice breakout rooms with real  people • Have a back up plan (no Internet,  Live Meeting not working, etc.)
  30. 30. Questions / Other IdeasQuestions / Other Ideas Page 30
  31. 31. Jennifer Tomarchio, CPLPJennifer Tomarchio, CPLP jennifer.tomarchio@firstdata.com Mobile: 954‐461‐5724 @JenTomarchio Thank You!