IMC Marketing Campaign


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This IMC Marketing Campaign was targeted towards out of state students to attend an event in Chicago in efforts of recruiting for Robert Morris University, Chicago.

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IMC Marketing Campaign

  1. 1. Robert Morris UniversityJennifer Murdix Brittanie WalkerAccount Executive Media PlannerCreativeMedia BuyerQuenton Madison-Miller Kenneth LayMedia Planner
  2. 2. K The ClientBetsy Malm• Dean of Admissions at Robert Morris University• Objective is to promote a specific event that would engage target market’s interest.
  3. 3. K The Target MarketBased on a Geographic Segmentation• Out of state students particularly from Florida, Texas, and California interested in any medical program.
  4. 4. K The Product•Education at RMU’s College of Nursing and HealthStudies•A Day in Chicago for 100 out of state students toattend
  5. 5. Q Benefits of RMU’s Medical Program•Not-for-profit University with tuition rate oneof the lowest in the state of Illinois•Accelerated program year-round scheduling toobtain degree faster•Nursing students are well prepared for examssuch as the NCLEX-RN exam•All students fulfill clinical requirements at topChicago-area hospitals•Nearly 100% of RMU students that havegraduated find a career in the field
  6. 6. Q Price• Tuition: $7,400 per quarter• No out of state tuition• One of the most affordable private Universities in Illinois• Grants more than $22 million in scholarships annually
  7. 7. Q The CompetitionUniversity of Illinois at ChicagoLoyolaNorthwestern
  8. 8. B Place-• A Day in Chicago takes place on June 21- 22 at 10 A.M.• Tour the great heights of what the city of Chicago has to offer• Tour Robert Morris University• Ride on a Double Decker tour bus to explore the heart of downtown• Rush Hospital• Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry• The University Center dorms
  9. 9. B Current Promotions• Spring Campus Visit (February; generally Juniors and some Seniors)• Summer in the City (July; students entering their Senior year)• Weekend Away at College (August; students entering their Senior year)• Fall Campus Visit Day (October; mostly Seniors)• Faculty Scholars Brunch (December; Seniors with an ACT score above 24)
  10. 10. B The Problem• Getting 100 out of state students to attend our day in Chicago
  11. 11. K IMC Objective• Build brand’s image
  12. 12. KCurrent Logos
  13. 13. JNew Logo
  14. 14. J Budget1,000 Posters 1,000 Brochures Shipping for Brochures and PostersE-Mails News Release Ad 100 T-ShirtsMuseum Group Fare Trolley & Double Decker Tour Rush HospitalFood 5% 5% 2% 14% 0% 0% 3% 12% 32% 27% Total=$4,722.30
  15. 15. J $277.70 Left Over For:• Charitable donation incentive For every person that attends this event $2 will be donated towards cancer research A possible $200 donation to cancer research
  16. 16. J Budget Continued• Remainder of budget goes towards ▫ Newly formed club ▫ Organ and Tissue Donation ▫ Students will receive free membership to the club and will receive further information about it during their tour of RMU
  17. 17. B A Day in Chicago• Tour Robert Morris University• Ride on a Trolley or Double Decker A Double Decker holds up to 72 passengers Tour the city Stop at Chicago’s Rush Hospital Stop at Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry
  18. 18. B A Day in Chicago Continued• Spend the night in the University Center Dorms ▫ Play movies and games •Eat Bacci’s pizza and pasta •Breakfast from Corner Bakery
  19. 19. J E-mail•Free to send•Hyper link toFacebook page•Hyper link to RMU’swebsite•What participants canexpect•Images of downtown•Scheduled: April
  20. 20. J Poster•Appeal of the water•What to expect•New logo and slogan•11”x 17”•1,000 for $229•Scheduled: May 1st
  21. 21. QTri-Fold Brochure
  22. 22. QTri-Fold Brochure
  23. 23. Q Tri-Fold Brochure•New image of city other thansky line•Ties in with overall project•8.5” x 11”•1,000 for $291•Scheduled: June 1st
  24. 24. J T-Shirts•100 T-shirts for $525plus $50-60 shipping fee•Given to attendeesduring RMU tour
  25. 25. J• ½ Page ad• $160• Scheduled: June 21st
  26. 26. J Sources•••••••••