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Review for 1st quarter final
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Review for 1st quarter final


Use this to review for the 1st quarter final in Civics.

Use this to review for the 1st quarter final in Civics.

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  • 1. Review for 1 st Quarter Final
  • 2.
    • Why did the Puritans leave England?
      • Freedom to worship their own religion
    • Why was the Mayflower Compact significant?
      • Established a direct democracy
    • What is a direct democracy?
      • Everyone votes on every issue
  • 3.
    • John Locke believed that people agreed to government rule in exchange for what?
      • Government will protect life, liberty, and property
    • How did Thomas Jefferson change Locke’s natural rights?
      • Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness (inalienable rights)
    • What war did Britain fight that began the heavy taxation policies on the colonies?
      • French and Indian War
  • 4.
    • What is salutary neglect?
      • Britain did not pay attention to the colonies
    • What did salutary neglect cause in the colonies?
      • Feelings of independence
    • Name the slogan the colonies used to oppose British taxation policies.
      • No taxation without representation!
  • 5.
    • How did Parliament feel about “no taxation without representation”?
      • All English citizens were universally represented
    • What event caused Americans to believe that the Articles of Confederation needed to be replaced?
      • Shay’s Rebellion
  • 6.
    • Why did the Anti-Federalists fear a strong central government?
      • Because we had just overthrow Britain
    • Name the kind of government the US created with the Constitution.
      • Republic
    • Who supported the ratification of the Constitution?
      • Federalists
  • 7.
    • What did the Anti-Federalists want in order to ratify the Constitution?
      • Bill of Rights added
    • Place these in order from first to last: Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Articles of Confederation.
      • DoI, AoC, BoR, and Constitution
    • Does the Constitution protect my right to write a complaint to the government?
      • YES!
  • 8.
    • Which amendment states the government must have a search warrant?
      • 4
    • Which amendment states you have the right to bear arms?
      • 2
    • What kind of government best describes the US: representative democracy or dictatorship?
      • Representative democracy
  • 9.
    • What kind of power is the Necessary and Proper Clause aka Elasticity Clause?
      • Implied
    • Which principle of the Constitution states that the government rules by the consent of the people?
      • Popular sovereignty (people vote)
    • Define federalism.
      • Sharing of power between the federal and state governments
  • 10.
    • Where is the purpose of the government found in the Constitution?
      • Preamble
    • Which Constitutional principle is exhibited by the three branches of government?
      • Separation of power
    • What is the name of power that is shared between the federal and state governments?
      • concurrent
  • 11.
    • What are the names of the powers specifically granted to the Federal government in the Constitution?
      • Expressed, enumerated, delegated
    • Name the three federal court levels.
      • Supreme, appeals, district (remember SAD)
    • What is the main job of the Department of Justice?
      • Investigate federal law violations
  • 12.
    • How is the Legislative Branch divided?
      • Bicameral – Senate and House of Representatives
    • How does the Federal government determine how many representatives NC has?
      • Census count taken every 10 years
    • Which branch of government is the Speaker of the House apart of?
      • Legislative