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Financial QuickMart for Lawson Brochure

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Fqm Brochure

  1. 1. Financial Quick-Mart for Lawson Intelligent Reporting & Advanced Analytics The Financial Quick-Mart with Intelligent Reporting & Advanced Analytics is an out-of-the-box solution that provides management & users deep insights into Corporate Financial Metrics empowering them like never before. The Financial Quick-Mart is a robust data-mart fully integrated with Lawson (can be easily extended to non-Lawson data as well) and is designed with one goal in mind - rapid deployment. The Quick- Mart comes standard with numerous CPA designed advanced dashboards and analytic reports for actionable financial metric visualizations. In today’s volatile economy, companies need solutions, not tools. The Quick-Mart is a solution for companies that want to improve processes, discover new opportunities and gain a competitive advantage. The Quick- Mart address any BI requirement – from flexible ad-hoc reporting and analytics to dashboards and visualizations. See the world in new ways BI Implementation Challenges Access to frequently needed data is difficult Data is not presented in easily understandable formats Culling data from multiple sources is very difficult Difficulty understanding database schemas and related table structures High cost navigating the implementation road map from conception to implementation Users and IT departments on different wave- lengths Poor data quality, Bad data = bad decisions Data locked up in non-collaborative spreadsheets
  2. 2. Why do corporations struggle for actionable analytics? A recent benchmarking project by Ventana Research reveals that Operational data is not providing information in actionable formats required for CFOs & Finance Departments for making decisions. The same research also shows that companies struggle to accomplish the basic goal of information management - that is, to standardize Operational information in a consistent and reliable form. Only 27 percent of the participants said doing that requires minimal effort or is not a problem. All the rest (73 percent) reported they find it difficult or impractical. The top priority for participants was to support a BI initiative in the operational and customer service sectors. The reasons for not getting a 100 % ROI on BI initiatives Implementing custom BI solutions from the ground-up turns out to be more ambitious than bargained for Management and Analysts have inadequate knowledge of the features and limitations of newly acquired BI tools Users are unable to integrate data from disparate and far-flung data sources from both within and outside the organization Simple reports with static and tabular views of operational data do not provide the visualizations the users need It takes users too long to develop complex reports and dashboards Reports are not suitable for management or executives Presentation quality, dashboards, etc are needed but not delivered Accessing and analyzing non-Lawson data is difficult Challenges with distribution of information across the organization and outside the enterprise with security Expert database schema knowledge is required for even the most basic reporting Users face problems with passing parameter to/from the Lawson environment Stretched IT resources are required for creating any report or dashboard that is even marginally complex Operational changes in business puts a tremendous burden on adapting deployed reports and dashboards to remain functional Difficult to adapt BI tools for compliance and taxation related analytics
  3. 3. One Answer – One Solution Quick-Mart with Intelligent Reporting & Advanced Analytics Quick-Mart analyzes financial data by whatever criteria you require, introducing greater reporting flexibility and extensibility, while analyzing transactions efficiently The Quick-Mart sharply reduce time and effort spent on key accounting tasks requiring comprehensive automation and tracking allowing you to analyze your financial information in the way that best suits your business—not someone else’s—with tools and accounting structures that you design yourself to serve your needs. Solution Benefits What the Quick-Mart with Intelligent Reporting & Advanced Analytics solution will do for you! Business Benefits of a Quick-Mart Quick-Mart provides packaged extraction of operational data to accelerate the deployment a data-mart for Intelligent Reporting & Advanced Analytics. • Empower users with Quick-Mart manages accounts and transactions with unlimited reporting capabilities flexibility using user-defined accounting structures, definable fiscal • Information on demand – periods, prior-year adjustments, batch posting, cross-module easy accessibility auditing, and more. • One view of the organization Improves advanced financial analysis capabilities by modifying existing General Ledger financial reports or creating new reports with – consistent information unit account information, comparative analysis, and complete • Foundation for decision graphical support. making Easily create comprehensive reports consolidating information from • Adapts to mergers, multiple companies or provisional transactions. acquisitions, and divestitures Finds and analyzes the exact information you need through the tight integration with the General Ledger. Select a start and end date to support budgets of varying time Operational Benefits of a Quick-Mart intervals, such as quarterly, semi-annually, or multi-year, while keeping the existing options for fiscal year intact for budgets. • Analytic data is physically Quick-Mart deliver pre-packaged business content and data flows in a different than transactional single data platform optimized for BI and analytic applications. data Quick-Mart enables business users to report on and gain insight into • Supporting technologies their enterprise information. Most include pre-built reports and universes that suit any organization and deliver domain knowledge on between the warehouse and operational systems. transactional data are BI tools and analytic tools can access the Quick-Mart data directly different and optimized for through SQL queries or indirectly through an web services. application agility and Quick-Mart can be implemented individually, or in any combination, to flexibility form a single platform that delivers the infrastructure for your company’s internal and external information needs. They can also serve as a staging area for enterprise analytic applications. Information Technology Benefits Filter account views based on permissions, helping increase security of a Quick-Mart and eliminating errors caused by entries made to incorrect accounts. Quick-Mart provides IT with an accelerated time to value through rapid • Flexible architecture BI deployments. • Efficient Utilization of CPA designed analytics available for immediate use for the most resources important financial metrics that affect the bottom line. • Building for the future Infinite what-if scenarios possible with highly interactive dashboards for all your planning, forecasting and budgeting needs. Solid Business objects technology driving the BI platform, the choice of more than 80% of the fortune 500 companies.
  4. 4. Quick-Mart with Intelligent Reporting & Advanced Analytics Built on the best of breed BI technology, Quick-Mart with Intelligent Reporting and Advanced Analytics provides the complete breadth of capabilities needed to achieve full Intelligent Reporting & Analytical maturity. This includes Reporting, Query & Analysis, Analytics, ETL and scorecarding capabilities. It includes the core essential capabilities of BI to empower end users with greater information insight. through flexible ad-hoc reporting, query, analysis, and dashboard enabling users to make fast, data-driven decisions—all without relying on IT. A few features of the Quick-Mart with Intelligent Reporting & Advanced Analytics Object Designer The Object Designer is the semantic layer that isolates business users from the technical complexities of the databases where their corporate information is stored. Mobile supports to the Users Mobile support provides users to access to the features of Quick-Mart Intelligent Reports on the small screen of mobile devices including receiving alerts. Quick-Mart Intelligent Search Quick-Mart Intelligent Search is the first solution that brings together the simplicity and speed of Google like search capabilities with the trust and analytical power of BI—to give users immediate answers to their business questions. Business users employ familiar keyword searches to find information hidden in data sources, and then navigate and explore directly on data—no existing reports and metrics are necessary. Quick-Mart Intelligent Search allows users to enter keyword searches against data stores and get results back in the form of Intelligent reports, analytics and visualizations. Collaboration With Quick-Mart & BI Solution, your business analysts can quickly explore online analytical processing (OLAP) data, answer business questions, and then share their analysis and work space with others. This allows them to spread knowledge beyond the confines of a single department or analysis group. …………..And Many More…… Infinity Services Inc. 850 Route 1 Carolier Office Building North Brunswick, NJ 08902 (732) 348-8444 FAX (888) 301-8472 info@infinity-services.com Committed to your organization’s success Copyright 2009: Infinity Services Inc. Private & Confidential