Helping You To Manage Your Security And Privacy On Linked In


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Helping you manage Privacy, Passwords and Security on LinkedIn, June 2012,
Jennifer Bishop, Content and Copy Australia

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Helping You To Manage Your Security And Privacy On Linked In

  1. 1. Managing Privacy and Security on LinkedInCopyright Content & Copy Australia, June 2012
  2. 2. Content & Copy AustraliaWHO AM I TO BE ADVISING YOU HERE?I’m a Strategic Social Media/Marketing Strategist withcorporate and SME Management experience. • 20 Years experience in Marketing Management with Telstra, AXA, Jennifer Bishop, Director ASSA ABLOY, AGL, PMP, Content and Copy, Powerdirect, RMIT University and LinkedInologist Deakin University• Worked in data analytics and Direct Marketing Compliance for ASX customers dealing with Privacy Law and its implications, 2001-2004 • Member of an ASX Executive Management Team responsible for Corporate Rebrand prior to M and A activity 2007. • Business 2Business LinkedIn, G+ keynote speaker, blogger, author
  3. 3. Managing Security onLinkedInLinkedIn security was breached last week. The SMH reported: Here are-----------------------------------------------------------------------------“Last week, hackers breached the site and stole more than 6 somemillion of its customers passwords, which had been only lightly practicalencrypted. They were posted to a Russian hacker forum for all tosee.” ways you------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ can protectWhilst LinkedIn has its challenges to address. your online identity onRead more from SMH HERE LinkedIn. Content & Copy Australia
  4. 4. Managing Security on LinkedIn• Change your password regularly• Hide your LinkedIn connections• Manage your privacy settings• Backup your contacts• Always check connection requests from fake profilers • Content & Copy Australia
  5. 5. Password Protection• Change monthly• Use a secure password (upper/lower case, numbers/characters)• Change when you have used a foreign PC, tablet or mobile• Clear browser history regularly• Keep a spread sheet or notebook like Evernote or One Note to file • Content & Copy Australia
  6. 6. Hide Your LinkedIn Contacts (in settings) Where are my Privacy Settings? • Content & Copy Australia
  7. 7. Where are my Privacy settings!
  8. 8. Manage your LinkedIn Privacy settings! • Content & Copy Australia
  9. 9. Manage your LinkedIn Privacy settings!
  10. 10. Manage your LinkedIn Privacy settings!
  11. 11. Backup your LinkedIn contacts• In case your security is ever compromised, and if your profile is ever removed – back up your contacts• Your contacts can become part of your database of trusted providers, strategic opportunities and current and potential customers. Content & Copy Australia Copyright 2012
  12. 12. Backup your LinkedIn contacts
  13. 13. Check connection requests for fake profile’s• Check for photo• Check recommendations and recommenders• Check for inaccurate position description terminology and grammar• Check company size and departments.• For example Pepsico only has a regional office in India not in Melbourne.
  14. 14. Example of a Known Fake profile• The following Profile has been identified as a Fake profile on LinkedIn• An inside contact at BP called me to ask how to get them removed.• Check the profile title, no division specified ie; Retail products, distribution, etc• Lack of recommendations and poor grammar• Quote:“monitor the performance of the competitors, be up to date with the latest trend (s) in the industry”• A Head of Marketing would not use this language on their LinkedIn profile.
  15. 15. To Learn more on LinkedIn• Protect yourself from SPAMMERS• Protect your PRIVACY• MANAGE your SOCIAL MEDIA and NETWORKS• JOIN US on June 25 In Melbourne
  16. 16. CONNECT with JenJennifer Bishop, Director CCA and Linkedinologist @ @Jenniferlb @entwomenausGoogle Plus: JenBishopOR FOLLOW AND COPY AUSTRALIA ON LINKEDINOR Give me a bell: +61 0425 713 191SKYPE: contentandcopy
  17. 17. Social ProofJennifer’s work has been published in Australia, U.S.Aand Canada on branding and best practise on usingLinkedIn.She has Guest Presented alongside the GM of LinkedInCliff Rosenberg at the Social Media Club Melbourne,2011.She has also guest presented at Networking World2011, Marketing Women 2011, Flying Solo Conference ,Sydney 2011 and The CFO Forum , 2011.Her articles have been featured by Fast Thinking,Dynamic Business and in Australia
  18. 18. Get REGISTER HERETHE B2BEDGE Content & Copy Australia