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Renton Sartori Grant project featuring Jennifer Knickerbocker, Project Manager

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Sartori presentation

  1. 1. Sartori Beautification Project City of Renton Neighborhood Grant Jennifer Knickerbocker & Angela Laulainen Grand writers and Project Managers
  2. 2. Our Hope… To beautify Sartori Education Center and create a safer, more welcoming environment for the students and the entire community to enjoy by showing off the charm and uniqueness of this Neighborhood landmark.
  3. 3. Our Vision…
  4. 4. Work Parties September 10, 11 September 24 January 21 January 7 April 10 November 19, 20 October 8 March 13 March 31 May 9
  5. 6. Friends, Neighbors, Church groups, Students, and businesses volunteered their time and worked side-by-side.
  6. 7. Clean up crews removed debris, garbage, and dead plants to prepared the site for our new rock garden and picnic area. Volunteers delivered gravel. Neighbors did the back-breaking labor to get it all spread!
  7. 9. Volunteers preparing the site where our cement pads will go. The future home of a student and neighborhood seating!
  8. 12. Even the little ones helped!
  9. 13. whoops
  10. 14. All better!
  11. 15. Volunteers We thank you for all of your time and effort to create such a beautiful space.
  12. 16. Thank you to the North Renton Neighborhood Association for your support.
  13. 17. Marcie Palmer, City Council Member Norma McQuiller, Neigborhood Grant Coordinator … and their families
  14. 18. Picnic Tables created by Renton High School Industrial Arts Students
  15. 19. <ul><li>Sartori Education Center Students and Staff members </li></ul><ul><li>Seattle Missionaries for the Church of the Latter Day Saints </li></ul><ul><li>Renton School District Maintenance & Grounds, Supervised by Joe Lamborn & Tony Harrah </li></ul><ul><li>Peter Schoonmaker & Tina Underdahl, principals at Sartori Education Center & their families </li></ul><ul><li>Members of the Moms Club of Renton </li></ul><ul><li>Local Neighbors, Family & Friends </li></ul>
  16. 20. Before and After
  17. 21. Before: falling fences, weeds, and no privacy for neighbors
  18. 22. After: Clean and green
  19. 24. Before: over grown and filled with weeds, garbage, and drug paraphernalia. After: clean and green!
  20. 25. Before > After!
  21. 26. before After!
  22. 27. Before: open fencing that was a pass through to the back of a grocery store where drug deals happened day and night. After: landscaped, locked, and added security lights.
  23. 28. Before
  24. 29. After: Fresh plantings! No garbage! New mulch!
  25. 30. Before: the only school in the district to not fly an American flag making the area look abandoned and prime for crime. After: Beautiful And Respectful!
  26. 31. Back of the school before: a dumping ground for waste. Weeds and metal fence parts. Drug deals and gang activity.
  27. 32. Back of the school after: Seating areas, path way in stone, greenery, and eating area for students and staff (with a much needed garbage can).
  28. 33. Before: A school building that appeared to be abandoned causing neighborhood blight including gang activity, drug deals, and low student participation.
  29. 34. After: Beautiful. A school to be proud of.
  30. 35. Sartori is now a focal point of the Neighborhood where the Community gathers…
  31. 36. for Evening Games …
  32. 38. For YMCA…
  33. 40. For Neighborhood Picnics …
  34. 44. Just for a place to rest and enjoy the neighborhood…
  35. 47. For National Night Out…
  36. 48. Ribbon Cutting Celebration
  37. 49. Thank you, City of Renton, For your commitment to The North Renton Neighborhood Community! “ Things Ain’t What They Used To Be” by Duke Ellington Performed by the Rose Hill Junior High Jazz Band Directed by Angela Laulainen