Did you hear the news from Industrial Security?


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Winter 2009 News
Industrial Security Service, Inc

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Did you hear the news from Industrial Security?

  1. 1. Fall Newsletter Industrial Security Service Newsletter www.bestguards.com In This Issue: Around Town H1N1 Pandemic Flu Updates Fishing for Kids Hawk Watch Program AGC and ISS celebrate 20+ years of service CREW Cleveland Around Town November 19, 2009 Annual Holiday Celebration. TBA Employee Resources are Online ASIS Cleveland Quarterly BLR Training Update: Slips, Trips & Falls November 11, 2009 Monthly Meeting / Luncheon TBA H1N1 / Pandemic Flu Update December 12, 2009 Monthly Meeting / Luncheon TBA ASIS Columbus November 19, 2009 11:30am Monthly Meeting Buckeye Hall of Fame Club December 17, 2009 11:30am Monthly Holiday Meeting Buckeye Hall of Fame Club Contingency planning ASIS Pittsburgh is an important aspect December 2009 of a comprehensive Holiday Party security operation. TBA As the H1N1 flu virus has BOMA Greater Cleveland continued to spread, the ISS November 19, 2009 corporate team (led by Andrea 10th Annual Business Meeting, Pierce, VP of Quality and Awards & Installation Luncheon Compliance) has invested time The Terrace Club at Progressive in updating the company Field Pandemic Flu Plan. This planning involves both an CREW Cleveland internal and external review. November 19, 2009 6:00pm Members Only - Holiday Celebration. Internally, we have updated and refined our corporate human Sammy's in the Flats resources policies. Regular reviews insure the process is kept current and appropriate ISS personnel are ready to respond to Greater Akron Chamber of anticipated challenges. Commerce November 10, 2009 Externally, each client location has been reviewed to determine 11:30am-1:00 pm critical security functions and to maintain compliance with client Wealth Building Strategies for company policies. The integrity of day-to-day security service Young Professionals depends upon the planning and implementation of effective Martin University Center contingency plans. Preventative action measures have also been updated and December 11, 2009 reinforced with our security force. Hand sanitizers, tissues and 11:30am-1:00 pm gloves have been distributed to each of our security sites, along Sixth Annual Local Elected Officials
  2. 2. with H1N1 / Pandemic flu posters. ISS security officers have Recognition Luncheon received additional training in preparation and response should an Fairlawn Country Club outbreak occur. Vaccination shot incentives have been offered to security officers to encourage personal action. NEOTEC November 10, 2009 8:30am-12 noon Intro to Exporting Seminar Industrial Security Service is Medina County, exact location committed to the local TBD communities where we live and work. We have partnered with the Columbus Dept. of Health to Toledo Trucking Association be the community outreach November 5, 2009 point-of-contact for the latest Monthly meeting 12 noon. updates and general HJ’s Prime Cut Banquet Hall. information for the H1N1 / 206 New Town Square Dr. Toledo Pandemic flu. Jennifer Taylor, Business Development Manager & Marketing Director, has been an active Hawk Watch part of this effort. Jennifer was Program the host of an information seminar in September, “Keeping you and your employees healthy during the 2009-10 flu season.” Fishing for Kids The Hawk Watch Program is a preventative action program. The Hawk Watch Program focuses on staying alert to everyday occurrences in order to determine potential in-cidents before they occur and ensure that they don’t happen. If you spot a potential hazard or something that has the potential to cause a non-conformity, please fill out a Preventive Action Request (PAR). Management will review the request and determine what action, if any, should be taken. Industrial Security employees Kevin Day, Matt Henderson, Adam Smith and Tim Cember spent the day with the kids, helping them catch a lot of fish, and most important, a ton of smiles! Employee LaFarge Corporation, located on Resources Now the Ohio River in Silver Grove, Kentucky, hosts an annual Online! fishing event on their property for underprivileged children. They open their How many exemptions property up to boys and girls, should you be claiming their sponsors, along with on your W-4? Need to volunteer employees, so that see last year's W-2? they can experience the sport of fishing in two of their overflow Paystubs available online and lakes. more: click this link and check it Industrial Security Service was out. pleased to help sponsor this program for local kids. Sponsors provided fishing poles, bait, tackle, lunch and refreshments. Participating children were able Events included fishing, to keep their fishing gear along “minnow races”, even a casting with a stringer full of fun contest! memories. Slips, Trips & Falls Quarterly BLR Training Update: Injury Statistics: 265,000 nonfatal injuries from slips, trips, and falls annually result in one or more days away
  3. 3. from work per incident. Slips, trips and falls result in 17% of all nonfatal workplace injuries per year, the highest injury rate of any regulated activity. Over the next couple of months, the ISS management/ training team will be conducting the “Slips, Trips & Falls” training for all site managers and officers within the company. The training objectives will be: Identify slips, trips, and fall hazards at work AGC and ISS celebrate 20+ years of Understand safety service specifications and features of walking surfaces and openings. Winter walking hazards Use stairs and ladders safely to avoid falls Avoid and eliminate slip and trip hazards Industrial Security Service, Inc. understands the importance of effective training in order to meet and exceed the needs of its clients, officers, as well as the continually rising demands of everyday work demands. From left to right are Greg Noe, Tim Cember, Andrea Pierce, John Richardson and Tom Crittenden. On September 18, 2009, AGC Automotive celebrated 20 years of business operations at their Elizabethtown Kentucky plant. The “Asahi Glass Corporation” is one of the largest providers of custom designed glass (automotive windshields), as well as flat glass (commercial buildings), in the world! The AGC E-town plant specializes in providing windshields to automotive manufacturers throughout the eastern and central United States. In addition to simply being proud at being invited to attend as a current provider of security, we were especially privileged to “share” in this celebration as a true partner. Industrial Security Service has been providing service for this particular plant for more than the 20 years! We actually provided service during the construction phase in 1988, as well. In honor of our relationship, Industrial Security Service presented Mr. Tom Crittenden, Plant Manager, with a framed painting that celebrated one of the many traditions associated with the Commonwealth of Kentucky: horse breeding. This painting is currently on display in their plant lobby area. Attending the ceremony from AGC Automotive included Mr. Brad Kitterman, President & CEO, Mr. Yoshihiro Hoshita, Automotive Manufacturing Unit Leader, Mr. Tom Throop, V.P. Automotive Business Unit, Mr. Mike Antanochi, V.P. Operations, and Mr. Tom Crittenden, Plant Manager. Attending on behalf of Industrial Security Service was V.P. of Quality & Compliance Andrea Pierce, Region Manager, Operations & Business Development Tim Cember, Operations Manager Greg Noe, and John Richardson who has been the Site Supervisor at AGC Automotive for over eighteen (18) years!!! The Best People. The Best Practices. The Best Guards www.BestGuards.com To be removed from our mailing list, click this link . Know someone who would like to receive this newsletter? Clck this link to forward to a friend.