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Some LinkedIn recommendations for the LinkedIn workshops run over 2010, 2011, Melbourne, Sydney and Virtually

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Linked In Recommendations

  1. 1. RecommendationsLINKEDIN WORKSHOPS, Jennifer Bishop – Melbourne, Australia,LinkedIn 2011LinkedIn recommendations are the social proof you need to make a decision about engaging Content andCopy Australia.;; +61425713191
  2. 2. LinkedInRecommendations 2011LinkedIn Master Workshops, LinkedIn Corporate Branding, Online Branding, PersonalBranding RecommendationsDexter Clarke, Business Unit Manager - Cleantech & Toyota at Futuris Automotive “Jen is a visionary when it comes to helping people master LinkedIn!” November 25, 2010Rob Sneddon, Director Business and Recruitment Consultancy (BARC) “Jennifer has recently given me instruction on business networking processes and corporate branding. She demonstrates a high degree of enthusiasm for the subject and a deep knowledge of LinkedIn applications - I would certainlyrecommend her as a facilitator for others seeking a working knowledge of networkingmethodologies.”On a personal note, Jennifer possesses an easy, pleasant manner, together with a sense ofhumour.” April 13, 2011 1
  3. 3. Graham Blackstock, National Sales Manager, Enspire Australia, March 31, 2011 “Recently attended the brilliant LinkedIn workshop run by Jennifer and would highly recommend the workshop (and Jennifer) to anyone looking to learn the secrets to LinkedIn success. Jennifer has extensive LinkedIn and social media expertise and knowledge with a wealth of connections, if you are interested in networking and connecting for success within Australia then look no further than Jen.” March 31, 2011 Janneke van Bakel,, March 31, 2011Recommendations “I attended the LinkedIn Masters workshop recently and very impressed with the outcome. Jen clearly has a lot of knowledge and experience in not only the LinkedIn platform but SEO, marketing and branding. I am very new to LinkedIn and now feel confident that I can make LinkedIn work for me. March 31, 2011 2
  4. 4. Leila Henderson, Founder & CEO at NewsMaker -, “Many people know LinkedIn is good for business but theyre not sure why or how to leverage their contacts - Jennifer Bishop is the consummate professional bringing years of experience in offline marketing and communication to the LinkedIn professional. If you are looking for rapidgrowth or to consolidate your inbound and outbound marketing, talk to Jennifer.” March 30,2011Josh Yudasin, Business Development Associate at Van Eyk Research Recommendations “Jennifers workshop was relevant and easy to understand. I feel like after attending her workshop I have a great understanding on how to navigate and best utilise Linkedin for van Eyk Research. Thanks Jennifer” February 28, 2011Aaron Zelman, Life Insurance Broker at Priority Life “Jennifer is insightful, articulate and great to collaborate with. I call her my Linkedin Guru as she has helped me gain immense value from this wonderful technology. I look forward to working with her in the future.” February 24, 2011Tash Hartig, CEO and Founder at Connect Ted “Jennifer was very accommodating when I could not attend one of her workshops and offered to do it one- on -one with me instead. I had an idea on how LinkedIn worked and some of the features, but Jennifer went through every detail, application, and opportunity within this great platform andexplained and demonstrated how I could make it work better for me. I highly recommendJennifers workshops and webinars. The information she shares is fantastic. Thank you Jen!”February 16, 2011 3Nigel Walker, Managing director at Green TV (South Pacific) Pty Ltd
  5. 5. “After discussing our needs with Jen both online and personally, I am convinced she is the one to go to for expert advice on Linkedin marketing and branding. Jens knowledge of how to boost your profile and therefore boost your business is outstanding.” January 30, 2011 Ron Chowanetz, Equipment Finance Specialist at Money Resources Group “Attended Jens LinkedIn course, it was fantastic value. The course has taken my knowledge from novice to professional. I now having a greater understanding as Jen showed me the power that Linked In can have in building relationships B2B. Highly recommended. Well worth the investment.” December 9, 2010Recommendations Michelle Anderson, Licensee and Coach at Leadership Management Australia - Anderson “Thank you Jennifer for the fantastic LinkedIn Workshop that I attended, I learnt so much about inbound marketing and it has already made a difference to my business strategy moving forward for 2011. Your enthusiasm is contagious, thank you again.” November 30, 2010 4
  6. 6. Aaron Hunt, Director at Aspect Business Education “Jen has put together a slick and content packed LI workshop to take you from novice to competent user in next to no time. I now give LI the time it deserves as an integral part of my business development toolkit. Well worth the investment - Aaron” November 30, 2010Wendy Parker, Owner at Parker Public Relations “Jennifers LinkedIn Workshop – thanks to this informative workshop I am now linked to several professional groups which are the key focus of my public relations activity. Jennifer was certainly able to demystify one of the less user friendly social media platforms. RecommendationsI highly recommend the workshop to anyone who wants to get better results from theirLinkedIn profile” November 3, 2010Anna Hancox, Director, The Business BOOTique, Melbourne Jennifer’s LinkedIn Workshop was very informative and answered many of the questions about LinkedIn that I had been asking myself. Jennifer had extensive and in-depth knowledge about Linked In that willcertainly help me to be more effective on this social media platform.I highly recommend the workshop to anyone who wants to get better results from theirLinkedIn profile.” October 31, 2010 5
  7. 7. 6 Recommendations