Having a job in high school

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  • Having a job helps teach responsibility. AS you can see from the guy on the left. He portrays a very irresponsible persona. The dog on the right demonstrates excellent responsibility.
  • “WHAT ARE YOU DOING YOU DOODLE MUFFIN THAT’S a HORRIBLE CALL!!!” this is bad communication. Having a job can teach you how to communicate your thoughts better.


  • 1. By Nate Hawley, Caitlin Sanburg, Ethan Moore, Austin Hastings, and Trevor Alvord
  • 2. A Student’s Perspective:
  • 3. A Student’s Perspective:
  • 4. Benefits of Working: Money College applications/ Résumés Encourages responsibility Communication Helps with your career Good references More retirement money Marvin F. Gill Scholarship
  • 5. Benefits of Having Money Spending money Money for college Freedom Sense of fulfillment Image from: http://www.languagetrainers.co.uk/blog/2009/05/19/how-many-is-a-billion/
  • 6. A Teacher’s Perspective:
  • 7. Benefits of Work Experience on RésumésRésumés with no work Good résumés generallyexperience are boring lead to higher paying jobs Image from: http://www.simonstapleton.com/wordpress/2010/08/11/10-tips-to-make-your-resume-pop/ http://www.myce.com/news/microsoft-makes-peace-with-eu-17245/
  • 8. ResponsibilityNot Responsible Responsible Images from: http://www.moonshineink.com/archives.php/35/263 http://lighthousepasco.wordpress.com/2010/05/30/the-guide-dog-poop-picking-up-lecture/
  • 9. Communication Bad Communication Good Communication Images from: http://thedugoutdoctors.com/2009/11/top-8-baseball-brawls/ http://www.cartoonstock.com/directory/s/shot_gun.asp http://l2lgroup.com/_blog/L2L_Group/post/Good_Communication_Skills_are_the_Key_to_Excellent_Sales/
  • 10. Careers:No Career Fantastic Career Images from: http://www.acclaimimages.com/photos-images/rich_person.html http://www.123rf.com/photo_387405_will-work-for-food.html
  • 11. Good References: According to Colorado State University, they read every reference letter, and a good reference can play a big part of an admissions decision
  • 12. Employers in Montrose: Restaurants  McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Pahgre’s, Sonic, etc. Montrose Recreation District  Lifeguard, Soccer Referee, Scorekeeper, etc. Various Jobs  Black Canyon Gymnastics, Movie Theater, etc.
  • 13. Marvin F. Gill MemorialScholarship Recognizes students with:  Self-sufficiency  Initiative  Achievement  Leadership
  • 14. Marvin F. Gill Memorial Scholarship Must be in the top 49% of class Must meet a threshold income (your family must make under a set amount) Amount varies per year, but it is renewable for all four years of college
  • 15. Working Laws: At Least 14 Years Old Can’t work more than six hours on a school day Can’t work between 9:30 P.M. and 5:00 A.M. unless it is Friday or Saturday Can’t work 40+ hours in a week or 8 in a day A list of jobs and other guidelines is available at www.colorado.gov