Techniques for Negotiation


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Techniques for Negotiation

  1. 1. Help STICKMEN work out how to negotiate better.Let them know what negotiation techniques are out there. Recommend a few. Jenni Corbett
  2. 2. Negotiation?Negotiations are the resolution of conflicts,they can start or continue a relationship. Each party in a negotiation wants  something the other has to offer, negotiations mean that common ground is found so both parties can benefit. Negotiation is an art and requires a  collection of skills which include : Communication, sales, marketing, psychology and sociology.
  3. 3. Everything is negotiable. Negotiating skills in business are used for a variety of reasons,such as to negotiate:a salarya promotiona secure a sale, or to form a new partnership Starting a business requires, hundreds of negotiations. Some are small for example getting the best price onprinting your letterhead and business cards. Others are far bigger deals that can make or break yourstartup business from the get-go. Sometimes you are thebuyer; other times the seller
  4. 4. TOP TIPSFor Effective Negotiation  Preparation - create a strategy and know your strengths and weaknesses before hand.  Communication& Listen – listen to other side, good negotiators are good listeners & good communicators not just great talkers Trust Honesty Understanding - Acknowledge the other persons perspectives Don’t be afraid to ask Know your limit – know the boundaries of what you are prepared to give Establish a fall back plan – an alternative just incase. (BATNA - Best alternative to negotiated agreement) Flexibility- be open to other options Always get the agreed decision in writing.
  5. 5. Other things to remember:Look good - kind of goes without saying butif you walk in looking like a tramp, you might probably loose some respect.Watch your body language, and manner.Leave your Ego at the door. Be relaxed confident and in control,optimistic and energetic. (What not to do^ )
  6. 6. Styles ( TechniquesThere are many different negotiation techniquesaround and they will vary depending uponcircumstance. Remember – whoever you are in negotiation with willhave a technique and strategy, so you should probablyconsider having one too.
  7. 7. EXAMPLES OF TECHNIQUES #1The Trial Balloon.A final solution is suggested by one partyto see if the other will agree.For this technique you could ask:“What if… “ then wait for “how”If I… will you…?“Let’s ….” and see if they agree.
  8. 8. EXAMPLES OF TECHNIQUES #2NibblingThis technique is when smallrequirements are constantly added andasked for in small doses.
  9. 9. EXAMPLES OF TECHNIQUES #3Good Cop/ Bad CopPretty much sais what it is on the tin.One person acts pushy and and demandingwhilst the other acts kind to get compliance.
  10. 10. EXAMPLES OF TECHNIQUES #4SilencePeople feel uncomfortable and awkward in silences. If the other party has made an unacceptable demandor offer, try to wait. They will try and fill the void. EXAMPLES OF TECHNIQUES #5TimeUse time constraints to your advantage. A deadline can be a stimulant for reaching a deadline.
  11. 11. Now go and do some negotiating.
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