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Iversen J The Science Of Genetics Powerpoint
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Iversen J The Science Of Genetics Powerpoint






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Iversen J The Science Of Genetics Powerpoint Iversen J The Science Of Genetics Powerpoint Presentation Transcript

  • Making a Transgenic Plant
    • The generation of a transgenic plant
  • Limitations of Agrobacterium -mediated Transgenesis Dicots Tomatoes Potatoes Apples Soybeans Monocots Corn Wheat Agrobacterium only infect dicot plants. So, the alternative is to use a gene gun.
  • http://www.hort.purdue.edu/hort/courses/hort250/animations/Gene%20Gun%20Animation/Genegun1.html Gene Gun animation
  • From an agribusiness standpoint – Both seed stock and pesticide are products from the same company
  • The Flavr Savr ™ Tomato
  • Bt Crops Bacillus thuriengensis is a bacterium that produces a natural protein insect poison (Bt toxin). Upon consumption of the bacteria, the insect dies. This is a “natural” pesticide used by organic farmers
  • Enhancing Vitamin/Mineral Content “ Golden Rice” contains transgenes that allow it to produce vitamin A (beta-carotene) and increase levels of iron This is a humanitarian project designed to combat Vitamin A deficiency
  • Some examples of transgenic animals Why are all these glowing green?
  • Green Fluorescent Protein A gene product of the jellyfish Aequorea victoria . Will fluoresce green when exposed to blue light. This is used as a tracking molecule to study physiological and cellular processes.
  • There are now several different modifications of GFP: “ Enhanced GFP” Blue Cyan Citrine Also fluorecent proteins form other animals such as anemones (RFP) ‏ GloFiish
  • Tetra Rhesus Monkey 1999 2001 Copycat (Cc) ‏ Domestic Cat 2003 Prometea Horse Idaho Gem Mule Pigs Male Mouse Cloned Animals
  • Champion Racehorse “ Royal Blue Moon Too” $150,000 Viagen
  • Cyagra Cloned Beefstock Note: This has now been approved by both the FDA and the USDA
  • Idea – Bring endangered species to term in a surrogate of another species (non-endangered) ‏ Preserving Endangered Species
  • Giant Panda Cloning Cloned panda embryos have been produced in China Difficulty finding suitable surrogate
  • Cloning Extinct Species Would require an intact nucleus Spanish Ibex 2000 West African Black Rhino 2006 Tasmanian Tiger 1936
  • Cloning Extinct Species The Future?
    • People have become greatly concerned with the possibility of human cloning
      • To some, it is morally wrong and threatens the basic fabric of parenthood and family
      • To others, it offers a new avenue of reproduction
        • For infertile couples, for example
    • In the public sector, the sentiment toward human cloning has been generally negative
      • Indeed, many countries have issued an all-out ban
      • While others permit limited research in the area
    • In the future our society, will have to wrestle with the legal and ethical aspects of cloning
  • Human Cloning May Be Underway... Clonaid – an arm of the Raelian sect claims to have cloned 5 human babies. The location of the offshore laboratory is a secret. Human cloning, in principle, should be easier than that of large animals – since we know much more about human physiology. The only real barrier regulatory...
  • Modified from original power point created by Jeff Reinking, SUNY New Paltz