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Juicy juiceeventivesplashtourproposal

  1. 1. S plas h Tour Propos al 2006 Presented by
  2. 2. Redefining event marketingby reaching cons umers in unique, c reative and motivating ways .
  3. 3. eventive marketingHeadquarters:eventive m arketing, inc.55 Fifth AvenueNew York, NY 1 0003S taff S ize:35 Full-Tim e Em ployees500+ Free Agents (independ ent contractors) – as-need basisTem porary Field Talent – as-need basis
  4. 4. reaching your cons umers …on their terms (and time)We integrate the disciplines of event marketing…• Mobile Marketing• Prod uct Sam pling• Sponsorship Activation• Retail-tainm ent• Field Marketing• Ad ult Nightlife Marketing• Corporate Event PlanningTo create an emotional preference for your brand with consumers…•Active Ad ults•Fam ilies with Kid s•Young Ad ult Males•Tweens and Teens•H ealth Conscious Fem ales•Multi-Cultural Fam ilieseventive marketing m arries the lifestyle behavior of your target consum ers with yourbrand associating it with a positive, m em orable brand experience that lives long afterthe event.
  5. 5. core c ompetenciesAll program planning, development, execution and management• Program strategic d evelopm ent• Creative-concept d evelopm ent• Site evaluation, selection and rating• Multi-site event planning, logistics training and m anagem ent• Event / location research, negotiation and sched uling• Creative services includ ing creative d evelopm ent, rend ering and prod uction• Vehicle acquisition, custom ization and fabrication m anagem ent• Food preparation and hand ling (perishabilitiy m anagem ent)• Inventory control, warehousing and storage• Equipm ent, m aterials, uniform s and prem ium s research, acquisition and prod uction• Custom er and account service with field representative and retail custom ers• Talent / staff recruitm ent, training, m anagem ent and personnel ad m inistration• Ind epend ent m arket research and program m easurem ent• Reporting and event d ocum entation
  6. 6. points of dis tinction• Seasoned service• Com m itm ent to detail and quality representation• Broad knowled ge of ind ustry• Creative solutions and custom ized program s• Equity protectors, prom oters and presenters• Turn-key resource• Client-centric• Masters of the power of play
  7. 7. it’s not rocket s cience,but we treat it like it is !
  8. 8. our formula for a s ucces s ful programE -Dimens ional Marketing tmWe u tilize a p rop rie tary form u la wh e n b u ild ing p rogram s for ou r clie nts th at th re e -d im e ns ionalize s you r m e s s age and b rand p os itioning and b rings it to life for cons u m e rs .H e re are th e 5 core crite ria:1 . E xp os e • G ive cons u m e rs an op p ortu nity to s e e , fe e l, tou ch th e b rand . • P u t th e b rand in an ap p e aling conte xt.2. E ngage • Inte rce p t th e cons u m e r in life s tyle th e y care ab ou t. • Be com e inte gral to th e m om e nt. • F orm a “m e ntal conte xt” allowing th e cons u m e r to conne ct with you r b rand .3. E xp e rie nce • E nrich p ro d u ct e xp e rie nce b y linking to a cre ate d e xp e ctation. • M ake th e m om e nt m e m orab le , involving and fu n.4. E xte nd • G ive th e co ns u m e r a com p e lling b rand take away. • O ffe r an ongoing b rand m e m ory, attraction and traction op p ortu nity.5. E m b race • Le t th e cons u m e r know you r b rand care s ab ou t th e ir live s . • Invite th e cons u m e r to m ake you r b rand p art of th e ir live s .
  9. 9. e-dimens ional marketing tm brand experience tool boxThe “ E ” Res ult The E xperiential G ut C heckE nte rtain Was th is fu n?E xp e rim e nt D id I try s om e th ing ne w?E d u cate D id I le arn anyth ing?E s cap e D id th is take m e to anoth e r p lace ?E m ote Wh at d id I fe e l?E ne rgize Was th is a “wow?”E nrich D o I fe e l m ore s u cce s s fu l?E xp and D o I fe e l “b igge r?”E ngage Was I re ally involve d ?E m p owe r Wh at d id th is e nab le m e to d o?E xte nd D id th is go b e yond m y e xp e rie nce ?E m b race Am I m ore p os itive ab ou t th e s ou rce e xp e rie nce ?E vange lize Will I te ll oth e rs ab ou t th is e xp e rie nce ?
  10. 10. program mus t-haves•When in the planning stage, get everyone at the table•The quality of the program m ust m eet consum ers’ quality expectationsof the brand•D azzle consum ers’ hearts and m ind s•Provid e m ultiple consum er touch points for the brand•Keep in m ind the three S’s: Safety, Size and Sim plicity•Extend the event and brand beyond event d ay•Always have a Plan B•Never skim p on training of personnel•Look at everything from various points of view•The d evil is in the d etails•Und erstand expectations from the beginning•D on’t be creative for creative’s sake, but provid e creative solutions
  11. 11. program objectives• Activities targeting both Mom and Child• Leverage S cholastic partnership• Leverage co-m arketing opportunities• D rive traffic to and registrations at www.JuicyJuice.com• Provid e personalized brand ed souvenir• D esigned to be PR-worthy• Fun for any kid s age 0-6 highlighting: Physical activity Science-related activity Com puter-based activity Juicy Thoughts character interaction• Built in Mom nutritional ed ucation, participatory activity, prem ium s and opportunities to engage in expert led sem inars• Leverage traffic from alread y established events and venues that are strategically aligned with the Juicy Juice target aud ience and brand equities while com plim enting the d estination environm ent with the Juicy Juice d riven event• Maxim ize num ber of target consum ers that can participate, either d irectly or rem otely• Prod uct sam pling opportunities available
  12. 12. target audienc e ins ights• M om wants to give h e r ch ild e ve ry ad vantage s h e can and s trive s d aily to give h e r ch ild wh at’s b e s t. Alth ou gh s h e is nu tritionally m otivate d , wh e n it com e s to j ice p u rch as e s , s h e d oe s not fu lly u nd e rs tand th e d iffe re nce s b e twe e n th e u b e ve rage ch oice s s h e ’s m aking, and s h e is incre as ingly influ e nce d b y h e r ch ild ’s wis h e s .• M om is als o looking for fu n ways to inte ract with h e r ch ild and s e e ks inform ation and re s ou rce s to h e lp rais e a ch ild wh o is h ap p y, h e alth y and wh ole .• M om like s s tu ff th at is good for h e r ch ild . U s u ally kid s like s tu ff th at’s not – b e cau s e it’s m ore fu n. S o you b e tte r m ake th e good s tu ff fu n.• K id s re ally re tain and e nth u s ias tically re cou nt e xp e rie nce s th e y’ve h ad th at tru ly e ngage th e m . C re ating s u ch an e xp e rie nce can cre ate a las ting b ond b e twe e n kid s and th e Ju icy Ju ice b rand .
  13. 13. our guiding principles• M ake good … fu n• E m p owe r and e d u cate b oth m om and h e r ch ild re n• C re ate th e m os t p os itive , m e m orab le b rand e xp e rie nce p os s ib le• M ake it th e ve ry b e s t e ve nt for th e ve ry b e s t b rand to re ach th e ve ry b e s t kid s
  14. 14. 3… 2… 1… LIFT OFF! “Mommy, mommy!...a GIANT banana, a s trawberry, a watermelon! WOW! I want to g o there!”
  15. 15. greetings fromP lane t Ju icy Ju ice is a fantas tical, s e ns orial e xp e rie nce for ch ild re n 0-6 andth e ir m om s . Lu re d b y th e colors , s u p e r-s ize d natu re of e ve ry d ay th ings – fru it– and of cou rs e th e p u ls e , m u s ic and flow of activity, P lane t Ju icy Ju ice is awond e rland of e xp loration, cre ativity and F U N … “ The Very B es t Place for The Very B es t Kids ” !
  16. 16. life onThere is a rich and juicy experience at every turn of this event…U niqu e “D e s tinations ” will b ring to life th e Ju icy Ju ice b rand in fu n, e d u cationaland inte ractive ways inclu d ing arts & crafts , s cie nce , com p u te r te ch nology,m u s ic and d ance , gam e s and p rize s .All are as are kid -s ize d and kid -frie nd ly. Brigh t, inviting colors fram e th e s p ace toe xu d e th at j of life th at is ch ild h ood . oyM om s will s e e re inforce m e nt m e s s age s th rou gh ou t P lane t Ju icy Ju ice in th eform of “Ju icy Th ou gh ts for M om s ”. Tip s s u ch as “6 ou nce s of 1 00% fru it j ice ue qu als one fru it s e rving on th e U S D A F ood G u id e P yram id ” will b e d is p laye d oncolorfu l, e ye -catch ing b illb oard s th rou gh ou t th e e ve nt..C om p u te r kios ks , with tie -ins to th e p articu lar activity are as as we ll as toj icyj ice .com , will b e availab le th rou gh ou t th e e nvironm e nt. Th e Ju icy Ju iceu uU R L will b e fe atu re d on all Ju icy Th ou gh ts for M om and call to action s ignage .E ach s tation will p rovid e an op p ortu nity for kid s to find th e h id d e n “Ju icyTh ou gh ts Bu nch ” ch aracte rs and ge t a s ticke r for th e ir p as s p ort.
  17. 17. trans porter areaWelc ome to Planet J uicy J uice…M om s will b e gre e te d at th e gate b y Ju icy Ju ice Am b as s ad ors wh o will give m omth e b rie f introd u ction to th e e ve nt and activitie sE ve ry fam ily re ce ive s a P lane t Ju icy Ju ice P as s p ort. M om will le arn ab ou t P lane tJu icy Ju ice and all of th e activitie s on-s ite and online th at s h e and h e r ch ild re ncan e xp e rie nce and e nj toge th e r. oyWh at th e P as s p ort d oe s : • Introd u ce s th e “Ju icy Th ou gh t Bu nch ” ch aracte rs • S e rve s as a ce nte r p ie ce for th e I S p y G am e and corre s p ond ing ch aracte r s ticke rs • P rovid e s d rive r to we b s ite • H ou s e s a te ar-off p os tcard , “G re e tings from P lane t Ju icy Ju ice ”, th at th e ch ild re n can p e rs onalize , ad d re s s and s e nd to th e ir “Ve ry Be s t F rie nd ” from th e P lane t Ju icy Ju ice M ailb ox or from h om e
  18. 18. pas s port game piece
  19. 19. s ignagewww.juicyjuice.com Juicy Thoughts for Mom
  20. 20. gameOn the hunt…A ctivity: Afte r re ce iving th e ir P as s p ort at e ntrance , m om s and ch ild re n areim m e d iate ly on th e lookou t to s p y th e h id d e n Ju icy Th ou gh ts C h aracte rs .C h aracte r im age s will b e h id d e n in e ach D e s tination. F or e xam p le , M e l m ay b es p otligh te d onto th e ce iling, C h it ‘n C h at h id d e n in a fru it clu s te r d e coration andBe rry will m ake an ap p e arance on s tage . M om s fill in th e ans we rs : “I S P Y M e lon th e _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ . “Kid take-away: K id s s p y th e ch aracte r and e arn a s ticke r for th e ir p as s p ortand we know h ow m u ch kid s LO VE s ticke rs !Mom take-away: Be s id e s th is b e ing a fu n activity for m om s and kid s to d otoge th e r, We re com m e nd an online e xte ns ion wh e re m om s go to e nte r th eans we rs online to win a p rize .Th is is a ce ntral activity for Plane t Ju icy Ju ice and e xce lle nt way to incorp orateth e S ch olas tic p artne rs h ip and h alo b e ne fit.
  21. 21. des tination “ c reate”
  22. 22. des tination “ c reate”Little bit art and a little bit s cience…U tilizing Ju icy Ju ice b oxe s and b ottle s , ch ild re n will h ave a h and s -on p lacewh e re th e y can cre ate and le arn. Ju icy Ju ice Am b as s ad ors will facilitate andas s is t th e ch ild re n with th e p roj cts . K id -s ize d tab le s and ch airs p rom ote s eb oth a s ocial com m u nity for ch ild re n as we ll as inte raction with m om .A ctivity:• C re ate a fru it p u p p e t• Bu ild a Ju icy Ju ice b ox race r• C ons tru ct a te rrariu m for a fru it p lantKid take-away: P roj cts and crafts th at th e y can take h om e , op p ortu nity to ed o s om e th ing fu n with m om and oth e r ch ild re n, and of cou rs e , op p ortu nity tos p y a Ju icy Th ou gh ts Bu nch h id d e n ch aracte r and ge t a s ticke r for th e irp as s p ort.Mom take-away: E xam p le of h ow to “m ake th e good s tu ff fu n”. S im p le andcre ative craft p roj cts cre ate gre at one -on-one tim e for m om s and kid s wh ile enu rtu ring cre ativity, fine m otor s kills , you r ch ild ’s im agination, and confid e nce -“Look wh at I m ad e ”. Th e p roj cts als o re inforce th e 1 00% fru it m e s s age . e
  23. 23. des tination “ explore”
  24. 24. des tination “ explore”E xplore is a land of s ights , s ounds , touches , s mells and tas tes .Th is are a is in fu s e d with e d u cational conte nt and tie s in with th e S ch olas tic p artne rs h ip . S e t u p tob e lo w to th e grou nd with h an d s -on activitie s and s oft s u rface , th is is a p e rfe ct are a for all agech ild re n.A c tivities : • Where does juice come from? Mo d u lar wall of colorfu l liqu id s th at cas cad e th rou gh tu b e s wh e n th e ch ild p u s h e s th e fru it re late d b u tton. S trawb e rry cre ate s re d j ice , b anana ye llow, p lu m p u rp le . u • What’s that s mell? S ce nt p u ffs are ge ne rate d wh e n a ch ild p u s h e s a b u tton. Th e ch ild m u s t id e ntify th e fru it. • C an you build it? P u zzle s with large p ie ce s fe atu ring kid ve rs ion o f food p yram id to m ake a “ve ry b e s t kid ” grow s trong and h e alth y. • What’s that s ound? C om p u te r kios ks fe atu re gam e s u s ing s ou nd s - s om e will b e fru it re late d like b iting into an ap p le . O th e r le arning gam e s from th e we b s ite or S ch olas tic can b e incorp orate d h e re . • What do you tas te? P e rfe ct are a from wh ich to tie -in any p rod u ct s am p ling for ap p rop riate m arke ts .Kid take-away: O p p ortu n ity to inte ract with oth e r ch ild re n , e xp e rie nce ne w th ings , m as te ry of atas k., m otor s kill d e ve lop m e nt and of cou rs e th e Ju icy Th o u gh ts C h aracte r s ticke r – like ly to b e as cratch and s niff.Mom take-away: Th is is an are a wh e re ch ild re n can e xp lore on th e ir own or with m om involve d ine ach activity. Th is e xp e rie nce re p licate s a ch ild re n’s m u s e u m wh ich is 1 00% ab ou t le arning,cre ativity and d e ve lop m e nt. Th e kid -s ize natu re of th is are a als o m ake s th is cond u cive forconve rs ations b e twe e n m om s as th e y ob s e rve th e ir ch ild re n p laying.
  25. 25. des tination “ play”
  26. 26. des tination “ play”S tart Your E ngines – it’s time to get phys ic al!A ctivities :• Fruity 500… cros s b e twe e n a s trolle r d e rb y and go-cart race , th e s e fru it race rs are “d rive n” b y kid s and p owe re d b y p are nts . C ircling P lane t Ju icy Ju ice is a F ru ity 500 race track. E ach ch ild will ge t into a fru it race r and p u t on th e ir h e lm e t M om / ad will p u t on th e ir fu e l p ack wh ich is th e vitam in as s ociate d with th at d fru it. E xam p le : B anana race r is p owe re d b y p otas s iu m , S trawb e rry race r is p owe re d b y Vitam in C . At th e d rop of th e flag, th e y will race arou nd th e cou rs e . E ve ry p are nt/ ild te am will re ce ive a F ru ity 500 R ace r ch rib b on with th e m e s s age , Ve ry B e s t K id s p owe re d b y th e Ve ry B e s t Vitam ins .• G reat Fruit Relay… P are nt and kid te am s will ne e d to colle ct all of th e fru its on th e ir re lay and p u t th e m into th e j ice b ottle at th e e nd of th e cou rs e . Ap p le s will b e in tre e s , s trawb e rrie s in p atch e s , b ananas in u b u n ch e s e tc. Th e s e will b e large s ize d fru its to m ake ru nning with th e m a ch alle nge and th e n ne e d to s qu is h th e m into th e Ju icy Ju ice Ju g.• J uice B ottle B owling… U s ing Ju icy Ju ice p las tic b ottle s , m om s and kid s can com p e te in te am s in th is fu n, all-age ap p e al gam e . Kid-take away: “Ve ry Be s t Kid ” R ib b on s ticke r p re m iu m . M aking th e conn e ction th at good food s are good for you , m ake you s trong, fas t e tc. e m p owe rm e nt, re cognition and ach ie ve m e nt. “Ju icy Th ou gh ts Bu nch ” ch aracte r s ticke r. Mom take-away: R e inforce m e nt of th e 1 00% fru it j ice ch oice and its conne ction to rais ing a h e alth y u ch ild . R e cognition of Ju icy Ju ice ’s com m itm e nt to th e p h ys ical h e alth for h e r ch ild . Id e as for re p licating s om e of th e s e gam e s at h om e – i.e . Ju icy Ju ice Bowling.
  27. 27. des tination “ entertain”C ome one, come all…s ing with us , danc e with us , follow along with “ B erryS ays ”Th is e ne rgize d , e xciting, all-d ay ru nning C e nte r S tage will b e th e h e artb e at and m u s ic b e atof P lane t Ju icy Ju ice . Like P lane t H ollywood , th e re will b e ce le b rity s igh tings – for m om sand kid s . F or M om s , D r. C h ris tine Wood or a favorite ce le b rity m om will m akeap p e arance s (op tion). F or kid s th e y will m e e t th e “Ju icy Ju ice Th ou gh t Bu nch ” ch aracte rs .A ctivities :• Le arn th e Ju icy Ju ice S h u ffle , a s p e cially ch ore ograp h e d line d ance d e ve lop e d b y E M I for Ju icy Ju ice• P lay “Be rry S ays ” a take -off of S im on S ays• S ing along and d ance along with p op u lar kid e nte rtaine rs (op tion)• P lay Th e F am ily C h alle nge , m om s and kid te am activity wh e re th e y com p e te with oth e r fam ilie s to ans we r qu e s tions ab ou t e ach oth e r like – Wh at’s h e r favorite food , color e tc.Kid take-away: S u p e r s ocial e nvironm e nt to inte ract and h ave lots of lau gh s with th e irfam ily and oth e r kid s . P rize s for th e gam e s as we ll as th e “Ju icy Th ou gh ts Bu nch ”ch aracte r s ticke r as s ociate d with th is are a.Mom take-away: Wond e rfu l grou p e xp e rie nce with op p ortu nitie s to le t loos e and lau gh aswe ll as le arn and com m u ne with oth e r m om s and e xp e rts .
  28. 28. des tination “ giggle”
  29. 29. des tination “ giggle”Giggle repres ents the area where mom and child get their cus tomizedpremiumfrom J uicy J uice – Fruit C aricature Key C hain.Th is u niqu e and s u re to b e ve ry p op u lar p re m iu m will b e a fu n and valu e d take -awayfor m om .A ctivity:What’s Y our F ruit Pers onality?Kid s p ick th e ir favorite “Ju icy Th ou gh ts Bu nch ” ch aracte r. C om p u te r artis ts will m orp h th ech ild ’s face with th e ir favorite fru it ch aracte r and p u t th e p h oto into a ke y ch ain for an ins tantgratification p re m iu m . Th e s e will b e d igitally d e s igne d s o an online e xte ns ion can b e ad d e dto offe r e m ailing cap ab ilitie s as we ll as to ord e r oth e r p re m iu m s like a t-s h irt or m u g with th eim age .Thes e premiums will be s ure to make them giggle!
  30. 30. extending beyond the event“Where did you get that? ”Upon d eparture from Planet Juicy Juice, every child that has com pleted their I S PY Juicy ThoughtsBunch passport will receive a Planet Juicy Juice Very Best Kid s m ed al to wear around their neck.Not only will this excite and d elight child ren to be recognized and reward ed , the visual/viral effectas these fam ilies then travel throughout the venue will d rive m ore consum ers to experience PlanetJuicy Juice – The Very Best Place for The Very Best Kid s!Y our I S PY game may win you a prize!Kid s take their com pleted I S PY gam e with Juicy Thoughts Bunch character stickers and haveMom register their answers (character locations) on-line at juicyj uice.com for their chance to win atrip to a kid -friend ly location (D isney World ).Don’t forget mom…As m om is lugging the hom e-m ad e arts & crafts proj and prizes that they won, full of new ectlearning from the Juicy Thoughts For Mom signage, sm iling with her child because of the wond erfultim e she shared with both her child and the Juicy Juice brand , she will be hand ed a high valuecoupon good for her next purchase of Juicy Juice.
  31. 31. premiums Fruit Pers onality Key C hain PremiumVery Best Kid Medal
  32. 32. event elements s ummary• Planet Juicy Juice passport card with “Greetings” postcard• Juicy Thoughts Bunch stickers• Juicy Thoughts Bunch I SPY gam e• Juicy Thoughts For Mom helpful tips signage• Fam ily interactive play at all D estination areas• D estination Create proj prem ium (puppet, box racer, terrarium ) ect• Visits to www.j uicyj uice.com through com puter kiosks• Fruity 500 Ribbon sticker• Very Best Kid m ed al & ribbon prem ium• Interactive play and prizes at D estination Entertain (stage area)• S ocial interaction for child ren• Juicy Thoughts Bunch character appearances• Your Fruit Personality com puter caricature prem ium• Prod uct sam pling (if applicable)• Prod uct coupons
  33. 33. getting the word out The very best means of reaching out to your target audience about this tour...When negotiating with events & venues, eventive will look to leverage:• Em ail lists & d ata bases• Website banners and / or links to j uicyj uice.com event prom otion page• Trad e-for-m ention m ed ia opportunities• Local rad io rem ote opportunitiesAdditional options to consider:• Tag Juicy Juice print, rad io & TV ad s in regional m arkets• Leverage m ed ia cred its to prom ote the tour through parenting m agazines, m om -oriented websites and TV• Leverage Scholastic partnership to includ e its m ed ia outlets such as S cholastic Parent & Child m agazine and links from S cholastic.com• Leverage Scholastic in-school m arketing opportunities to prom ote the tour in key m arkets
  34. 34. program s c ope• 1 4 we e k tou r • 4 fu ll-tim e tou r m anage rs• Ave rage 4 e ve nt d ays / we e k • 1 3 s u p p ort s taff / b rand am b as s ad ors / e ve nt• 56 total e ve nt d ays • 2 b rand e d ve h icle s on th e• 1 4 targe t m arke ts road• 5,755,000 e s tim ate d au d ie nce (b as e d on tou r s ch e d u le e xam p le )• 650,000 e s tim ate d e ve nt traffic (targe t cons u m e r traffic – m om s w/ s kid 0-6)• 500,000 e s tim ate d cou p on d is trib u tion
  35. 35. tour calendar example EventDates Market Event Attendance Target Consumers 5,755,000 650,0006/28-7/4 Boston H arborfest 2,000,000 1 50,0007/1 3-7/1 6 Atlanta Six Flags 20,000 1 0,0007/21 -7/23 Baltim ore Baltim ore Artscape 750,000 75,0007/28-7/30 NY / NJ Six Flags 20,000 1 0,0008/4-8/6 Philad elphia Bethlehem PA MusikFest 1 00,000 1 2,0008/1 1 -8/1 3 Washington Gaithersburg Montgom ery Co Ag Fair 80,000 1 0,0008/1 9-8/20 Chicago Air & Water Show 750,000 80,0009/1 -9/4 Seattle Bum bershoot 1 50,000 1 5,000 Legoland Ad venture City, Anaheim9/9-9/1 0 Los Angeles Santa Monica Pier / Pacific Park 1 5,000 8,0009/1 3-9/1 7 Los Angeles LA County Fair 400,000 45,0009/23-9/24 San Francisco Kid sFaire Pleasanton 70,000 40,0009/30-1 0/1 Las Vegas Event TBD / Fashion Mall1 0/6-1 0/8 D allas Texas State Fair 1 ,000,000 85,0001 0/1 4-1 0/1 5 San D iego Kid sFaire San D iego 70,000 40,0001 0/21 -1 0/22 Los Angeles Kid sFaire Los Angeles 70,000 40,0001 0/27-1 0/29 Phoenix Arizona State Fair 260,000 30,000
  36. 36. pric ingTotal P rogram C os t: $ 1,636,269Inclu d e s …• T ou r P e rs onne l & E ve nt S taff $ 349,624• E ve ntive Inte rnal Accou nt Te am M anage m e nt S taff $ 393,285• T ou r S taff & F ie ld Au d it / M anage m e nt Trave l $ 80,400• Inte ractive D is p lays , E xh ib its , M ate rials & D e s ign $ 275,1 60• P rinte d M ate rials , U niform s , P rize s , P re m iu m s $ 82,000• E ve nt S p ons ors h ip & Ve nu e F e e s $ 21 0,000• Ve h icle s , F u e l & Mainte nance $ 74,800• M is c S u p p lie s , S h ip p ing & S torage / Ware h ou s e $ 56,000• R e s e arch , R e p orting, P h otograp h y & Vid e o $ 55,000• Ins u rance $ 1 0,000• C ou p on R e d e m p tion (p lace h old e r total) $ 50,000
  37. 37. how will you know it worked?• Ind epend ent research stud y• Event m etrics• Website visits• Coupon tracking• PR m entions / activity• Sam pling d istribution in specified m arkets• Event reporting & photographic d ocum entation
  38. 38. program deliverables chec klis t Event tour provid es a variety of activities for Mom and Child Event is both Mom and Child relevant Activities em power child and prom ote interactivity with m om , other kid s and the brand Program provid es a m em orable, engaging brand experience guaranteed to m ake that em otional connection with child ren and their fam ilies Ties in with Scholastic partnership and property D rives participants to register at j uicyj uice.com via com puter kiosks and I S PY gam e registration Includ es personalized , brand ed souvenirs, prem ium s and prizes Includ es kid fun couples with m om fun & education Capitalizes on traffic flow and m axim izes consum er reach Extend s the event beyond event d ay and creates traction for the brand Encourages the purchase action step
  39. 39. cons ider this …• Vis its large re tail locations (Wal-M art, Targe t) to incre as e re ach , e nh ance cu s tom e r re lations h ip s , and cre ate m ore e fficie ncy in e xe cu tion cos ts• In e ach D e s tination, are a p artne r with a com p lim e ntary b rand or p rod u ct s u ch as a s nack b rand (K e llogg’s S nacks ), toy m anu factu re r (LE G O ) or m e d ia p artne r (K id s D is cove ry)• C ons id e r th e Ju icy Ju ice Ju nction footp rint as an alte rnate cre ative p rom otion th e m e
  40. 40. and for thos e of you who don’t like to fly… Juicy Juice Junction
  41. 41. all aboard…
  42. 42. eventive performanc e chec klis t Expertise in overall turn-key event tour d evelopm ent & execution (big footprint & sm all footprint) Experienced in bringing to life the brand m essage and harnessing the power of “play” Engrossed in the d ynam ic of the m other / child relationship Excel at d elivering engaging and effective brand -centric consum er activities Enlightened on the workings of Nestle and the Juicy Juice brand through past program s and an ongoing relationship Efficient and effective in term s of tour / event planning & logistics to best m axim ize reach and bud get Equity build ers, protectors and prom oters, in the field , for our clients’ brand s Excited at the potential of working with you on this opportunity!
  43. 43. 55 Fifth Ave New York NY 10003 T.212.463.9700eventivemarketing.comS haron KotlerF ou nd e r / C E O21 2.463.9700 e xt. 1 1 8s h aronk@ e ve ntive m arke ting.comDavid S aalfrankS e nior Vice P re s id e nt21 2.463.9700 e xt. 1 1 7d avid s @ e ve ntive m arke ting.comJ ennifer L. Pric c iM arke ting S e rvice s M anage r21 2.463.9700 e xt. 1 20j nnife rp @ e ve ntive m arke ting.com e
  44. 44. reaching cons umers at play…Play can m ean so m any d ifferentthings. S om e consum ers d efine playas running a m arathon others as atrip to the zoo with their fam ily. It’sthe power of play, however, that iscom m on to all consum ers – theclarity of a positive m om ent and am em ory that takes hold .It is this am azing connection that weharness to build creative, m em orableand highly effective program s for ourclients.
  45. 45. about us …eventive marketing is a lead ing integratedexperiential m arketing agency, specializing in theconceptualization, d evelopm ent and execution ofinnovative event m arketing program s. With focuson lifestyle targeting, our capabilities range fromevent m arketing, sam pling program s, m obilem arketing, sponsorship activation, and retail-tainm ent.eventive marketing d elivers positive andm em orable brand experiences to your targetconsum ers. Since 1 993, we have associatedprod ucts and services with fun and excitingvenues to capitalize on the relaxed andim pressionable m ind set of consum ers at play.
  46. 46. your brand advocateeventive marketing provides a unique combination ofprofessional marketing skills and seasoned experience offering: • Proven ability to assess the m ost relevant, m ost cost effective and m ost creative ways to reach target consum ers • Extensive knowled ge of events throughout the U S A and established relationships with m any event d irectors, organizers and prom oters • Experience in provid ing professional im plem entation at athletic events & d estinations, festivals & fairs, expos, m alls, them e parks, and other high volum e events such as NASCAR & concerts • Successful track record for m aj com panies includ ing McNeil, J&J, Kellogg, Nestle, or D annon, Coors and Tim e Warner • A totally turnkey operation d ed icated to m axim izing brand exposure and interaction with target consum ers
  47. 47. our role• To create relationships with consum ers that create an em otional preference for our clients’ brand s and services• To provid e creative and innovative ways to reach consum ers; red efining the approach m any tim es.• To be a valuable and turnkey resource for our clients on m any d ifferent levels• To be consistent in quality delivery, execution and results.
  48. 48. our expertis e at work…
  49. 49. rice kris pies jammin’ jingle Program Objectives: • Activate a national on-pack prom otion supporting Kellogg’s partnership with the Country Music Association • Provid e target consum ers, kid s age 4-1 2, the opportunity to experience the brand through personal interaction with Snap!™, Crackle!™, & Pop!™ • Broad en brand visibility • Create top of m ind awareness for brand • Increase brand equityProgram Overview:In honor of Kellogg’s Rice Krispies 75th Anniversary, eventive m arketing brought the Jam m in’ Jingle contest to lifeand offered kid s the chance to “sing their hearts out” live on stage – in front of their loved ones. The brand ’s fun andenergetic personality was truly captured (as seen in consum er’s sm iling faces and the energy level of fam iliesapplaud ing the event) and consum ers left the event with a positive brand experience.Kid s were encouraged to sing their rend ition of the Rice Krispies ad vertising j ingle “Who We Are” for a chance to wincool Kellogg’s prizes and a VIP trip to the Country Music Association Award s in Nashville. Onsite, consum ers wereentered into the Jam m in’ Jingle contest and sent hom e with a Rice Krispies brand ed keepsake of their perform ance,which m om s loved !Results:• Total Estim ate Event Aud ience: 3,000• Total Num ber of Live Perform ance Vid eo Entries: 221• Total Num ber of Photo Fram es Prem ium s D istributed : 28
  50. 50. nes tlé funzoneProgram Objectives:• Create brand connectivity with the N estlé target consum er – kid s age 0-1 2 and the fam ily unit• Reinforce brand awareness through Interactive gam es and activities• Prom ote prod uct trial through sam pling• Engage, involve and ed ucate the consum er by bringing the personalities the Nestlé brand s nesquik, S weeTarts, Wond er Ball, Juicy Juice and Crunch to lifeProgram Overview: The Nestlé Fun Zone m ission was to bring five Nestlé prod ucts together to create a fun-filled , synergistic atm osphere where kid s and m om s could enj Nestlé prod ucts, play interactive oy gam es with the participating brand s and win FREE Nestlé prizes. Although each brand brought a d ifferent m essage to the program , they all com bined to create a true Fun Zone.Results:• Event attend ance topped 790,000 consum ers• Prod uct sam pling, prem ium d istribution and interactive participation varied across Nestlé brand s but as a whole the Nestlé Fun Zone was consid ered a highly successful program for the Nestlé client and provid ed a positive consum er experience d eem ed high in entertainm ent value
  51. 51. nes tlé funzone“ The Nestle FunZone is a great opportunity for us to get our brand outthere and increase awareness among our consumers.“And for our consumers, families and kids to interact with and to get toknow the Nestle brands. It’s been an amazing tour and the results havebeen incredible.” - Ken Mal ouf, Associat B rand Manager e Nestlé
  52. 52. camp s morzProgram Objectives:• Involve the target aud ience in the Kellogg’s SMORZ cereal personality through brand ed consum er activities, prizes and prem ium s• Illicit prod uct trial through intercept and event sam pling• Create brand awarenessProgram Overview: Always a trusted m arketing resource for Kellogg’s brand team s, eventive m arketing and Kellogg’s launched Cam p SMORZ, a sensorial and creative SMORZ Cereal S am pling Tour. The “cam ping trip” them e featured sam pling staff d ressed as cam p counselors and an “outd oorsy” look and feel (fake trees, sound s of the outd oors at night, etc.). The head “Cam p S MORZ” counselor (em cee) will host events on a center stage area com plete with a cam ping / brand backd rop. S om e brand ed consum er activities includ ed Musical Marshm allows, The SMORZ puzzle gam e and Get Out of the Sleeping Bag Contests. Results: • Markets: 1 2 • Event D ays: 20 • Total Intercept sam pling d ays: 8 • Event S am ple D istribution: 386,200 • Intercept S am ple D istribution: 1 1 2,800 • Total Sam pling D istribution: 900,000
  53. 53. nes tlé nes quik bunny tourProgram Objectives:• Create brand connectivity with the target consum er – kid s age 6-1 2 and m om s• Ind uce prod uct trial and brand awareness through sam pling• Engage, involve and ed ucate the consum er by bringing the NesQ uik brand to lifeProgram Overview: The Nestlé NesQ uik Bunny Tour was an opportunity for the brand to ind uce trial and increase brand awareness through sam pling at m aj them e parks and grassroots events in eight m aj cities across the or or U nited S tates. The tour began in Boston on June 29, and traveled to New York, S t. Louis, D enver, H ouston, D allas, S an Francisco and wrapped up in Los Angeles on August 27. This tour was a huge success and provid ed trem end ous exposure for the brand by d irectly targeting child ren ages 6-1 2 at play. Results: • Consum ers Reached : 596,1 50 • Sam ples Poured : 1 79,400 • Sachet Sam ples: 400,230 • Ice Cream Coupons: 263,840 • Activity Books: 269,21 0 • Most Popular Prem ium s: Photos / NesQ uik Coolers
  54. 54. kellogg’s fruit harves t cereal Program Objectives: • To extend the S pecial K brand beyond trad itional reach to includ e upscale ad ults who have a passion for food • To bring to life Kellogg’s Fruit H arvest print and television ad vertisem ents • To create brand awareness and ind uce trial am ong the target ad ult consum er • Com m unicate the “Ripe for the Picking” brand m essageProgram Overview:A traveling Fruit H arvest road sid e farm er’s m arket (com plete with trees that yield ed boxes of Fruit H arvestcereal) traveled nationally d elighting the hearts and taste bud s of consum ers. Prize giveaways of cookingaprons and gift certificates to William s-S onom a were part of the overall sam pling effort as well as, theopportunity for ad ults to try their hand at “picking fresh Fruit H arvest Cereal” from the vine.This event sam pling prom otion helped Fruit H arvest gain a foothold on the cereal aisle shelves and becom e astaple of every cereal connoisseurs pantry.Results:• Total Num ber of S am pling Markets: 1 7• Total Num ber of S am pling d ays: 90• Total Intercept Sam ple D istribution: 560,000• Total Event Sam ple D istribution: 640,000• Total S am ple D istribution: 1 ,200,000
  55. 55. kids ’ WB! cras h the backlot tourProgram Overview: The Kid s’ WB! Crash the Backlot Tour provid es a unique “d estination within a d estination” where kid s and fam ilies can interact with anim ated stars and well-loved brand s from their favorite kid s broad cast network. Four d ays of non-stop fun, gam es, shows and character appearances in each m arket provid e the perfect backd rop to showcase brand s through brand ed visibility, interactive events, hand s-on d em onstrations, them ed gam es and activities, prod uct sam pling and m ore… all und er the halo of Kid s’ WB! brand equity. Program S cope: • 52 d ays of brand prom otion • 1 3 key S ix Flags Them e Parks with com bined attend ance in excess of 20 m illion • Face to face interactions with 2.1 m illion+ targeted fam ilies • 1 ,000,000 sam ples / prom otional m aterials d istributed • Approxim ately 420 m illion im pressions generated
  56. 56. backlot tour s pons ors hip activation
  57. 57. backlot tour s pons ors hip activation
  58. 58. kellogg’s tonymobileProgram Objectives:• Create brand connectivity with Kellogg• Prom ote and reinforce character equity and d rive sales of Kellogg cereals am ong target consum ers• Increase awareness of the Kellogg com pany and create a positive and m em orable brand experience by bringing Tony and the gang to life for kid s of all agesProgram Overview:For 3 years running eventive m arketing has put a team on the road to introd uce the Kellogg Tonym obileand the Kellogg’s characters, creating broad scale excitem ent around a Tonym obile m arket visit. For retailpartners, Tonym obile appearances provid e opportunity to d rive store traffic and prod uct sales. At m aj orevents and festival locations consum ers are given the opportunity to interact with the characters andsam ple Kellogg cereal/prod ucts.Results:• Event attend ance 1 2 Million+ per year• 1 .1 5 MM consum ers sam pled• In 2004, Frosted Flakes shares increased by 1 point in participating m arkets