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El corporate brochure

  1. 1. Much like the late Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. almost 27 Education that drives success years prior to the creation of its visionary educational experience, To succeed in today’s world marketplace, children need and EdisonLearning had a dream: deserve a world-class education. With hundreds of schools, thousands of educators, and millions of students served, our To create an innovative learning environment to meet the unique results prove that the EdisonLearning difference makes possible challenges of a brave new Millennium. increased achievement for every student in our care. This singular approach to education took flight nearly 20 years As a society, we have a moral responsibility to offer every child ago with EdisonLearning’s pioneering School Designs concept, a access to superior schooling. Helping to make that education watershed moment for education through the establishment a a reality for children here and abroad is the singular mission whole-school solution based on unique learning principles and of EdisonLearning. a holistic approach to education. Through collaboration, and our research-based concepts and Always seeking to bring the advantages of the EdisonLearning constructs, we work hand-in-hand with educators to establish philosophy to more students, we expanded on our core rigorous curricula, drive teacher effectiveness, leverage data principles over the years with new offerings and services, such systems that inform the educational process, provide a proven as our consultative EdisonLearning® Achievement Services and methodology for improving under-performing schools and EdisonLearning® Extended Education. And we’ve grown in parallel develop, grow and produce college and career-ready students. with the needs of educators and the way children learn; we remain at the forefront of education innovation with the application Fulfilling the promise of of new technologies and capabilities available via EdisonLearning® achievement through innovation Online. Simultaneously, we have extended our reach globally More than just a partner, EdisonLearning is made up of educational through EdisonLearning International™ driving student practitioners with hands-on experience, a passion for learning, and achievement in the United Kingdom and Abu Dhabi. the firm belief that every child can learn, regardless of background or circumstance. EdisonLearning was founded on the premise that an intelligently integrated and comprehensively designed school based on sound We take seriously our pledge to continue innovating through academic research would result in providing students with a product development, driven by ongoing research, rigorous stimulating environment for acquiring knowledge. field-based evaluation, and proactive educational strategies. This is the central principle that guides us today, serving to Our conviction and dynamism – in raising the bar on education sharpen our focus on the kind of learning experience that results innovation, in working tirelessly to help educators reach their goals, in strong outcomes and accountability to students, parents and and in setting young people on a course of life long learning and educators alike. discovery – is what makes us your partner of choice, now and into the future. Working together, we can help every student succeed! 2
  2. 2. Our Four Cornerstones Philosophy The foundation of the EdisonLearning approach to education Top Talent Culture of Engagement Our schools are staffed with the & Aspiration All of our offerings are rooted in a common philosophy. We best-trained, most passionate, A positive environment that call it the Four Cornerstones™ of highly effective schools. These and relentless leaders and celebrates the joy of learning principles lie at the heart of every EdisonLearning engagement, teachers. We recruit the best, is an essential part of a great whether a significant intervention is needed, a school is tackling reward them well, and help school. We foster a culture them grow through a program focused on accountability, a specific challenge such as closing the achievement gap, or a of powerful professional responsibility, and achievement, good school is being transformed into a great one. development. with innovative school organization and involvement of family and community. The Four Cornerstones approach ensures that EdisonLearning solutions are holistic – both comprehensive and cohesive, with all parts interacting and supporting one another for a whole that is far more than the sum of its parts. Demanding Content Achievement Driven & Customized Instruction Management EdisonLearning brings together Without a well-run school, three critical elements of the students cannot reach their academic program: a rich, full potential. A comprehensive challenging, research-based set of tools, best practices, and curriculum that engages local and national resources learners, highly effective keeps you on target to meet instructional methods, and your achievement goals. the resources needed to tailor EdisonLearning helps you instruction to the needs of plan, assess, and monitor your every student. progress while giving leaders what they need to remain focused on teaching. 3
  3. 3. EdisonLearning is committed to educating Wisdom the whole child. Focusing attention on each student’s social and personal development Justice is an instrumental part of their academic Courage development. At the heart of EdisonLearning is our Eight Core Values By actively promoting Compassion and embracing the Core Values, we provide Hope a clear reference point that encourages the formation of a positive learning culture Respect that guides all that we do. This is true for all Responsibility members of the EdisonLearning community, including teachers, administrators, support Integrity staff, and students. The EdisonLearning A portfolio that inspires students commitment to innovation to think, learn, and succeed EdisonLearning has nearly 20 years of proven experience The goal of EdisonLearning has always been to provide children in comprehensive product development that integrates with the best possible education, by delivering products and research and best practices and leverages the collaborative experience of our partners. services that can meet the full range of educational needs for K-12. EdisonLearning solutions can help put struggling schools New products only reach the classroom after passing through on the right track to meet achievement mandates, establish formal “stages” and “gates” which include ideation, client needs analysis, piloting, beta testing and partner feedback. innovative new schools to anchor a new community, or These stages of development are measured and evaluated transform good schools into great learning facilities – to ensure design efficacy. whether it’s for an individual school, a cluster-based Where it makes the best sense for schools and students, solution, or a district-or system-wide initiative. we also use strategic alliances and acquisitions to develop our product portfolio, such as in our partnership with 100 EdisonLearning® School Designs – A turnkey service that Black Men of America, who seek to improve the quality of life within our communities and enhance educational provides innovative, fully managed schools with maximum and economic opportunities for all African Americans; engagement from EdisonLearning professionals. or, our acquisition of online learning pioneer Provost Systems in 2008. EdisonLearning Achievement Services–Collaborative partnership services such as Alliance™ provide guidance, accountability and best practices that turn around underachieving schools, or, transform schools from good to great. The Alliance suite of Achievement tools and support run K-12 with a special emphasis in High School on college-readiness with EdisonLearning’s College NEXT! ™ program. 4
  4. 4. School Designs Achievement Services Extended Education Online A comprehensive whole A suite of tools and support Extra help designed to Curriculum, technology and school experience. that delivers sustainable complement the school best practices for online school improvement. day in an engaging way. learning environments. K-8 Alliance ™ Learning Force ™ eAcademy High School Alliance High School Summer Journey ™ eCourses District Alliance eSchoolware EdisonLearning Extended Education – Supplemental The EdisonLearning Difference educational solutions such as Learning Force and Summer Collaborative partnerships is where EdisonLearning Journey that meet tutoring and summer school requirements stands apart. Our engagement style is built on the principle with engaging content is designed to be a true extension of of partnering with our clients to meet all of their needs and the regular classroom experience. achievement goals. It’s the only really effective way to create solutions that work in an environment as complex as a school. EdisonLearning Online – Innovative web-based educational solutions effectively leverage technology to ensure the success Successful outcomes also depend on customized solutions of both students and schools. EdisonLearning delivers customized that are up to task. That’s why our portfolio is so robust and solutions which offer individualized learning, engaging and adaptable – to give our partners the resources they need to rigorous curriculum, top-quality instruction and measurable meet their unique requirements. We are able to account for student achievement. local needs such as labor relations, desired degree of district involvement, and government requirements. EdisonLearning The breadth and depth of our portfolio allows us to provide has the industry’s most comprehensive and integrated set of complete, integrated solutions for both traditional schools and offerings, more extensive and ongoing support, demonstrated new technology-driven educational models such as hybrid and achievement results, and proven, sustainable models online schools. That makes EdisonLearning a partner that can for improvement. meet current needs, and provide continuity into the future as the learning environment evolves. As essential as these underlying elements are, partnership is about much more. At the end of the day, education is a very human endeavor, one that demands exceptional dedication and involvement from every stakeholder. Only by working together in true partnership can we achieve our common goal: preparing our children for the future. 5
  5. 5. Improved Achievement Results that matter EdisonLearning partner schools have experienced remarkable At EdisonLearning our priorities are the same as yours, to offer gains in critical measures of student achievement. Here’s every child a world-class education that will teach them to think how, together, we’ve helped transform education for thousands of our nation’s children. and prepare them to succeed in the face of life’s challenges. EdisonLearning is firmly committed to providing achievement In the school year ending in 2009, students in EdisonLearning results that students, parents and communities rightly expect. schools have made proven, statistically significant gains in reading and math. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished working hand-in-hand with our partners across the nation. Average Gain in Percentage Points of Students Meeting or Exceeding Standards In engagement after engagement, we’ve shown how the EdisonLearning approach can make a difference. A difference not only in terms of raising achievement scores to meet legislative requirements or make the best use of scarce resources, but where it really counts: in the lives of the children themselves. Find out more For more information about EdisonLearning and our mission to inspire students to think, learn, and succeed, please visit www.edisonlearning.com, call us at 1-877-I-CAN-LEARN (1-877-422-6532), or email us at information@edisonlearning.com. Working together, we can help every student achieve! Source: EdisonLearning Annual Report on Student Achievement, 2009 6
  6. 6. “Achievement is up and staying up. From curriculum to assessment to professional development to finances, Edison[Learning] has been an invaluable partner in helping us improve.” - eter Mehas, Former Superintendent P Fresno, California “Accountability and mastery are two attributes that I demand for our students when searching for online courses; EdisonLearning’s eCourses are centered around those two ideals and provide a product that is interactive, easy to navigate, and still holds the students to high levels of learning…” - ndrew Maoury, Upper School Academy A Director Renaissance Academy Phoenixville, PA “EdisonLearning’s high expectations for student learning, relentless commitment to building local capacity for improving classroom instruction, and the outstanding customer service provided by both the Hawaii-based and Headquarters teams continue to exceed expectations.” - onn Nozoe, Complex Area Superintendent R Hawaii Department of Education “My sixth grader’s reading has improved dramatically, and I’ve watched her academic performance go sky high!” - arent, New York City P EdisonLearning Partner School
  7. 7. © 2010 EdisonLearning, Inc. All rights reserved EdisonLearning®, the EdisonLearning logo, Alliance™, EdisonLearning International ®, Four Cornerstones™, Learning Force™, Summer Journey ™, College NEXT! ™ and Working together for student success™ are trademarks of EdisonLearning, Inc. EdisonLearning, Inc. 485 Lexington Avenue New York, NY 10017 www.edisonlearning.com EL10 09.10 www.edisonlearning.com