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Cisa 101 summer syllabus

  1. 1. Jenni Lund Office Hours: By appointment 208-794-9407 (call or text) Computer Literacy Skills Development CISA 101- Summer 2012Course DescriptionThis course is designed to help students develop the skills to meet the computer literacy requirementsfor graduation from the College of Western Idaho. This course will provide an overview of hardwarecomponents, operating systems, e-mail, Internet, networks, and application software. No pre-requisiteclasses or computer skills are required.Course Schedule Section 001 – T,Th – 7 am – 9:45 am / Section 002 – T,Th – 10 am – 12:45 pm 7:00 – 9:45 pm CWI Aspen Building Room 126 Summer 8-wk sessionCourse FocusThis course will focus on specific software including Windows, Internet Explorer, Word 2010, Excel2010, and PowerPoint 2010. This course is not specific to any degree program; however it meets theComputer Literacy Requirement for CWI.COMPUTER LITERACY POLICYThe College of Western Idaho recognizes and advocates the critical need for computer literacy. Basiccomputer literacy at CWI is defined as a demonstrated ability to use technology to access, manipulate,evaluate, use and present information. All CWI students are required to demonstrate competency priorto graduating with any Associate degree (AA or AS). You can meet this requirement in one of two ways: 1.) By taking and passing CISA 101 or BUSA 215 with a grade of C or better 2.) By taking and passing the Computer Skills Assessment with a score of 70% or better on each section of the five CSA exams.Course ObjectivesThe student will demonstrate an understanding of the use of: • A computer’s functionality, as well as the purpose and use of an operating system • Internet Explorer, the Internet and e-mail • Microsoft Word to perform basic document formatting • Microsoft Excel to perform basic computations and formatting • Microsoft PowerPoint to present and communicate ideasRevision date: 6/4/12 1
  2. 2. Outcomes Assessment:Students will complete the following tests • General Technology, Internet & Email Exam • Microsoft Word Exam • Excel Exam • PowerPoint ExamGrading PolicyTesting ProcedureThe main objective of this class is for students to demonstrate computer literacy. There will be classprojects and exams to assess students have gained the necessary skills. GradingA combination of attendance, lecture, demonstration, homework, lab exercises, and projects will beused in the class. Homework, lab exercises, projects and the portfolio will be used as preparation forassessments. At CWI, it is assumed that there are two hours of homework required for each hour ofclass time. Therefore, students should plan on spending at least two hours of additional homework foreach hour of lecture. This may be done on a home computer or can be completed in a computer lab. Grades for this class will be based on assignments, the portfolio, and exams. The final grade will be based on the following percentage: 90 - 100% = A 80 – 89.9% = B 70 – 79.9% = C 65 – 69.9% = D 0 – 64.9% = F As a general rule I do not give Incompletes. However, to be eligible for an Incomplete, a student musthave an A for the class and have most of the class work completed. I will only consider awarding anIncomplete if a student meets the above criteria and has some extreme emergency situation. In suchcases, a student requiring an incomplete must submit a written appeal with full rationale to theinstructor at least three weeks prior to the end of the term.Textbooks and Required MaterialsThis section is required.Textbooks: Include the author, textbook name, edition, publisher, year published, and ISBN number forall texts (if using a Pearson text please provide CWI custom ISBN as well as publisher ISBN)Supplies: Include any tools, equipment, supplies (including scantron forms for testing), copies and/orprinting requirementsMethods of DeliveryLecture and lab are intermixed during our class. We will have instructional time followed by a hands-onlab. There may be multiple lectures during one class meeting, in addition to a summary at the end ofsome class meetings.Revision date: 6/4/12 2
  3. 3. Course CalendarTOPICAL OUTLINE FOR THE COURSEWeek Date Topics Covered in Class 6/5 Blackboard, CWI Email, Syllabus & Expectations 1 6/7 MS Word 6/12 MS Word 2 6/14 MS Word 6/19 MS Word Exam 3 6/21 MS PowerPoint 6/26 MS PowerPoint 4 6/28 MS Power Point 7/3 MS PowerPoint EXAM 5 7/5 Class Cancelled 7/10 MS Excel 6 7/12 MS Excel 7/17 MS Excel 7 7/19 MS Excel Exam 7/24 General Technology /Internet & Email 8 12/26 Gen Tech/ Internet & Email ExamCourse ExpectationsWHAT I EXPECT FROM YOUI expect you to be on time Class begins at the time specified. Any changes in the class schedule will be discussed in the first ten minutes of class; if you are not there, it is your responsibility to get this information.I expect you to listen during lectures/group work This means, turn off the cell phone, stop talking to your neighbor, turn off the computer screen and pay attention to what is being discussed. You may not work on assignments, answer or read e-mail, surf the net or print during lecture time. Students who print during a lecture, will have the printout retrieved by the instructor and will receive no credit for that assignment.I expect you to ask questions If you do not understand something, chances are others will be in the same situation. Ask! If I dont know the answer, I will do whatever necessary to find the answer. If you don’t ask questions, I will assume that you understand the information being presented.I expect everyone to be treated with courtesy and respect Please treat your classmates and me the way you would like to be treated. Your behavior must not disrupt another student’s ability to be successful in class. Please be aware that this is an educational setting and people are here to learn. You may not eat or drink in my class. You may not bring your children, boyfriend, husband, friend or pet to class.WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT FROM MEYou can expect my help in reaching your educational goal. You and I have a common goal, your success. I will do everything possible to help you reach that goal and will do nothing to hinder you.You can expect me to provide all information necessary for an assignmentYou can expect me to be fair Since I am a human being, I make mistakes. For example, I may have the wrong due date on an assignment or may lecture longer than planned and not give enough lab time. If it is myRevision date: 6/4/12 3
  4. 4. fault, I will make whatever changes necessary to be fair to you. If I discuss the changes in class and you are not there, it is then your responsibility to find out what changes are made.You can expect me to be available for help I am always available after class for assistance. If I am not in class, I am available to help you via e-mail. If you may e-mail me questions, I will contact you within 24 hours. Please include your phone number if possible. Class Cancelation PolicyIf there is an emergency or illness and I am forced to cancel class, I will post an announcement onBlackboard and e-mail that announcement to you. I will also have a note posted to the door of theclassroom.Behavioral Expectations: Every student has the right to a respectful learning environment. In order to provide this right to all students, students must take individual responsibility to conduct themselves in a mature and appropriate manner and will be held accountable for their behavior. Students who disrupt the class or behave inappropriately or disrespectfully, as determined by the instructor, may be asked to leave the classroom. Instructors or Student Services has the right to create a written behavioral contract with students; if a student violates a behavioral contract, they may be released from the course.Academic Dishonesty:All work submitted by a student must represent his/her own ideas, concepts, and currentunderstanding. All material found during research must be correctly documented to avoid plagiarism.Cheating or plagiarism in any form is unacceptable and violations may result in disciplinary actionranging from failure of the assignment to failure of the course. Repeated acts of academic dishonestymay have more severe institutional ramifications.CWI E-mail and Blackboard Accounts All registered CWI students receive a college email and Bb account. Every course at CWI has a Bb component. It is the student’s responsibility to access both accounts regularly to avoid missing important messages and deadlines. Bb can be accessed through the icon on CWI’s home page: Email can be accessed through the login page at Your default password for both Bb and email accounts will be the first letter of your firstname in CAPS + first letter of your last name in CAPS + “logon” in lower-case letters + last 4 digits of your SSN; if you don’t have a SSN, then use the last 4 digits of your student ID number (Ex: Jonathan Smith’s password would be JSlogon1234).Drop Policy It is the student’s responsibility to drop the course. Students are responsible for adding and dropping courses. At the end of the first week of class, faculty may drop students for non- attendance up to census date. Beyond census date, it is the student’s responsibility to drop any course he/she does not intend to finish. Students who stop attending a course without filing a drop request may receive a grade of F.Special Accommodations Students with disabilities who believe that they may qualify for accommodations in this class are encouraged to contact the One Stop Student Services Center and discuss the possible accommodations with an Enrollment Specialist. If you have a diagnosed Learning Disability, please initiate this contact as soon as possible to ensure that such accommodations are implemented in a timely fashion. Please contact the One Stop Student Services at 562-3000 or Room 107 – CWI Main Campus.Revision date: 6/4/12 4
  5. 5. Library and Information Resources The CWI Library is located in room 209 of the Nampa Campus. Online library and information resources, including electronic databases, are accessible through the library web page at Student login instructions are available on the library home page.Emergency ProceduresMake yourself familiar with the evacuation procedures and follow posted instructions for evacuationlocated in each roomRevision date: 6/4/12 5