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Aetn walmart american_dreamcampaign_proposal

  1. 1. Home Case StudyA&E Television Networks®The 360o of A&ESavvy marketers are looking for more than just a one-size-fits-all media schedule. A&E Television Networks (AETN) was seeking acustomized marketing program for Wal-Mart that would leverage their assets, alliances and initiatives into a strategic, customized,integrated marketing campaign that would deliver results for this, one of their biggest clients.In 2007 PHANTOM POWER was retained to design a marketing An AETN Integration Mantra was created and educationalplan for Wal-Mart and craft the accompanying new business materials were created for Wal-Mart which depicted theirproposal. Because media choices are proliferating, and 360-degree multi-media world.fragmenting, at an astonishing rate the challenge was to • The AETN 360° approach zeros in on a target group of consumerscommunicate to Wal-Mart that the sum of AETN properties can “ most likely to be receptive to a certain message and surroundseffectively marry their marketing objectives into AETN’s multiple “ using a variety of media to touch them at different points along theplatforms and range of combinations. decision-to-buy process • At AETN, we make it our business to understand the latestTo overcome this challenge, PHANTOM POWER presented “ consumer behavior, then we deliver the multiplatformAETN to Wal-Mart AETN as a “content powerhouse,” the most “effective choice for reaching potential customers in a shifting entertainment experiences that meet the needs and desires of ourmedia world. massive fan bases PHANTOM POWER Marketing Objectives Custom Wal-Mart/AETN Integrated Marketing Campaign • Showcase the breadth of relevant, quality Wal-Mart products • Drive awareness of Wal-Mart’s customized and specialty services • Celebrate the American family • Build Wal-Mart brand awareness and drive promotional urgency • Deliver the Everyday Low Prices messaging to the consumer through various campaign elements • Extend Wal-Mart competencies to include quality • Leverage the strength of the Wal-Mart brand in contemporary America
  2. 2. HomeAfter conducting in depth market research on the Wal-Mart brand, Campaign Elementsphilosophy, competition and demographic the wal-Mart AmericanDream Campaign was proposed. • On-Air & VOD ⸗ Promotional Spot AdsThe campaign mission was to leverage AETN properties to deliver ⸗ Product Integrationeducation on home ownership and maintenance establishing the • OnlineWal-Mart brand as a life enhancing solution. Going beyond the ins ⸗ User-Generated Content: Design Your Dream Home!and outs of buying a house, the campaign will involve managing ⸗ Podcastsevery aspect of turning a house into a home - from decorating to ⸗ Original Webisodesbudgeting, outfitting your living space, maintaining property, home ⸗ Wallpaperimprovement and more. Ultimately, The Wal-Mart American ⸗ Retail POPDream Campaign will showcase the diverse and fashionable Wal- ⸗ Newsletter SponsorshipsMart brands and products as a modern turn-key resource perfectly • Mobile Voting and Text Messaging Campaignsuited to help families sustain the home yielding a great, nurturing • Relationships Marketing / Print Advertisingfamily life year-round. ⸗ History Channel Club Magazine 250,000 circulationRelevant AETN television programming will drive consumers to a ⸗ Exclusive offers to A&E Clubdedicated Wal-Mart American Dream Campaign website, a user- 220,00 online membersfriendly destination where consumers will use fashionable, high-quality Wal-Mart products and services to virtually decorate all the The AETN Integrated Marketing team to design the customrooms in their dream home. Traditional advertising, promotional Wal-Mart American Dream Website with add-ons such asbumpers and online presence will motivate demographics in printable shopping lists, coupons and product suggestions.different ways… i.e. Bio for Kids… create the coolest game room,American Eats… dream kitchen, Boys Toys… the ultimate homeoffice, etc. PHANTOM POWER Integrated Marketing Checklist  Campaign plus-ups targeting AETN Classroom further sponsorship value  A “themed” unique, creative and engaging promotional campaign  Modern marketing communications mix integrating various AETN properties relevant to Wal-Mart messaging and the needs and characteristics of  Year-long messaging campaign driver target consumers  Print advertising, online banners and AETN property sponsorships will  Increased loyalty through built-in loyalty program compliment marketing communication mix  Inherent showcase of fashionable, quality products  Built in data capture activities lend themselves to direct marketing follow-up  Enforces Everyday Low Prices messaging  User-interface capitalizes on traffic and maximizes consumer connection  Positions Wal-Mart as accessible and aspirational  User-experience takeaways create traction and encourage purchase action  Print advertising, online banners and AETN property sponsorships will step compliment marketing communication mix  Participant registration serves as ROI measure
  3. 3. HomeThe Wal-Mart American Dream Campaign Website will include…• Opportunity to design every room in the house using quality, cost- efficient Wal-Mart furnishings and accessories• User-friendly interface provides natural browse of Wal-Mart selection of items• Help Menu guides participants with flash presentation technology• Room selection, furnishings and accessories correspond with Wal-Mart offerings ⸗ Standard rooms in the home (living room, master bedroom, children’s bedroom, master bathroom, kitchen, home office, garage, etc.) ⸗ Rooms found in a dream home (library, screening room, gym, workshop, car, etc.) ⸗ Outdoor area selection include entertainment area, patio, garden to showcase Wal-Mart line of exterior furnishings and accessories The best designs as chosen by the AETN audience via online and mobile methodologies will be featured by AETN personalities and integrated into corresponding AETN programming and bumpers. Participants responsible for the best design in each room category will win their submission for their own home!
  4. 4. Home Program Measurement Criteria• Independent research study• Wal-Mart American Dream Campaign Website visitor tally ⸗ Registrant metrics ⸗ Click-throughs leading to online purchase ⸗ Scanable shopping lists appear in-store• PR Mentions• Event Metrics• Event reporting and photographic documentation A&E Television Networks, a joint venture of The Hearst Corporation, ABC, Inc. and NBC Universal, is an award-winning, international media company offering consumers a diverse communications environment ranging from television programming, to home videos/DVDs and music CDs, to web sites, as well as View the Wal-Mart American Dream Proposal supporting nationwide educational initiatives. AETN is comprised of: • A&E Network® • Military History Channel™ • The History Channel® • The History Channel en español™ • History International™ • Crime & Investigation Network™ • The Biography Channel® • AETN International • Military History Channel™ • AETN Consumer Products. © 2007 PHANTOM POWER, LLC PHANTOM POWER . T.732.291.4536 . F.732.956.3986 . . Contact PHANTOM POWER for a FREE Needs Analysis and Estimate