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Expert Opinion

  1. 1. A Presentation by Experts Jennifer Kortgoede January 16,2014 PSY 496
  2. 2. Child psychology is one of the many branches of psychology and focuses on the mind and behavior of children.  It is important to realize that many issues facing children can affect their success in school.  Breakdowns occurring at home affect and cross over into the school atmosphere.  Two question important to investigate are:  What effects do emotional disturbances have on learning?  What types of interventions are available in schools? 
  3. 3. Larry Radner, Psy.D, L.P, Licensed Psychologist  Expert  1 Dr. Larry Radner is a licensed child psychologist with his doctoral degree who encourages children to express their feelings. Dr. Radner specializing in the use of play therapy to ensure that correct attachments are in place to ensure success of his patients. Emily Stevens, MA, Teaching Certificate, School Psychologist  Expert  2 Emily Stevens received her Masters degree in psychology from the University of Michigan. She is a school psychologist in an elementary setting and works with children to identify learning disorders that can interfere with a child’s ability to learn resulting in under performance.
  4. 4.  Dr. Radner is sympathetic to the challenges and stressors children deal with each day. Children who feel angry, confused, afraid, or sad, can have difficulty coping which often leads to attitude and behavioral problems.  Dr. Radner believes counseling can help children face their frustrations, problems, and losses with confidence and strength.  Through facing challenges children’s relationships and overall outlook can improve dramatically.
  5. 5.  Dr. Radner uses the practice of play therapy in session with children.  The use of play therapy allows a child to lead the psychotherapeutic session while the therapist remains consistently attuned to the child’s thoughts and feelings (Anderson & Gedo, 2013).  For more information on play therapy please visit the Association for Play Therapy Website. 
  6. 6. Emily Stevens works to identify the development of learning disabilities resulting from social and emotional difficulties.  She uses a neuropsychological approach in understanding children's learning disorders (Davis, Krug and Dean, 2001).  She recommends a combined approach and does not solely side with response to intervention (RTI) or the discrepancy model in identifying a Learning Disability. 
  7. 7.  She utilizes a neuropsychological approach in the assessment of children in an effort to develop appropriate educational programs (Crews & D'Amato, 2009).  For more information please visit the Learning Disabilities Association of America’s website. 
  8. 8. Dr. Larry Radner 1. Clinical psychologist 2. Children face frustrations to improve relationships. 3. Play therapy to attune to the children’s thoughts and feelings Emily Stevens Disruptions occurring in a child’s thoughts or feelings can lead to problems in school 1. School psychologist 2. Learning disabilities resulting from social and emotional difficulties. 3. Utilizes a neuropsychological approach.
  9. 9. Anderson, S. M., & Gedo, P. M. (2013). Relational trauma: Using play therapy to treat a disrupted attachment. Bulletin of The Menninger Clinic, 77(3), 250-268. doi:10.1521/bumc.2013.77.3.250 Crews, K. J., & D'Amato, R. (2009). Subtyping children's reading disabilities using a comprehensive neuropsychological measure. International Journal Of Neuroscience, 119(10), 1615-1639. doi:10.1080/00207450802319960 Davis, B., Krug, D., & Dean, R. S. (2001). Neuropsychological clusters within intelligence levels for learning disabled children. International Journal of Neuroscience, 106(3/4), 239. Retrieved from EBSCHOST database. King, E.N. (n.d.). Specific learning disability. Retrieved from, Website #1 : Website # 2: